OptimaBit Review – Exposing the OptimaBit.net HYIP Scam!

Our official OptimaBit review exposes and destroys the fraudulent and fake investment site that is trying to steal your money. If you were even thinking of joining the OptimaBit.net HYIP, please read this before doing so. You will be thanking us after you avoid this nasty and malicious scam!

This review is dedicated to our readers that have lost money by investing in this site. Please send us a message for help and advice on how to reclaim your money. The best way to shut this site down is to make sure that they don’t get any new clients! They will only shut their site down when the money stops coming in.

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Official Website: https://optimabit.net/

OptimaBit Review

OptimaBit Review

OptimaBit is a high yield investment program that offers you 3% daily for 60 days. They claim to specialize in cryptocurrency trading which gives them such huge returns that they can share some of these with you, in exchange for your deposit.

We have been monitoring this investment site for 20 days now. For the last ten days, we have taken in numerous customer complaints claiming this site has not paid them on any of their withdrawals. Not a great start for a new HYIP that just opened 30 days ago.

They have a legal registration in the UK. As we have detailed in previous reviews, this registration is NOT proof that their company is successful. This certification only means that they have opened a business registration as a way to pay legal taxes on their income. The UK does NOT monitor or police these sites in any way.

In other words, OptimaBit is NOT regulated or insured. This means that if you lose your money, there is no protection or way of getting justice.

To understand why OptimaBit.net is a scam, let’s go step by step through their claims and expose their blatant lies!

Exposing the Lies

OptimaBit Scam

Mr. Freddie Ross – Associate Marketing Director.

The man in the video introduces us to OptimaBit and tells us that he is Mr. Freddie Ross, part of the team behind this investment site. He sure does sound legitimate until the moment you figure out his real name is Alex and you can hire him on Fiverr.com. This man is nothing but an amateur actor!

Fact: OptimaBit.net has deliberately lied to you about the identity of this person. Mr. Freddie Ross is a pretend person who is portrayed by an actor. This is proof of a conspiracy to scam you!

Cryptocurrency Trading and Mining.

There is no proof that OptimaBit has any dealings with trading or mining. Nowhere on their site do they even attempt to prove this claim! Even worse, they lack a trading portfolio.

Every legitimate investment site must show you a history of their past gains and losses. Any company that can’t show you the history of their investment is most likely lying to you.

They offer no information about their supposed bitcoin mining, leaving us to wonder if they believe most of their investors simply don’t care about proof.

Fact: OptimaBit does not trade in cryptocurrency or mine for BTC. They operate a generic HYIP scam and have no intention of paying you or anyone else. In some cases, they will pay their affiliates to generate more deposits. These affiliates will then lie to you and tell you that they are paying. Don’t be fooled!

Bottom Line

A real and legitimate investment opportunity will show you the following pieces of information.

– Trading portfolio history showing gains and losses.

– Names and details of owner and account managers.

– Regulation and Insurance from a trusted source.

OptimaBit is NOT paying and has not given trusted information on any of the above facts.

Lesson: If you would not trust a stranger on the street with your money – likewise, do NOT trust a strange website with your money either! They will scam you!

Wise Investing and Successfully Earning!

Even though this industry is currently infiltrated with scams, there are programs that are regulated and honest! Check our list below for our personal favorites!

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Is OptimaBit a Scam?

After examining all the evidence, it was evident to us that OptimaBit is a scam. They are NOT paying all customers and will close their website at any time, leaving everyone else without their money. There is no legal recourse you can take if they steal from you because they are not regulated!

Avoid this OptimaBit.net scam at all costs and keep your money safe! It is possible to earn online, as we explained above. Stay safe out there and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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