Optical Signal Trader (OST) Scam: A Review Revealing Truth

Optical Signal Trader (OST) Scam: A Lie from every Aspect:

Binary options industry is a recent one, yet is full of scams. Every now and then we keep hearing about scam exposures and reviews. Today we are going to introduce another scam which is out there in the market to steal your money. The Optical Signal Trader scam, which is also known as OST scam, is a recent malicious app in the market. Irrespective of all the lucrative claims, rest assured that this is a heinous and a black-listed scam. You are lucky to have found this page as we are about to unravel the dark mysteries behind the Optical Signal Trader scam.

A Hired Fraudster:

This time, the fraudster we are dealing with, bears a fake alias and calls himself “Dominic Shepherd”. He is quite the master of his craft and has a funky nick as well. He claims to be the “boss” of a certain “Live the Dream Life Club”. For the information of our readers, this club doesn’t even exist anywhere on earth. Furthermore, he makes several alluring announcements that he and his partners are living the dream life.


Even more so, he keeps bragging about the fake app he introduces in the video. In addition, he also tries to sell his scam software by terming it as super fast and efficient. What else this fraudster brags about, let’s find out in Optical Signal Trader (OST) scam review.

Optical Signal Trader Review: Fraud from the Cores:

In a nutshell, the Optical Signal Trader app is synonymous to bullshit. It’s flaws which makes it a scam are as follows:

  • Malign Claims about App:

In promotional video, the scam artist keeps yelling and bragging making the same false claims as any other fraudster does. While discussing the app, he tells the viewers that this app runs super fast algorithms. In addition, he also claims as the system operates using optical data, it is super fast and super efficient. It plays with the data coming from fast and optimal servers which makes it even more sophisticated.

Now let’s be frank, does a normal reader understands such tech-savvy terminologies? Absolutely not! And that is the moment when most of the inexperienced traders get carried away. The OST app is a total fraud and has nothing to do with the $3000 he promises you to make.

Well for the information of our readers, it is impossible to make $3000 in one day. If it’s been so easy, then Mr. Bassam Jamal (that’s me BTW) won’t bother a little about writing this blog for you. I would be sitting in my penthouse enjoying a nice view from over the top


  • A Risk-Free Trading App? Seriously??

Apart from calling his shitty app, a risk-free app, he also claims that when he was not a trader, he was a marketing agent. His mates allegedly used to earn around $300 per day. This motivated him to do something different. And that’s when he thought he should develop and application which is risk-free.


A risk-free app is just a hoax itself. It is impossible for an application to be risk-free. Rather we will say that, a risk-free app is a myth. A fact known well by the software engineers and app developers. Even many experienced traders lose everyday and how on earth can a shitty software win every call? In addition, according to top trading experts, in a single top-trade, you can win plus or minus $900.  


  • Forged Stickers of Credible Platforms:

Even more so, if you scroll down the landing page, you will find another hilarious stupidity. The stickers of The New York Times, Bloomberg and BBC will be there. They have been posted there after fabrication and enough photo-shopping. We went behind this aspect as well and found shocking news. These credible firms have never featured or even discussed about Optical Signal trader scam like ever. So, these photos are posted there to attract and make fool of the inexperienced traders.


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Consequently, the Optical Signal Trader scam is one of the most heinous scam in the market. Don’t fall for their bogus plans and shitty apps as they are quite powerful in words to make you surrender. But now that we have got everything covered, these scam artists cannot cave you. The scam artist who poses as a millionaire is filthy scam actor who charges a few bucks for coming in front of the camera. In addition, the claims of being “risk-free” are also bogus. Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that Optical Signal Trader Scam is nothing but another attempt to steal coffers. Beware and keep reading our reviews. 

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