Optical Signal Trader Scam Exposed: A Ground-Breaking Review

Optical Signal Trader Scam: Bag of Lies:

The Optical Signal Trader scam is a filthy heap of lies, false hopes, malicious tactics and obnoxious claims. In our latest Optical Signal Trader scam review, we have mentioned every single detail which validates our claims about this heinous scam. The scam artist introduces himself as Dominic Shepherd who also claims to be the “Boss” of an alleged “Live the Dream Life Club”. In addition, he also makes obnoxious claims about winning a huge amount of $3000 per day. Even more so, his outrageous claims even extend to the statement where he says that the trader has nothing to do except for a couple of clicks. The alleged auto-pilot app he is bragging about is a fake and pre-coded software prototype designed to fool the novice traders. What else this scam artist has to offer? Let’s find out.


Optical Signal Trader Scam Review: Fabricated Software:

This review is a sequel of our Optical Signal Tracker scam review. In this section, we will state facts and will relate to the forged and outrageous claims of the scam artist.

  • Outrageous Profit Claims:

Winning $3000 in a single day with just one click while sipping cup of coffee? Does it appeals to the sense of a normal person with the analytical ability of think and reason? Absolutely not! A well-experienced financial expert after applying most effective and legal techniques cannot manage to cross a $1000 in a day. How on earth can a fake auto-trader software can generate $3000 in just 24 hours? Consequently, it doesn’t make any sense. The all time favorite sentence of most of the scam artists is “I make money when you make money”. However, the situation goes the other way around in which only the scammers make money and your coffers get empty.

  • Zero Risk Trade? What??

This scam artist is as dumb as a 3rd grader. He doesn’t have any idea as what is the meaning of risk. Even more so, business no matter which one it may be, is always full of risks and pitfalls. Ranging from Wall-Street up to the stock exchanges in Tokyo, this app won’t lose a single trade. It is impossible, misleading, obnoxious, lame and a very stupid claim. There is no such thing as Zero Risk in business. It is always full of doubts and fears. And a businessman is the one who is willing enough to take risks. Secondly, if this app is so successful, why not hand over all the stock markets to this app and let all the traders enjoy the perks using one-click approach? Well he can’t. Because the Optical Signal Trader scam is such a bullshit that nobody is going to believe it.



  • Infrastructure Bragging:

In addition, the scam artist makes use of pompous vocabulary to make it seem legit. He allegedly claims that the entire infrastructure they have set up is super fast. Even more so, the transaction methods they are using are 50,000 times faster than that of a traditional broadband. Furthermore, he claims that the auto-trader is quite agile. It pitches in the market which is open without making any mess. As a matter of fact, if they have managed to build such an infrastructure, why not train some engineers from Google or Microsoft. Why this system is still camouflaged and why it hasn’t yet made its way in any headlines? Only reason is, it is a huge scam. As huge and malicious as you can imagine. So, the traders should remain alert.

  • Bogus Partner:

In the promo video, the scam artist introduces another scammer who introduces himself as “George Larson”. He allegedly happened to be a Physics teacher who also wrote a masterpiece paper on Optical Data and Signal Transmission. He comes on board and plays his fake vocal chords and tries to intimidate the novice traders. No matter what he says, the Optical Signal Trader scam, AKA OSTAPP, is never going to be legit

  • Forged Badges of Credible Sites:

If you look at the bottom of the landing page, you will see three links to the most credible sites. The New York Times, Bloomberg and B.B.C. These badges are just a matter of forgery. We tried to click on the links to check out what story are they featuring? And to our surprise, there was nothing behind these badges and all was done via photoshop to propagate a long-lasting and legitimate expression.

 Optical Signal Trader Scam 6



In the promotional video, the scam artist claims to fulfill the wildest dreams of the novice traders. In addition, he also tries his best to polish up the scam by telling about super-fast servers and high-end internet connection. Even more so, while describing the app, he introduces the database servers to be really efficient and far speedier than any other auto-trader. Irrespective of what he says, he is feeding the viewers with fake and misleading information. Every single word he utters from his mouth is just to sell the notorious Optical Signal Trader scam.

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