Online Wealth Markets Scam Review

Online Wealth Markets Scam Review.  If you have tested this system out and would like to give us your full review, please send us an email today! If you have lost your money with this auto trader and want to attempt to reclaim it, please contact us as well as we have some tips! Avoid at all costs the High Frequency Trader scam as well!

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Online Wealth Markets Review

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DESCRIPTION: Online Wealth Markets is an easy to use auto trading software that picks and executes trades on the binary options market automatically…

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What is the Online Wealth Markets and how does it work?

Online Wealth Markets Scam

Online Wealth Markets Scam

Online Wealth Markets is an easy to use auto trading software that picks and executes trades on the binary options market automatically. This allows you to be hands free and go about your day, while the auto trader trades for you. This auto trading software is identical in concept to the scores of other auto trading services and software systems we’ve reviewed for over a year now.

The problem with the majority of auto traders is that they don’t have a solid and proven strategy for basing their trades on. There are very few auto traders that we’ve supported in the past. This is because we are very picky about which system we test. The strategy for this particular auto trader is not spelled out on the website.

Very little information is actually given at all. We are not even told what the expected winning rate is. The main bulk of our research weighed heavily on the personal testimonies of our readers who divulged to us their terrible results using the Online Wealth Markets. According to them, it’s not worth the risk! Another similar auto trader we debunked can be READ HERE. 

Do you really get a personal coaching call when you sign up?

Yes. You really do get a personal coaching call when you sign up. Why this isn’t really that remarkable or special is something you should know. Every single broker and auto trader in the history of auto traders and brokers WILL give you a personal phone call when you sign up. The fact that Online Wealth Markets advertises this like it’s something special is quite silly indeed. In fact, at one point in their sales pitch, they actually claim this “personal coaching phone call” is worth $1000.

That’s completely bogus. All brokers offer this service free of charge. It is not worth $1000 and it is not unique. Don’t be swayed by this lie and claim that they are giving you something other systems don’t. This service is offered free to every person who signs up with every broker we’ve ever worked with. It’s simply the standard treatment every trader receives. Stay away from another viral scam, the Cambridge Method, which is truly disgusting!

Are the brokers regulated and trusted?

Yes. This is a great aspect of the Online Wealth Markets. Each broker they work with is trusted and regulated. However, this doesn’t mean that the auto trader works or that you should trust it. It just means that they have chosen to work with only the best brokers in the business. If you are interested in learning to trade or becoming more successful at binary options, we have some tips you should read, SEE HERE.

Are the personal success stories featured on the website true?

Towards the bottom of the Online Wealth Markets website page, you’ll take note of two “traders” that use the auto trader and make great money. This is where Online Wealth Markets went from being elusive in their claims to downright lying. These two people are fake, and their photos are taken from stock photo images online. Neither of them have used this auto trader.

We were severely disappointed that the people behind this auto trader decided to go with fake reviews rather than use real and verifiable traders. Perhaps this is because their auto trader doesn’t actually work. It has been our vast experience that when a system doesn’t live up to expectation, fake trader reviews are a stand by add on that the creators are forced to use to add credibility to their product. This must be the case with Online Wealth Markets, which in reality has absolutely terrible user reviews. Another awful and damaging scam was exposed SEE HERE.

How can you decide whether to trust Online Wealth Markets scam?

At the end of the day, the choice remains yours. You can choose to invest money with this auto trading software or you can skip it. We don’t have any vested interest in Online Wealth Markets. From our own perspective, they don’t live up to their claims. We have proven emails showing that their trading software underperforms.

We haven’t received a single positive testimony about this system. All of their user testimonials featured on the website are 100% proven fake. They truly have not given any of you a decent reason to trust them. Choose wisely! In the meantime, check out our review of the Black Swan App, another viral and horrific scam that is burning through thousands of dollars.

So which auto traders can I trust?

Please check out our section of Recommended Signals for the systems we approve of. Number one on our list is a Forex broker with real professional traders you can copy automatically in your own personal account. Check out our review of Social Trading with Tradeo to see how and why you should be doing that! If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email ASAP, and we will answer you. Happy Trading.

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