Onassis Alliance IS A Big Scam! Legit Review Explains Everything!

Another promise of “True Financial Freedom”, which we are going to expose in our latest Onassis Alliance Review, as a malignant scam. The scammer who introduces himself as the Jed Onassis, crowns himself to be the owner of this heinous scam. Making his way into a rented and a furnished office, he seems to be in the pursuit of making an impression on the viewers. Even more so, when he says “I am a self-made millionaire”, you can see the fake gestures on his face. His grinning smile indicates he is a bad liar. Our Review has been dedicated to the exposure of the scam, for which he is trying to set a trap for you.

onassis alliance review


  • Official Website: http://onassisalliance.co/
  • Software Developer:  Jed Onassis.
  • Fake Results? Yes there is.
  •  Is it a Scam? Yes it is.


Onassis Alliance Review

There are thousands of readers on our site and Facebook page. Every now and then we are getting messages from our new and previous members to investigate one scam or the other. This time, the victim happened to be not one, but a total of 10 members who fell prey to this malignant scam. All of them lost a total of $250*10 = $2500. It’s a pretty huge number for those who amass cent by cent just to see their kids live a prosperous life. There are quite a few scams out there right now such as the  Xpertsignal scam that you need to stay away from.

Unravelling the Wrapped Lies

Before we jump to the points we collected through our deep research on this scam, let’s remind you that our investigative techniques are driven by the pure empathy with our readers and those who have entrusted us with the job of spreading awareness about scams. Let’s shed some light on his fake promises and false statements and let’s see how wretched he thinks of a person on job might be.

  • Insulting Remarks about White Collars


The intellectual prowess of fake alias holder, Jed Onassis can be judged by his remarks about white collars. A person who is ambitious about gaining knowledge by enrolling in school, college or university is a person who wants to contribute to the betterment of society by making a difference.

After completion of the degree, he is enrolled on a job of his own liking. Such a person needs to be treated with respect. And not the one, who calls all this a “rat race”, a “class-less life” and what not. Such derogatory remarks can be heard in the entire video. Furthermore, this scammer wants to provoke the younger generation to burn their books and start getting robbed by such fake apps.


  • Illogical Claims Regarding ROI


Our team of researchers found out that there is no scheme whatsoever, which can make you rich overnight. It’s a trap and the scam artist is trying hard to push you off the cliff. It doesn’t even make sense because if you can earn a huge sum of $7500 in one day, there is no need to work at all. There is no point for us to burn the midnight oil for our readers in return of some bucks. In addition, he also claims that a subscriber can earn $625 per hour. Furthermore, he narrates an appealing story of a man stuck in a hole while his friend also jumps in for help.

This story indeed is going to melt many hearts but listen carefully, Jed Onassis is not your friend. He is one of those brutal liars whose face you won’t recognize you see him the next time. Why? Because he is a scammer and an artist who knows how to cover his tracks.


onassis alliance scam


  • Malicious App Mechanism


In the promo video, you can hear a lot of fake promises and “secret ways”. Among many other foul statements, he also makes attempt to make the viewers understand the methodology of the app. First off, he calls his app to be a “Wild Profit Generator”. Which means, it uses illicit methods to spoof the subscribers. He makes another fake statement about the accuracy of the app which is staggering 97.4%. It can’t be right. It is totally bullshit. There is no fail-safe mechanism in the field of computer science irrespective of how latest machine learning or artificial intelligence you may apply.

The profits he is talking about are completely unattainable. In addition, we encourage if there is any binary options trader in our fans list to comment below when we publish this review. It will not only clarify the misconceptions but also give you a clear insight about financial trading.


  • Fake Results on Site


Even if you are a new trader, you can tell easily by taking a look at the statistics on site. The scam artist makes strong proclamations that “YOU CAN’T LOSE!”. Well the reality, as being shown from the stats from their own website, is entirely opposite. “YOU WILL ALWAYS LOSE”. The trades are declining below their buying rate and yet he claims you can win? Definitely not.

Review Conclusion

If you truly interested in earning online, please see our review of the regulated Social Trading with Tradeo as well as the Passive Income Bot! These systems actually work and deliver results you can verify.

After running all the backgrounds check, we have decided to term this the Onassis Alliance, a blatant attempt to steal your money. In our Onassis Alliance Review, we have illuminated every single dimension and even not a single one managed to prove its worth. Every word this scam artist is uttering is full of lies and deceptions. Stay safe and do provide us with your suggestions.

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