Octoin Review – Is it A Hyip Scam Or Legit Opportunity? Our Opinion!

If you are looking for a genuine paying HYIP program to join, please read our full Octoin Review! We have been monitoring this site for the last three months in order to bring this review to you! Please read through to the bottom, because despite our enthusiasm, in the beginning, we have some serious warnings for you before you make your first deposit.

We NEED your help! We are looking for truthful reviews from our readers. If you are involved with Octoin HYIP, please post a comment below or send us an email. We are opening up our comments section for you to ask questions and talk to other members, so please use it! We don’t allow people to post their referral links, but feel free to share your tips and experiences with everyone!

Warning: If you have already joined and have not been paid, we need to hear from you as soon as possible. We are always monitoring HYIPs for the first sign of bad times, which starts by delaying withdrawals. So don’t wait longer than a week, send us a message so we can put out the warning that Octoin.com scam might be closing!

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Official Website: https://octoin.comOctoin Review

Octoin Review

Octoin.com is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) that starts around 0.97% daily and goes up depending on which program you choose to invest with. Octoin scam also offers a bonus for depositing certain amounts into specific programs. You will be able to view specific interest rates and chose your own terms and bonus options once you join.

The site offers four different ways to participate in the earning potential of the program.

-Crypto Mining
-Peer to Peer Exchange

After you become a member, you’ll be asked to fund your wallet with a variety of cryptocurrencies or regular USD. Octoin.com HYIP scam also offers their own coin, the OCC. This coin can be bought and sold inside the site for the value of about $1 to 1OCC. After you fund your wallet, you can then chose to invest in trading or BTC mining.

Earnings are calculated daily. You can choose to reinvest your earnings or take a withdrawal.

On the peer to peer exchange platform, you will have the opportunity to buy and sell your currency with another member. Octoin.com scam also offers insurance which you can chose to select while making your investment. When you select the insurance category, you will lose around 30% of your total profit, but if something happens to your investment, you will supposedly get it back. Members who do not select insurance are assuming the risk as their own.

Octoin.com Scam Facts

Since the launch of this new HYIP a few months ago, it has amassed a large following on social media and a large membership base. It is gaining new members daily and picking up quite a bit of positive attention. That being said, there are a few problems (red flags) with the Octoin scam that make us VERY suspicious of joining. Below is a short list of missing information from the site as well as flat out LIES.

1. The address for the headquarters of this operation is listed as: 90 Long Acre, London, WC2E 9RZ

This address is not officially registered to the Octoin.com scam. The owners of the site claim to be a grouping put together from the UK and Singapore with Bitcoin mining facilities located in China. That may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure, the address listed in the UK is NOT their real location.

So why would a seemingly honest site lie about their location? Firstly, an address in the UK makes them appear more legitimate, so many scam artists will chose a random UK address and claim it is their own. We can only assume that they did the same to trick people into thinking they are from the UK with a real address, in case you wanted to sue them or catch them when the program fails.

2. The owner and admin are anonymous.

While they claim to be from the UK and Singapore, the actual admin of the Octoin scam site do NOT tell us their real names. We spoke to customer support several times but were never told the names of this team of professional traders and the name of the leaders.

What does this mean? It means that the origins of this site are not known. Anyone can claim to be a trading expert, but where the verifiable proof to back it up? In an industry so fraught with scams, a HYIP should go above and beyond to try and prove their legitimacy to you.

Is Octoin Paying?

The good news is that for the last month, Octoin HYIP scam has been paying. But does this means that they will keep paying for years to come? Not a chance. The following information makes us incredibly leery of joining:

1. There is no evidence of real trading taking place.

Despite their intricate website and clever design, there is no trading proof of trading reports showing the losses and gains over the last term. This is NOT a good sign. A transparent and honest trading site will easily be able to show you their trading history, complete with information regarding which broker they are working with. All of this information is sadly missing from Octoin.com scam.

2. No real proof of a trading facility in China exist.

We only have the word of the nameless and faceless admin as proof of a bitcoin mining facility. They offer no address or proof of cooperation between a real mining plant and Octoin.com scam.

This is yet another problem! We don’t believe for one second that this site is actually mining or trading. For these reasons alone, we will state that Octoin is a scam.

Should you join Octoin.com?

After reading through our review you might be wondering whether it’s worth joining or not. We recommend not to join because it is impossible to predict when the site will stop paying. However, if you are the kind of person that doesn’t mind taking risks, join and then let us know how it goes for you. But please don’t come back and blame us if you lose your money. We are officially warning against Octoin.com scam.

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Is Octoin.com a Scam?

Despite the fact that it is currently paying, we believe Octoin.com is a scam. If you are currently a member, make sure to share this post and leave a comment below detailing your experience! Additionally, if you need advice about any other HYIP or trading program, please send us a message and let us know. We will write back with the truth!

Stay safe online and as always…

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  • Hi Suastika, You can’t take any legal actions against them, These hyips programs are a 100% legal in the eyes of the law.

    When you sign up to their website, you agree to their terms and conditions. So basically you can’t do anything to them legally, you can however stop them by writing negative reviews and comments about them. That will help people to understand what Octoin really is before they invest.

  • I’m from Indonesia too. Until now the site still paying. but not for a long time. I’m octoin user just testing this site paying or not. Just warn to all people do not invest all your money in this site except your money is ready to lose if things happen that are not desired. By the way, thanks for your reviews 🙂