Occupy Wall St Scam review

Occupy Wall St Scam review
Occupy Wall Street is newer signal providing service. We haven’t tried their services out and don’t intend to because we believe Occupy Wall St is a fraudulent service that will make you lose your money.

The majority of their marketing video is fluff. They praise the Occupy Wall St movement in order to appeal to the working class who sympathized with them. When it comes time to explaining how their system actually works, they explain that after registering with their broker, you can then choose which traders to copy. This is a simple trade replicator. Trade replicators can be great tools at your disposal, but we recommend only copying traders that you know for a fact are profitable.

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The premise behind this scam is that several members of the famous Occupy Wall Street movement worked together with a few investment bankers to create a new signal providing service. They claim to have found a legal loophole which allows them to make huge profits off the rich and give that money back to the poor. This is a silly lie which I will explain further down.

Scam 1 – Sarah Lockley was fired from MSNBC for supporting the Occupy Movement. Sarah Lockley is not a former reporter for MSNBC. In fact, as far as we can tell she’s never worked for any well known news agency. This is a flat out lie used to give credibility to this scam. Don’t fall for it!

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Scam 2 – Occupy Wall Street trading signals are using a legal loophole to make money. Binary Options is a legitimate business and is not illegal at all. There is no legal loophole to discover here. They are simply making trades that you follow with your own account. This is legal and always has been. They use the phrase “legal loophole” to try and entice you into what amounts to a very common signal providing service, one of many you can find on the internet.

Does binary options trading amount to stealing money from the rich and giving it back to the poor? Binary options is not stealing. It’s making investment trades based on which way the market will go, either up or down. This is not stealing. The rich invest millions in the stock market and sometimes lose, but ultimately they will continue growing their investments because they have such a huge investment to start with. The more money you have, the more money you can make. They also have the best market analysts money can buy. I assure you that the top market analysts aren’t going to be giving away their secrets for free.

Occupy Wall St  trading signals is a huge scam playing off of ignorance and desperation. Please share your comments and  feedback with us thank you.
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