Oanda Broker Review 2016 – Scam Allegations Proven Wrong

Oanda Broker Review:

Oanda Broker is actually a trading firm which specializes in Forex Trading and Contract for Difference (CFD) domain. It started from a technology related firm and now it is one of the most profitable brokerage firms. Its head-office is located in San-Francisco.Moreover, it is one of the most credible and authentic platform which is providing apt trading services across the globe. In addition, Oanda Broker offers trading in the following ways:

  1. Commodities.
  2. Bonds.
  3. Stock Indices.

Each and every trading method is quite well-endowed with a variety of sub-methods to choose from. In addition, it trades through its own customized FxTrade platform which is one of the best so far. Furthermore, it has also introduced smart phone applications for the convenience of clients. Even more so, now you can do trade anytime and from anywhere in the world.




Oanda Brokers: At a Glance:

Prior to mentioning the salient features in our Oanda Broker Review, let’s have a quick sneak-peak into what it is:

  1. Excellence, integrity and self-improvement are the motto behind Oanda brokerage firm.
  2. Its accuracy and efficiency is attributed to technological modules.
  3. The very first brokerage firm which made sure the availability of comprehensive currency exchange since 1996.
  4. A wide range of offices in a total of about 196 countries.
  5. Regulated by six major brokers.
  6. No issue of minimum trade size.
  7. Up to 100:1 leverage 2 rate of leverage.
  8. No concept of re-quotes.

In addition, it also arranges webinars for the traders to make them aware of the new trading tactics.


Oanda Brokerage Firm: Trustworthy and Reliable:

Let’s discuss the salient features of Oanda broker point by point.

  • Timely Operations:

Hence, there is no any concept of commissions and no involvement of any broker in between. You don’t have to go through a hectic user manual. Once you have made up your mind for FX and CFD trading, just follow simple steps regarding software usage. In addition, the smart phone apps make it more convenient for FX and CFD trading.

  • Transparent Pricing:

Since they have zero commission rate, there is no any restriction on minimum deposit. You can start FX and CFD trading with as much amount as you have. In addition, trader avails certain perks and advantages and even competitive spreads.

  • Customer Support:

The aim of Oanda broker review is to illuminate even the slightest of the details. Coming towards the customer satisfaction portal, it is available 24/6. You can ask any question regarding FX and CFD trading from the experts directly. In addition to it, Oanda broker is offering multilingual customer support with access to several free tools.

Oanda Broker Support


  • Trading Ways:

The trading from Oanda brokers can be done using Forex, CFD commodities, Bond CFDs and Index CFDs.

FX Pairs:

The FX pairs of trading are as follows:


Commodities CFD:

In addition, the commodities available for trade are as follows:

Brent Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Soybeans, Corn, Sugar, Texas Oil and Wheat.

Bonds CFD:

Furthermore, the Bonds available for trading are as:

Bund, UK 10y Gilt, US 10Y T-Note, US 2Y T-Note, US 5Y T-Note and US T-Bond.

Stock Indices:

In addition, a variety of stock indices are available for trading. They are mentioned as follows:

Australia 200, Europe 50, France 40, Germany 30, Hong Kong 33, Japan 225, Netherlands 25, Singapore 30, Swiss 20, UK 100, US Nas 100, US Russ 2000, US SPX 500 and US Wall St 30.

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The investigation in our Oanda broker review led us to conclude that Oanda brokers are quite trustworthy and reliable platform. Furthermore, they are not a part of any scam policy yet they trade in fair and square. They don’t trick you into buying any maleficent product. Consequently, there only aim is to provide top-notch FX and CFD trading services to the clients. Finally, if you want safe and secure trading, Oanda broker is your place to start.

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