Nuvo Finance Review: Is Scam Software?

This is the only Nuvo Finance review you will need to read before deciding whether to join or not. Chances are, you heard about Nuvo Finance after receiving an email telling you to “see inside to find out how regular people are making seventeen thousand dollars a month in pure earnings!” This email spam is the number one way binary options scammers try to lure you in.

So is it true?

If you are reading this after signing up with Nuvo Finance or after (God forbid) losing your money, please email us immediately for advice and assistance! Most review sites are giving this auto trader two BIG thumbs up. But we aren’t so easily impressed, and we know all the tricks that can affect the outcome and make the results seem better than they are.

We have never found a binary options software that delivers on the outrageous “thousand of dollars a month” trading promises. If you don’t believe us, just ask yourself why we are still writing reviews instead of retiring on our private island somewhere after making millions with an auto trader. We are privy to all the latest auto trading software before they are released, and we know the truth.

None of them work.

But is Nuvo Trader different than the rest? Let’s take a look!

Official Website:

Nuvo Finance Review

Nuvo Finance Review

What we have here is another carbon copy “run of the mill” binary options auto trader that claims to make you seventeen thousand dollars in one month. More than that, the guy behind it tells us that his software has never lost a trade in several years!

Besides the obvious fact, that no auto trader has 100% wins, is it even possible to make 17k from a $250 deposit?

If you want to use the auto trader, you will need to put in $250 of your money. True, it is YOUR money, but once you deposit it with the broker, they will start allowing the Nuvo Trader to trade with it. This can go to hell pretty quickly!

Perhaps the biggest issue we have with Nuvo Finance is that…

It’s NOT real.

You got that right. Nuvo Finance is NOT a real corporation or business. They aren’t regulated. They don’t have a business license, and they certainly don’t reveal any real information about themselves. This is pretty problematic.

In a financial world where most things turn out to be scams, the last thing you want to do is throw your money into a website that may or may not even give it back. We have our tricks for fighting this (email us for more information).

The website itself is only three months old, which is also not the best sign. The owner of the site is not listed, and no real address is listed either!

Who Is Peter Millen?

Let’s be honest about something up front. Peter Millen does NOT exist. If he does, we’ve never heard of him. We already know that Nuvo Finance is a brand new website that has no other presence online and never has. Given that valid information, it’s pretty easy to debunk the identity of Peter Millen.

He walks us into an office building that doesn’t even have a real mailing address of a physical location. No joke… this office does NOT exist. How do we know?


We did a thorough search of Nuvo Finance on business registries and found that not only is it not listed anywhere, but there is also no office building in the US or UK that leases office space to this business. What does this mean?

This means that the office portrayed on the video presentation is nothing but a “set” for the video production. The production team behind the video and offer created it to make the “business” seem like a legitimate place of business with employees. They have matching shirts with logos and even coffee cups with their business logo.

All of this is merely a prop for the movie.

User Reviews

We are introduced to a woman and a man in the promotional video that brag how they have made over a million dollars in the last six months doing nothing but using the auto trade feature. This would be pretty awesome if it were real…

But it’s not.

The woman is an actress that has worked with at least one other binary options scam in the past, which makes her an unreliable source of information. She apparently has no problem lying to thousand of new traders for an extra buck. After all, if you can’t make money trading binary, why not pretend you can for an acting gig.

Money has to come from somewhere…

Or so it seems. So what are REAL users saying?

This is where it gets complicated and why our review is so messy. We’ve heard from a few people already that subscribe to our blog. They have shown us their trading balance that seems to be making money. We were pretty shocked by this because typically we hear the exact opposite.

This is why we need more information before we can make an official determination as to the credibility of this software. We know and affirm that almost everything they are saying is a lie, but if their software works, maybe it doesn’t matter? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

IF you are currently trading with Nuvo Finance and want to be featured on our review, please send us a message. We’ll be glad to put personal trading stories in an update to this post. We won’t be trying it out ourselves, but we know that some of you are adventurous and like to try new things. If that is you, please sign up below and then give us a full report of your experience!

Choosing a Legitimate Trader?

Everyone wants to make big money as fast as possible. We just want to warn you. It IS possible to make money online. We are doing it! But you have to proceed with caution and don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight.

For most people, earning online is a side job. In other words, don’t quit your day job and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your money and invest in safe programs with large amounts of legitimate positive feedback.

We have compiled a short list of our top three programs that bring us success online.

1. Tradeo – A regulated forex broker that offers automatic trading (hands-free). Minimum deposit is $250. Don’t mess around! Make sure you get the best settings and best traders to copy by emailing us after signing up!

2. My Paying Ads – We have a BIG crush on this amazing program. It has been running for two years now, and we have made quite a bit of money with it. They have a Facebook group with eighty-three thousand members and have never failed to pay us!

3. My Paying Crypto Ads – Want to use bitcoin to earn? This is the program you need to join! It has all the same benefits as My Paying Ads but only deals in BTC!

No matter which program you chose, you’ll earn money, and you’ll wish you had found these sites sooner!

Is Nuvo Finance a Scam?

Let’s go over the facts as we have reported them.

– Nuvo Finance isn’t a “real business” as we’ve been led to believe.

– Chris Millen has no verifiable online identity, and we feel he is just an actor portraying this software.

– The two beta testers in the video are also confirmed actors that have been featured in older binary options scams.

– Users report to us that they have been profitable trading with this app.

So now it’s up to you. Do you think it’s legit? Comment below and report your findings. We do NOT recommend joining, but maybe this is one time we are wrong, and we don’t want to stand in the way of your success.

If you are looking for online earning programs with a proven track record, please see our suggestions above. In the meantime, take care and …

Happy Earnings!

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  • Daniel

    How would we know whether the “traders”, telling us they are making profits with Nuvo,are legit and honest?


    • There’s no way to know if they are legit or honest.

      But personally speaking, you should not trust Nuvo trader.

      It’s up to the trader if he want’s to risk his funds or not. We included better options in the review.