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If you have any aspirations of investing online, please read our thorough review first. Many of you have emailed us asking whether NordeBank is a scam or not and we have the information you are looking for.

Unfortunately, NordeBank is a malicious scam that is designed to steal your money with their beautiful website and promises that are too good to be true.

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Nordebank, which claims to have its offices in London came out to become one of the most credible High Yield Investment Programs offering financial organization. Initially, the charming claims worked and many investors happily and willingly invested under the banner of Nordebank.

We were quite hopeful given the professionalism which is displayed over their site that this organization will return handsome amounts to those who invested. Time went on moving till we started getting complaints from some of the most prospective investors wooing on the matter that their money has gone and the company is not paying any heed to their calls.

That is when we whetted our tools and went after to investigate the Nordebank HYIP scam and found out many points which disapproved our great expectations from the heinous group of scammers. Scam: Absolutely Unregulated:

Surprised!! Ever saw a review stating Nordebank is regulated? Of course you have and every second review says that Nordebank is regulated. It is a disgusting lie which has been promulgated by the proponents of this scam. It has been initiated by marketing departments hired by the stolen money so as to promote the scam all over. Let us state the truth here. The Nordebank is not a registered firm, let alone being regulated. Many claims have been made over the internet which says that it is regulated under a certain number under FCA rules.

Upon these claims, we ran a background check so as to confirm as whether it is regulated or not. To our surprise, when we entered the name in the input field provided over the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) website, there was nothing to be found and search results showed nothing of such name.


Risk Announcement Exposed:

In order to save themselves from the wrath of the media, the scam orchestrators have already posted on the website of that investing in their firm may prove fatal for the coffers of the investors. What does it imply? In the headlines, these scammers claim to be the second best in the entire Europe. And when it comes to asking a little bit security for the investment you have made, you are dumped. It implies another fact as well. Even if they call it legit, it is illegal. At first, these fraudsters trick you into investing into something, which is totally unknown to you. If they win, you get your cut, if you lose, still they have nothing to lose. 

You reserve no right to sue them as well. Why? The reason is quite obvious. The moment you put in your money, is the moment you abide by their rules and regulations. You also conform to every word and phrase mentioned over their site. It is mentioned explicitly that in case of any loss, the scammers known as Nordebank, are not responsible.

Usage of Affiliate Marketing as a Trap:

All of our readers are pretty well-aware of the perks of affiliate marketing. If you can sell one apple per hour with all other marketing techniques, affiliate marketing has the potential to raise up this selling proportion to 10 apples per hour. This potential feature of affiliate marketing is being exploited by the Nordebank HYIP scam to get to as many clients as possible within shortest time period. Ever heard of any legit financial organization making its way to progress via affiliate marketing? Of course not, the reason is, credibility of a financial organization is its greatest marketing tool. They are aware of the fact that nobody is stupid enough to buy their claims. So they gave out this job to the tools of affiliate marketing.

Introduction of Latest Scamming Strategies:

NordeBank Scam

The orchestrators of the Nordebank scam created a bubble of legitimacy around a dangerous scam to befool the amateur investors. They have come up with a strategy which is not going to be refused by anyone who will listen to it. Today’s world is making progress in four of the most sought after fields listed as under:

  • Leasing.
  • Factoring.
  • Real Estate.
  • Startups.

The scam masters have targeted these four fields and have tried to lure the investors to invest in this behemoth scam. The Nordebank scam framers are attracting the investors that they should be giving 2%, 2.5%, 3% and 3.5% respectively to them as a payoff by investing in the above mentioned categories. They think their tactic of creating this bubble of legitimacy will work but sadly, it is going to backfire the moment our Nordebank Scam Review gets published.

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 Is Nordebank a Scam?

Have you earned your money by pouring sweat from your body on a 9 to 5 job? Do you care even the least about those close to you? Does your inner-self rebuke you when you spend even a dime more than was needed? If the answers to all the above stated questions is “YES”, then beware of the Nordebank Scam. It is a coffin to all your wallets and coffers. We have seen people getting robbed of millions by these scams and we don’t want you to be the victim.

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