NewAgeBank Review – Fake Hyip Scam Busted!

Welcome to our NewAgeBank Review. Perhaps you have been introduced to this fraudulent bank scam and were interested in their claim to “double your Bitcoin in one month.” Don’t get your hopes up! We don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but this “bank” is nothing but an HYIP scam that is NOT PAYING.

As with all bitcoin scams, if you have lost your money with this scam, you are out of luck. When you use Bitcoin online, you are not able to open any disputes if you are scammed. Make sure that in the future, you avoid using bitcoin for sleazy sites such as the scam.

Read this review through to find our favorite ways of earning online as well as tips on how to protect your money from future scams!

Status: NewAgeBank is NOT Paying.

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NewAgeBank Review

NewAgeBank Review

Before we explain why NewAgeBank is a scam, we need to explain and show that New Age Bank is NOT a bank!

What is a bank? A bank is a federally insured and regulated institution that allows you to store your money with them. They have rules they must abide by, and regulations to guide their ever step. These rules are in place to protect you.

New Age Bank is NOT regulated nor is it insured. Therefore it is not a real bank. This means that they have lied to you at the very beginning of their presentation. Before you even enter their scam site, you are being lied to. Don’t forget that.

Not only do they falsely claim that they are a bank, they also have the audacity to declare that they are the #1 Bitcoin bank in the world. This is not only a lie, it a laughable offense to reality.

NewAge-Bank scam has only been online for about three months. They want you to believe that their fake bank is the world’s largest Bitcoin bank and they are only three months old? Pure foolishness.

Investment Claims

The scam starts when you give them your money. They tell you that they will double your BTC in one month. How does that work? The CEO doesn’t really tell us. Instead, he focuses on showing you their Bitcoin card which he claims will allow you to withdraw at any BTC ATM machine.

Don’t look now, but we just caught them in yet another lie. The card shown in the video is not a Visa or Mastercard or any other recognized bank card. It is nothing but a fake child’s toy. These cards are useless.

No bank in the world can promise you a 200% ROI on your deposit. This alone is insanity. Adding to that fact the fake bank cards, what’s next?

Evidence of Scam?

Let us introduce you to the fake CEO. He goes by the name of Kai Williams on the website, but in his youtube videos he refers to himself as “Kai Wallis”. SO which is it? This is not just a typo, this is the sign of a poorly designed scam site done by Russian scam artists.

NewAgeBank Scam

Kai Williams is not a real person, he’s merely an actor that was hired to play a role. His accent gives his identity away and we found evidence on many Russian scam sites pointing to the nature of this scam.

The English in the FAQ and other parts of the site is so bad, at times we aren’t sure if we’re reading gibberish produced on a computer translation software program or fantasy fiction. Nothing about this site adds us.

Protecting Yourself

It should come as no surprise that the internet is full of scam artists. From the Nigerian Prince that wants to send you money, to the IT guy who tries to talk his way into your computer, it seems like every time you turn around someone is trying to steal your money.

For the future, the best way to protect yourself is pretty simple.

1. Never send money to any site that includes false information or promises something that sounds too good to be true.

2. Use a bank card that will allow you to open a dispute if you are scammed.

3. Do not give personal details unless you are dealing with a regulated site.

Legitimate Online Earning

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Is NewAgeBank a Scam?

Fake promises, a fake CEO, and a fake card… all bad signs when you want to turn over your personal financial information. NewAgeBank is a scam and it is not paying. Please don’t waste your money by placing it directly into these Russian scam artists.

It is possible to earn online but you have to tread carefully with your eyes wide open. Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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