Native Trader Review – The Aussie Method Scam Review

Native Trader/Aussie Method Scam Review. Please read this article to find out whether the Native Trader Aussie Method is a Scam or Legit. We will show you why the Native Trader Aussie Method is a Scam.

Is Native Trader The Aussie Method a Scam or Legit?

Native Trader is an old scam being reborn and going viral once more. Native Trader is actually The Aussie Method which has been scamming for a few months now. We see this a lot in the scam industry. A scam will receive a new name in order to appear new, but the promotional video and website remain the same. Don’t be fooled! Native Trader is nothing more than the new name given to The Aussie Method.

“Jake Petru” is the founded of The Aussie Method but don’t be so quick as to assume that’s actually a real name. It’s not. Jake Petru doesn’t exist and the picture used is nothing but a stock photo of a model. Why would the Aussie Method hide their amazing software behind a fake name and a fake picture?

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The Aussie Method/Native Trader is an auto trading software that claims to be able to make you thousands a week. The scam gets worse when the dare to claim to be 3rd party verified. This is a lie. We’ve discussed this many times in previous reviews. Just to be clear, there is no such thing as a trustworthy government approved 3rd party verification system for binary software systems. It just doesn’t exist. Any software system that claims to be 3rd party verified is already lying to you!

Is Native Trader – The Aussie Method a Scam?

The Aussie Method has a wide array of Fiverr actors to promote their scam. Each testimonial is an actor from Fiverr. Be sure that any software system that needs to hire people to lie for them is not trustworthy!

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And here is his Fiverr profile.

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Next up, The Aussie Method offers us a selection of Facebook and Twitter comments. These area all fake/photoshopped. We looked them up and they don’t exist.

Native Trader

Scam Review

The Aussie Method claims to have a live chat feature but they have since removed it as it’s non existent.

Conclusion: Native Trader Aussie Method is a SCAM!

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