MyPayingAds Quick StartUp Guide For Beginners!

Important Update 5.21.2017: MPA and MPCA will not be sharing revenue anymore. The expected return date of the revenue sharing is sometime in 2018. Members who have not withdrawn their seed money yet will receive a refund in the next 3-6 months. Please join the MPA group on Facebook for updates.

MyPayingAds Quick Start Guide

This post if for our members who have already joined MPA (MyPayingAds) and need a step by step guide showing how to buy ad packs, create a banner ad, and surf their 10 ads!

If you have not joined MPA yet or if you’d like more information about it, please see our original MPA Review in order to know what it is and how to profit from it! If you still have questions, we’ll be more than happy to help you! Send us a message or comment below!

Let’s get started!

Signup HERE or login to your account if you have one.

Step One: Fill out the form and captcha code.




Step Two: View Login Ad




Step 3: Click Purchase Ad Pack




Step 4: Set up a new banner! (scroll down)

Banner Size: select 728×90
Banner Title: Make Money (Any name you like)
Banner URL:

Destination URL:

**If you do not have your own banner ad, you are free to use ours. The settings are as follows…




**Click “Add New”. Once successful you will see the confirmation in green; “Banner has been added successfully.”


Congratulations! You are all ready to purchase your first ad packs! Please note: If this is your first time to purchase adpacks,  You will need to purchase it the first time with your ” Payment Processor” such as Payza or any others. After that, you will start earning profits every day in the system, use these earnings to buy more adpacks with it to grow your account or withdraw it, do what you like.

Step 5: Click Purchase Ad Pack from the Menu (Again)




Step 6: Click Buy Ad Packs On The Banner you just created.




Step 7: Chose which plan you want to purchase from. If this is the first time, choose plan 1

Each plan has a different price. The more adpacks you buy, the more money you will make every day.





Step 8: Fill In Information (See Letters f-k)



f – Choose Payment Method: If this is your first time then you are probably purchasing ad packs for the first time! If this is the case, choose “processor”. If this is not your first time, chose the earning balance where you have funds already!

g – Choose Payment Processor: Select your payment processor of choice! We use Payza!

h – Enter the number of Ad Packs you would like to purchase for the banner.

i – Review the “invoice”

j – Check to agree to the terms and conditions of MyPayingAds.

k – Click Pay Now. You will be directed to your payment processor of choice to complete your purchase.

Congratulations! You have purchased Ad Packs and can now sit back and start earning! Just don’t forget to surf your 10 daily ads!

Step 11: Surf your 10 Daily Ads (once every 24 hours)


Then wait for the timer to count down 20 seconds.


Click the Matching Image!


When you are done with all 10 ads, you can return to your main account! Now you are all set. Each day simply log back in and click your ads and buy new ad packs with your earnings!

I hope this user guide helps you! If you have questions, please message us and we’ll help you!

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  • vaisakh s.v

    How can i create my own banner?

    • You really don’t ” Create a banner ” You simply copy it from any place that you want to promote on MPA.

      So for example, you can join another rev share program and put their banner on MPA. That way you will get referrals to the other business.