My Paying Crypto Ads Review – (New Guide) For Uday Rev Share!

Important Update 5.21.2017: MPA and MPCA will not be sharing revenue anymore. The expected return date of the revenue sharing is sometime in 2018. Members who have not withdrawn their seed money yet will receive a refund in the next 3-6 months. Please join the MPA group on Facebook for updates.

Hi! Welcome to our investigative report on My Paying Crypto Ads from Uday Nara! This new Bitcoin-based rev share is making industry history as the FIRST rev share to deal only in crypto currency.  Get ready for the most anticipated launch of the year! Included in this My Paying Crypto Ads review you will find everything you need to get started. Those of you that are already working with My Paying Ads, will know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and can’t be missed! 

If you are new to rev shares, you will also find an in-depth explanation below. Rev shares are fast becoming one of the most successful ways to earn online. We have been working with My Paying Ads for over a year now and have made so much money with that awesome rev share. That’s not too bad for simply clicking 10 ads a day! This is the easiest work you’ll ever get your hands on. Read the review below to find out why we are so excited. We promise you won’t regret it!

Bitcoins: Why Starting Sooner is Always Better?

MPCA is the first rev share program in the industry using only one currency as its main source of funds. This currency is “Bitcoin.”

Interesting Fact: Bitcoin currency in 2009 was equal to $0.0001. Today 1 bitcoin is equal to $755 USD and it keeps rising every single day. 

It’s expected to reach $1000 or more by 2017. It’s recommended to join and buy bitcoin while the price is low.

In 2009 a man living in China, Koch, took a gamble and purchased 5000 bitcoins for $27. Today this man is a multi-millionaire! His 5000 bitcoins are now worth $3,775,000!

What’s The Point?

The point is that you need to hurry and join MPCA today and not tomorrow! As soon as you exchange your USD into BTC and send it over to your MPCA account, you are going to be getting a 24/7 passive income in ” Bitcoin Currency”! The best part is, the BTC prices are going up every single day! You will be getting passive income daily in BTC plus you will have saved for yourself a decent amount of bitcoins that you can sell later when the price rises. Dealing in bitcoin its a 100% profitable business in every way possible!

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My Paying Crypto Ads Review

My Paying Crypto Ads Review: What is a rev share?

Rev shares or revenue sharing, are websites that allow you to advertise for your online business as well as make extra cash! When you buy ad packs, you are purchasing advertising space for your online business. These ad packs also earn money each day until they expire, giving you 120% cash back on each ad pack you purchased!

What if I don’t have anything to advertise? Can I still make money?

Yes! In fact, most people that participate in rev shares DON’T have anything to advertise. They simply want to collect extra revenue. At first, the process might sound rather confusing, but after you figure it out, it’s simple and easy. MyPayingCryptoAds is predicted to be the most largely used rev share in the world! This is how it works…

If you buy 100 ad packs for $5 each, you will have spent a total of $500. Each of these ad packs will expire after it has earned 120% of its value. Which means that you will earn $1 on each ad pack plus the original cost back, for a total of $6 on each ad pack. If you buy 100 ad packs at $5 each, you will spend $500 and get back $600. You have just made $100!

If you start with $200, you will get back $300. However, that’s not the end! The real key to making money with rev shares like My Paying Crypto Ads, is by compounding your earnings and buying even more ad packs. The more ad packs you buy, the more you earn.

What is the compounding strategy?

Each day you will receive a percentage of your earnings until your ad packs have matured and reached their full value. This means that each morning when you wake up, you will see money sitting in your “earning balance.” This money can be withdrawn, OR you can use it to buy more ad packs.

When you utilize the “compounding strategy” you will use 100% of your earnings each day to buy more ad packs, thus increasing your account size. If you do this, you will see that you are making more and more money each morning when you check your account. By compounding your earnings, your account will earn more and more and more each day. This is what the biggest earners do.

When can I start taking withdrawals?

You can withdraw your earnings at any time you want. Each member is allowed one withdrawal a day for a maximum of $200 each day. However, the best plan is to wait until your account is larger and more substantial before taking money out.

This is what we did! We started with $250 and used the “compounding strategy” for 3 full months before taking a single withdrawal. At the end of 3 months, we were making around $200 each day! At this point, we started taking a weekly withdrawal of $200 and using the remaining earnings to continue buying more and more ad packs, which made our account earn even more.

What do I have to do to earn?

All that you need to do to earn is to click 10 ads a day. If you forget to click your ads, your earnings will pause until you remember to click them. You won’t lose money by forgetting, but you will slow the over all account growth.

Where do the earnings come from?

The money you earn is coming from the other members in the group who are purchasing ad packs. This business model gets a bad rap for being a scam because often only the members who join early actually make any money and those who join up later end up losing. For example, if you buy $500 worth of ad packs and begin earnings each day and compounding your account, you will only keep earning as long as the company continues selling ad packs. If everyone stopped buying ad packs on the same week, the earnings would dry up. That’s the basic definition of rev share. However with MPCA there is an  ” Advertising feature” which brings the company fresh funds every day from advertisers, therefore its actually almost impossible for the company’s funds to dry up, there will always be funds to be shared among all members. So don’t worry at all about the company losing its money.

Will I lose my money?

With any online earning opportunity there is a risk involved. When we first start working with a new business, we evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business and deem whether it is trustworthy or not. If we think everything lines up, we feel confident that we will make money.

Out of over a hundred rev shares currently operating online, we have chosen only to work with My Paying Ads and My Paying Crypto Ads. These are simply the best rev shares available. My Paying Ads has not missed a single payment since they opened their doors over a year ago. My Paying Ads is by far the safest and most trustworthy rev share.

Who is Uday Nara?


Uday Nara is the owner and CEO of MPA and My Paying Crypto Ads. He is a real person, not some fake name. You can view his Facebook and join the MPA Facebook group as well. We have personally talked to him many times. He’s a great person and wants to help people earn online as efficiently as possible. You can place your trust in MPCA, and you will succeed!

My Paying Crypto Ads Scam or Trusted?

We examined the credentials of My Paying Ads and Uday Nara in order to determine whether this newest rev share is trustworthy or not. We gave the original MPA a rating of 100% trust. Because we know Uday Nara personally, we have full confidence that My Paying Crypto Ads is trusted and will succeed long term! Don’t take our word for it. You can read the real experiences of thousands of other members simply by joining the Facebook group!

In order to get started with My Paying Crypto Ads, we advise you to read our review of MyPayingCryptoAds for more information.  Please continue reading to find out how to buy ad packs and create a banner ad!

How Do I Buy Ad Packs with My Paying Crypto Ads?

In order to buy ad packs, please follow the steps below.

  1. Register for your account by clicking HERE.
  2. Click on Purchase Ad Pack. You will be directed to “create your banner ad”. This is where you can post your ad related to your online business. If you do not have an ad to advertise, feel free to use ours, SEE BELOW!
  3. Create Banner Ad (Follow directions below)
  4. Buy as many ad packs as you can afford.

Note:  This revshare only uses one currency. Bitcoin! You will need a bitcoin wallet in order to buy bitcoin, fund your MPCA account, and withdraw your earnings.

1- Signup for Xcoins are the only ones that allow you to send, receive, and buy bitcoins with PayPal and Visa/Mastercard.

2- If you feel confused and unable to walk by the guide above, please watch this video tutorial, it explains how to fund and buy adpacks using the xcoins wallet.

How Do I Create a Banner Ad?

Creating a banner is not necessary unless you are an advertiser and you have something to promote, in that case, you need to get that banner from the company/website you want to promote. Otherwise, if you are just in it to make quick cash and you don’t care about advertising, then feel free to input the settings below and use ours. No problem!

Banner Size: select 728×90
Banner Title: Make Money (Any name you like)
Banner URL:
Destination URL:

Sign Up HERE!

Please email us with any additional questions and we’ll be more than glad to assist you!

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  • B.C.

    Banners. If I were to purchase 10 ad packs would I have to come up with 10 different banners, or use your banner 10 times?
    I’m very slow about understanding directions. I haven’t signed up yet, because I don’t understand all of the directions.
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

    • Hi B.C. – Great question! You only need to create 1 banner and this banner will be used for all your advertising credits. If you WANT to create more than 1 banner, that’s up to you, but you don’t have to! Let me know if you have other questions!

  • seyi ola

    Good day Admin.. I just came across your website..Thanks for the Info. Please I want to ask if this MyPayingCryptoAds is still profitable as at today ??? because I only see one latest comment here…Please be sincere..

    • Hello, Seyi Ola. MyPayingCryptoAds is still profitable as well as anything else we are promoting like MyPayingAds the 2nd version of MyPayingCryptoAds and Tradeo or using the 60second strategy for binary options.

  • Big news : 1/2/2017 the bitcoin price right now is $1023 per 1 bitcoin!! Congratulations to those who bought a lot of bitcoins when we published this money making opportunity. We said the price will reach $1000 by 2017 and it did!

  • Ejiro Omuero

    Hi Admin,
    Just hearing about this for the first time, and i’m all about making money. Which do I then sign up to? My paying ads, or my paying crypto ads. It’s a bit confusing here. Thanks

    • MyPayingAds is the same as MyPayingCryptoAds

      MPA is earning inUSD
      MPCA is earing in bitcoin.

      Choose what you like then email us with any questions you have.

      • Ejiro Omuero

        Which would recommend as bethere of the two?

        • I would go with Crypto Ads! But they are both long term programs that are paying!

  • David

    Just a couple of questions about this. Is there any difference between my paying crypto ads and MPA? And is it possible/beneficial to use both?

    • The only difference is one thing. The currency! MPA you will be earning in $ USD $ but MPCA you will be earning in cryptocurrency, bitcoin!

      It’s possible to use both and earn from them.

  • Abiona Wale

    hello, i have been trying to setup ad banner but to no avail, its either is framebreaker error or file size error pls help. thanks

  • M1nG

    Hi admin…Im already join under your link, “thelege2nd”..thats right?
    Hope their business is long and profitable..
    Thank you for your advice

    • MPA and MPCA will last for a long time. You have got nothing to worry about.

  • Godwin T. Ihagh

    Dear Admin,

    I am a member of mypayingcryptoads, and you are my sponsor. About a month ago, I bought only two adpacks for 0.02 bitcoin, just to try the system. I intend to invest more if things go smoothly.

    My earnings have surpassed the minimum for withdrawal request, which is 0.01 bitcoin. I have made a withdrawal request, but it is pending. WHEN WILL my withdrawal request be processed?

    I also want to ask you whether the website usually has issues that require maintenance? I am asking because there is a day I attempted login in but the response from the website was that there is an error. In fact no verification code was sent to my email, unlike how it used to be sent before.

    Thereafter, I opened a ticket and wrote to admin, and I was happy the next day when I was able to login even though admin replied much later. BUT I AM STILL AFRAID THE SAME PROBLEM MAY OCCUR ANOTHER DAY.

    I would like to hear your thoughts

    • Hello, Godwin.

      Withdrawals proceed 48 hours after the request. Please allow up to 48 hours.

      Yes, the website always needs maintenance from time to time. But you have got nothing to worry about that.

      I recommend you to join the Facebook group so that you can have full updates on what’s going on in MPA/MPCA.

      All members, please join MPA/MPCA Facebook group here:

      • Godwin T. Ihagh

        Dear Admin,

        Thanks for your reply.

  • Ronke Oyedele

    I have used earnings from my initial investment to buy up all the 100 Adpacks in plan 1. Now I want to move to plan 2 but It is not giving me the option to use $10 of the earnings to pay for the monthly membership. Why?

    • Hi Ronke – Membership plans must be purchased with fresh funds!

  • Tunde Drummer

    Hello Admin,

    I’m about to Exceed 100 Adpacks on Level one of MPCA..

    To move to Adpack 2.. it cost about 0.03btc per Adpack, is there a higher yield on Adpack 2 more that 2-2.5%? Or how is it advantageous over Adpack 1?

    • You will need to buy an Explorer membership first when you fill plan 1 with 100 adpacks.

      Then start buying in plan 2 regularly. It cost 0.03, so you are making 120% on 0.03 which is more than the first plan.

      you will notice the difference when you fill plan 2. Your daily earnings will skyrocket.

  • Sean McGregor


    Thanks for the article! You say that joining early will make it easier to earn money compared to those that start late. Is now still a good time to start? Is there a big difference between starting now compared to last month? Or when you first wrote the article?


    • Hello Sean, MPA and MPCA will last for a long time, so definitely starting sooner is better than later.

  • Duncan Zuku

    How do I ride on your ads. Am already signed up

    • Hi Duncan – Did you deposit and buy ad packs yet? In order to earn you must buy ad packs first and then surf 10 ads daily!

  • Which banner ad you use is personal preference, so it does not matter. If you have your own business to advertise for, you should make your own banner. But if you want to use ours, please try these settings. These work!

    a: Banner Size : select 728×90
    b: Banner Title : Make Money (Any name you like)
    c: Banner URL :
    d: Destination URL:

  • adetona adegoke

    I ronke let me have ya referral link so that I can register under ya

    • Hi! If you click Sign Up in the review above, you’ll be under us! You’ll get an email with some helpful tips after you sign up!