My Paying Ads scam review

Important Update 5.21.2017: MPA and MPCA will not be sharing revenue anymore. The expected return date of the revenue sharing is sometime in 2018. Members who have not withdrawn their seed money yet will receive a refund in the next 3-6 months. Please join the MPA group on Facebook for updates. 

This is our updated review on My Paying Ads. There have been many changes to the company in the last few days and My Paying Ads now has a new plan moving forward. The following review is on their new plan. If you have questions concerning their old plan, please contact us below or in our contact us section.


If you already signed up and need help setting up your account, please see our MyPayingAds Quick StartUp Guide!

My Paying Ads Scam Review

My Paying Ads






DESCRIPTION: My Paying Ads is an online group that works together to make money. This is done by buying shares for add space and then clicking on 10 adds per day…

Legit or Scam
Active User Withdrawals
Earnings Type
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US Clients
1 to 3
Ad Pack Min Cost
Tier Earnings
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Withdrawal Limits
Click Ads Requirement
10 ads

My Paying Ads is a way to make money online that is perfect for people that don’t want to be scammed and don’t have a lot of money to start with. For some of you trading isn’t a good option because there is an emotional aspect that some people don’t do well with. With MPA you have a way to start with a small amount of money and work your way up. The company has been consistently paying out for over 12 months now. Click HERE to sign up!

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What is it?

My Paying Ads is an online group that works together to make money. This is done by buying shares for add space and then clicking on 10 adds per day. The revenue generated through the purchasing of shares is then shared by the members depending on how many shares they own in the company. 

Is there a repurchase rule?

No. As part of the relaunch and reboot of MPA, there is no longer any repurchase rule. However, we strongly advise to use a 70/30 rule to help you best grow your account and reach your earning goals. This means that ideally you should use 70% of your earnings on buying new shares (or replacing expired ones) and the other 30% to withdraw. In addition to that, as we’ll explain below, we also advise that you utilize a 100% repurchase strategy until you have maxed out all levels.

Are there any membership fees?

Yes. All money collected from membership fees is dispersed back to paid members in the form of earnings. Charging a membership fee will help to sustain the earnings for long term success. You will see the monthly fees per level listed below in our table that shows the cost of each ad pack plan. If you have any questions about this, please message us and we’ll be more than happy to explain it further.

What is the best strategy for making money with MPA?

There are a few different things you can do to make the most of your MPA experience.

We recommend that you start your account with $50-$200 or more and buy as many shares as you can. For the first month or so we recommend that you spend every penny you make on buying more shares. This is called 100% repurchase. During this time you will not withdraw any money. Why? Because the more you repurchase in the beginning the more you will make in the future!

Each share you buy earns you more and more money. So if you continue buying more shares you will earn more money. Very simple. After your share has matured you will then need to repurchase it.

Some people recommend adding fresh money when you can in order to buy more shares and speed up your earning. We have not done that with our account because we started with a higher amount to begin with. However, some people like to start with a lower amount to see if MPA is actually working and when they see that it is they start to add some fresh funds. Others chose to add fresh funds as often as they can in order to get to the point where they have made all their money back and are now earning several hundred dollars a day as fast as they can.

You will eventually get to the point where you are earning several hundred dollars a day. The time it takes you to get there depends on how faithful you are at clicking your daily adds, how often you are repurchasing new shares, and whether you are adding fresh funds or not.

Steps to earning with MPA… follow these easy steps.

**In order to buy ad packs you must first set up a banner ad. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, please contact us after signing up and we will give you a banner add and/or teach you how to make one of your own.**

Here are the list of steps you will need to follow in order to make money:

1. First you will need to create an account for yourself by clicking here…. You can use Payza, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, 2 Pay 4 You, or Bitcoin.

2. Then you will add money to your account and buy shares. You can start with as little as $5 but we recommend starting with a higher amount such as $100-$200. The more you start with the faster you will earn.

Ad-Pack Plan 1 / $5 / 100 / Up to 120% / 100 / No membership fee.
Ad-Pack Plan 2 / $10 / 100 / Up to 120% / 100 / $10 reoccurring monthly membership fee.
Ad-Pack Plan 3 / $25 / 100 / Up to 120% / 100 / $30 reoccurring monthly membership fee.
Ad-Pack Plan 4 / $50 / 100 / Up to 120% / N/A / $60 reoccurring monthly membership fee.

3. After you have purchased as many shares as you would like, you then go to Overview and surf your 10 adds. This will take you about 3 minutes. This must be done once a day and is essential to earning your money. If you fail to click your 10 adds a day you WILL NOT earn any money.

Each add you click will show you a timer that will count down 10 seconds. You must stay on the add for a minimum of 10 seconds and then you may close the add and click the next until you have clicked all 10. This is very simple and will not take very much time at all.

4. Now your first day is completed. Fast forward to your next day. Make sure to check back into your account sooner than 24 hours and you will find that your shares have began to earn money. Click on Overview and you will see your repurchase balance and cash balance. If you have earned enough money to buy more shares, repurchase shares!!

As we mentioned above, the best and fastest way to earn money is to do 100% repurchase with all both your repurchase and cash balance in the first month. The more money you start with the faster you will begin to have a fat enough account to withdraw from. If you start with a minimum of $200 as I did you can safely withdraw funds starting on your second month.

Obviously you are free to withdraw your cash balance whenever you want, but the smartest way is to wait until you maxing out your shares before doing so.

5. Every single day sign into your account as frequently as possible and buy shares with whatever you have available. This will speed up your earnings! Make sure to click your adds once a day.

How to set up your account!

 1- Fund your Payza account using any payment method such as Credit Card.
2- Go to Mypayingads and click Purchase AdPack
3-  Click on Create Banner

If you don’t know how to create a banner just use this one instead. Please note that this is *our* banner, which you are free to use, however, it is ours. If you have your own, please use that instead.

Banner Size: select 728×90
Banner Title: Make Money (Any name you like)
Banner URL:

Destination URL:

Thank you for reading our My Paying Ads scam review. If you have any questions please please message us and we will walk you through the process. Click HERE to sign up!

My Paying Ads Payment Proof here since October/15/2016

My Paying Ads Payment Proof here since Jan/15/2017 and still paying.



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My Paying Ads
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  • john

    Thank you for sharing , i signed up under you i made 33$ in 24h!! that is amazing. i got your 5% offer too thanks!

  • Danny Wright

    Im glad I found you guys. I’m hoping that you are legit because lately even trusted sites like watchdog are promoting scams. My questions are, have you found a real autotrader that actually works and pairs with a trusted regulated broker for USA traders? Do you actually make money trading or just commission? Thanks.

    • Hi Danny. We are working hard on finding an autotrader that meets your description. We might have something lined up! Stay tuned! Please don’t mention the names of other review sites here. If you have a question about any of them in particular you can email us through our contact page.

  • Danny Wright

    I started the my paying ads program 10 days ago with $50. Im following your advise and repurchasing whenever I can. I have 100 adpacks in plan 1 and 5 in plan 2 and im enjoying watching it grow slowly. My balance shows that i have banner credits. I don’t know what they are or how to use them. Can you help me?

    • Hello Danny.These Banner Credits you can use to advertise/promote anything you want. For example if you are a member of another share revenue program you can put your referral link on mpa and members will click on it and they might purchase/join your product.

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  • Rick Brigden

    How do I sign up ? If someone could e-mail I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Hi Rick.

      Please follow the steps.

      1- click HERE

      2- Click on the registration button on top of the site.

      3- Complete your details like your username and email and password etc. then make your deposit. If you require live help please contact our administinator on facebook

      • Rick Brigden

        Hey there thanks so much for your reply. Every time I press the “Here” link it directs me to a “back to safety” page. Could you tell me what to do.

        • Try to click the links above with from a different browser or you can just click on the “Advanced” option on the back to safety page then click proceed to mypayingads see the picture below.

  • Mike

    This sounds like a great idea. I am just a bit confused after looking at the MPA website and reading your review. In addition to buying adpacks and clicking on ads every day, do I need to advertise my own business and/or product? Frankly, I don’t have any business of my own and I am not selling anything. Do I still qualify to join if I have nothing to promote or advertise? Thanks.

    • Hi

      You don’t need to advertise. All you need to do is create an account and make a deposit and purchase the amount of adpacks depending on how much you have deposited. Then click the 10 ads and that’s it. sit back and enjoy your earnings and account growing day after day. Remember you have to click the 10 ads every 24 hours it only takes 2 mintues to get it done.

      • Mike

        Hi Sir
        Thank you for your quick response. I did some more thinking about this and I do wonder about where exactly does the money come from to pay all the members? Please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like the “revenue” being generated comes from new members joining and buying adpacks. If this is the case, this seems a bit Ponzi like. Please clarify. Much appreciated.

        • Mike – You are correct on your first point. The money that is given back to us comes from the sales of ad packs. If sales stopped all together, we’d stop earning. However, this is not a Ponzi scheme for one important reason. My Paying Ads is NOT an investment plan. When you purchase an ad pack you are purchasing an advertising service. If you choose not to use that service, that is you decision. You have paid for advertising service on the website and you get to share the revenue with other customers who buy ad packs.

          My Paying Ads is an advertising company and as long as members and/or company owners continue to utilize those services to advertise, we will continue to share in the revenue. To date, MPA has paid out over 3.5 million and still going strong with an average of 1000 new registrations daily.

  • Rick Brigden

    Hey Mike I have to agree !!! I tried this out and the first ten adds I made a little amount of money and I’ve asked a few questions and guess what ….. No reply. Also today I hit 10 adds and didn’t make a penny.
    Not to happy. I’ve also commented on here and some of those comments have been removed , huh I wonder why that is.

    Be Careful

    • Rick – First off, we don’t delete comments and have not deleted any of your comments. Can you please repeat what you said here?

      We can see you on our sign ups, but you are registered as a free member, meaning you have not made any purchases of ad packs under us. How did you make any money by clicking the 10 ads if you didn’t purchase any ad packs?

      You say here that you asked a few questions and received no reply. To whom did you ask the questions? We have received no recent questions from you. Please post your questions here. Thanks!

  • Rick Brigden

    My small investment is sitting there , maybe you can explain to me how I purchase an add pack. I would really appreciate if you can direct me on how to do this I would be more then willing to make a larger investment.


    • Rick – Your earnings will not start until you have purchased ad packs. This explains why you did not make any money and why I have no record of buying anything. I am only notified when you actually buy ad packs.

      On the website you will see a selection at the top of the page. Please select “Finance” and then “Purchase Shares”. Then proceed to purchase a adpacks here.

      Please join the FB group at the link below!

  • Rick Brigden

    Thank you for clarifying that.

  • Rick Brigden

    Sorry for the misunderstanding I appreciate the info. Could you explain to me about the banner credits ? I’m sure what to do with them.

    • Banner credits is the actual service that you are purchasing when you buy an adpack. You can use those credits to advertise or promote any business you have. Please note that you don’t have to use the credits if you don’t have anything to promote or advertise. You will still earn money either way. Remember to keep buying more adpacks with the earnings that you will get in your cash balance and repurchase balance.

      • Rick Brigden

        Perfect thanks. I do have a business in the construction trade and I’m not sure if this type of advertising would be beneficial for my company. I’m curious as to whether you can answer one last question for ? If I were to invest lets say $200 in the same add pack that I’ve already invested a small amount into what could that $200 investment produce for me daily ? Again I am sorry about all the questions I’m just curious.

        • You earn between 4% to 5% daily. So if you purchased adpacks with $200 you will make around $10 daily. 7$ will go to your repurchase balance. and 3$ will go to your cash balance. Remember you should spend at least the first 3 months in buying adpacks with the earning’s you will get during that time. Then you will start making a huge income daily. So think of it as a long term plan.

          • Mike

            This idea is looking very compelling. Before I sign up, I have a few more questions:
            1. What does it mean that the adpacks “expires” or “matures”? For example, I heard that level 1 adpacks expire in 24 days. Does this mean the shares disappear and I have to buy them all over again to replenish my level 1 shares? Please elaborate.
            2. I know I have to click on ads every day to get paid. I travel a lot for my job. do I need to use the same computer to click on ads, or can I use my hotel or office computer to fulfill my ten ads minimum daily clicks?

            Thanks for your response.

          • 1. When your ad pack reaches its max earning, it expires and you need to purchase it again to continue receiving earnings. For instance, a share in plan 1 is $1 and expires when it has reached $1.20. You will be purchasing the shares over again with the profits you are making and you will still have some left over to grow your account. As a personal example, I am on Level 7 and each share is $20 but matures at $27. So when my old shares expires, I buy new ones. I have enough profit every day to replenish all my other packs in 1-7 and make withdrawels.

            2. Yes, you can click on your ads on any device. I normally click my ads on my smartphone. You can use any computer in the world. 🙂

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  • Toast

    This looks good! But what happens if you miss a day and don’t click ads?

    • Hi

      If you forget to click your daily ads, your account will not earn any money until you click the 10 ads again. Please note that you do not lose any money at all, but your earnings are on hold until you click the ads!

  • joshua

    Hello, I join through you and have funded and even bought shares, am just waiting for my 5%

    • Hi
      Please email us and tell us how much you funded your account with so we cansend your 5%

      • joshua

        I funded with $50

        • Funds has been Transfered Successfully to joshua60cent(88396).

          Please give it some time until the admin approve the transaction. Thank you and welcome on board.

  • Hi

    The split is on the whole return of $240. Remember that this is a long term plan. When you put your money there you are letting it grow. You don’t just put your money and then take it out. I personally started with $250 4 months ago and I have grown my $250 deposit there during that time . Now I withdraw $600 every week. and still growing too!

    • Toast

      Right OK that makes perfect sense. 4 months is worth the investment if you’re getting $600 a week rate of return!

      PS. I’ve been hunting for a good way of making a second income for about a year now and your blog is the most honest I have read so far. Keep up the good work!

      • Thank you we appreciate your comment. MPA is a very nice opportunity to make a second income. Try to work on some referrals to speed up your daily earnings. invite your family, Friends and post to facebook is the best way to get referrals.

        Good luck and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog to get updates on everything!

  • To our old and new subscribers. Please read our newest update in the post above. Dec. 30, 2015.

    • John Adams

      there is no update on the Paypal issue ?

      • That’s the last update from the MPA.

        Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 8th Jan 2016, 04:00):
        Dear All,
        I have been patiently waiting for the review outcome but it has not happened today yet. I had a conversation with our manager and she was telling that there are couple of teams working on the review which are based in Singapore, USA and at other locations and because of that it is taking more time as they all based at different time zones.
        We have well expressed all our anxieties and the kind of damage it is causing on the business but they are just asking for more time as many teams are involved to look at the case.
        We cannot continue unless we know the outcome of the PayPal review in terms of enabling the add funds and withdrawals. We are making plans necessary such that we do not encounter such halting in future. But, we only can continue the journey after we hear the review outcome.
        I know everyone of you are patiently waiting for the outcome of review and continuation of the business, but give ourselves some more time as requested by PayPal and continue as soon as we hear their review outcome.
        I will share with you all as soon as I have any progress. Thanks.
        Admin, MPA

  • Larissa TERRY

    …and what about how to cancel account or the wrong ID was for the sponsor?

    • You can change your sponsor on the sign up page. However If you signed up under a wrong sponsor and you purchased share then you will not be able to change your sponsor.

      You cannot cancel your MPA account.

  • Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 11th Jan 2016, 01:00):

    Dear All,

    I just had an update from our PayPal account manager in response to my inquiry sent today morning and she told that they are rushing to finish the review as soon as possible and she foresee that they can let us know the outcome of the current review by tomorrow evening. They had a meeting setup among different teams at 11 am Singapore time tomorrow and she foresee that they can let us know their advice after the meeting and post discussions in their team.

    We waited long and let us wait for this time period also and then we can continue after we know the PayPal review outcome. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA

  • Last update from MPA

    Update on PayPal Review (Reporting at 12th Jan 2016, 02:30):

    Dear All,

    I got some update from PayPal regarding the ongoing review and before we discuss it, just few words of background on why the current review is going on. There has been some changes recently in the terms and User Agreement policy at PayPal because of which they no longer support ad revenue sharing sites worldwide (or support conditionally) and because of which they have been reviewing our program to see whether there is any possible compliance so that we can continue using PayPal at our program. In the event if they find that we cannot continue using Paypal, they will freeze the funds in Paypal for 180 days before giving the access to us.

    So, what we have been trying now is to see whether our business model is compliant with their terms or not so that we can continue the business with PayPal and have the access to our buyers’ funds.

    Some good news is PayPal found that they can be able to support Ad Revenue Sharing programs in Singapore with some changes made to their terms and conditions locally. So, they proposed to us that they will formulate those new terms and conditions locally so that if we match with them we can continue using PayPal at our program with newly implemented changes. In the event we decide not to be compliant with their revised terms and want to continue with our current business model and with other payment processors, the money in our PayPal will be frozen for 180 days and then will be released to MPA.

    Hence, after careful consideration of all possible solutions, MPA management has taken the decision to wait until we know the revised terms and conditions of PayPal so that we can get the approval to use PayPal at our program. Until that point of time we will not be able to enable the add funds and also not able to enable the withdrawals using all payment processors. This may bring some disruption to our business but this seems to be the best solution at this point of time.

    At the moment PayPal has not given any time frame yet regarding the whole process to be done but it may can take up to 2 weeks. We will know some indication of the exact time frame that it takes as we progress further.

    On whole what we are seeing is it will be better to know PayPal’s new terms to us so that once we are comfortable with those new terms we can run the business for long term without any major issues. The PayPal has changed their terms to be in compliant with the government policies, so when we are complaint with PayPal terms means we are fully compliant with the government legal rules.

    We apologize for all the inconvenience caused and we hope that this whole process will make us strong to be in this industry for long term and serve everyone better to realize their dreams.

    We will continue to update as soon as we have some progress. Thanks.

    Admin, MPA

  • Tom

    Hello. do you have to pay tax on the profits you make

    • Hi Tom. This depends entirely on what country you live in. We are not qualified to give tax advice but you will find that in most cases you are required to pay taxes on any profits you make. Please check with your country’s tax laws!

  • Update on the PayPal review (Updating at MPA Server time 25th Jan 2016, 20:30):

    Dear All,

    Hope you have a good beginning of this week and wish you great time ahead.

    We are still working with PayPal regarding arriving at a finalized PayPlan so that we can continue working having access to our funds in our PayPal account.

    They are pointing some suggestions and after careful consideration we are making changes to our proposed PayPlan and have been re-submitting to them. Paypal is taking about 3 working days at least to give any advice on any new submission. Please kindly note that a new announcement will only be made when we have some additional progress. Otherwise the message communicated in the last announcement has to be taken as the current status.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to give any time frame for this whole process to get finished as PayPal has not been giving any time frame. But things are moving and hope to get good progress this week.

    A just received e-mail from PayPal is appended at the end of this announcement for your reference. Thanks.


    Admin, MPA

  • Cromwell

    Hi there, have been very impressed with the info provided and your kind answers to others, so firstly thanks for that. I was planning to join MPA and of course use your link however please can you advise if ( due to the most recent post re PAYPAL) you would advise waiting for this to be resolved before signing up a the moment?Thanks in advance for any response.

    • Hi Cromwell – I would advise waiting to join until we have the full details. They are working on that now. The program of MPA is great! The problem was with PayPal and their new regulations. We’ll update when they get their situation sorted.

      • Paul Newbery

        How long do you think it will be? Their site doesn’t give any idea of time line. This is where my money is going when it’s resolved as although there is risk it seems less though than the markets

        • Unfortunately we don’t know a date yet. I agree with you though, MPA has been a very profitable situation for me personally, and I’ll be putting fresh funds in it when they start up again. I’ll keep everyone posted!

          • Paul Newbery

            Hopefully it won’t be too long as you have had good results with it and it seems very legit
            I also like the fact that they make it clear its not a get rich quick scheme. It takes patience but will generate income

          • That’s what we liked too! The best part was seeing first hand that it actually worked. 🙂

      • Cromwell

        Many thanks for response and advice, I am pretty sure I’ll wait it out in that case as MPA seems the most credible of these paid ad sites.

        It was a family acquaintance who actually peaked my interest in these opportunities, although he actually suggested I sign up with My Advertising Pays and has invited me to his house sometime this week to show me exactly what he is doing and how he is making around $300 per day (having maxed out the ad packs and having 20 or so refs), he says he started 16 months ago. I’ve pretty much figured out how the revenue is distributed and how these business models can (with the right ethical management) be sustainable.

        I really don’t see any reason not to trust my contact especially as he has spent a good hour on the phone with me and not seemed pushy in the slightest, in fact quite the opposite …hmmmmm… It’s really tough to make the call on this…. Would someone with any bad intent or mistrust in MAPs really invite me into his own home ???

        I know that you have to start bigger with MAPs so more initial risk (and a main reason I like the look of MPA better). I have also read that the interest with MAPs (if that’s the right term) is lower and fees are higher. I’m also pretty shocked at how ugly the MAPs website is, this alongside various pics of the supposed ‘hard hitters’ flaunting their cars and a more visible collection of bad reviews. If MAPs isn’t slightly dodgy, it certainly doesn’t do itself any favours in promoting itself!

        I suppose my main concern is the same as many others with these opportunities…. Will my initial investment and reinvestment in ad packs actually amount to real daily money I can spend without an excuse from the business when I eventually start to draw down on funds?? This seems to be the biggest gamble.

        I really appreciate any comments and thoughts on the above , thanks ?

        • We do not recommend any other share revenue companies out there but Traffic monsoon and mypayingads. The industry is full of them and most of them will pay for certain time then they will stop. It’s important to know who is behind and who owns the company. If you can’t find them on FB or anywhere else and they don’t show themselves to the public then they are willing and they plan to scam in future. So Traffic Monsoon and MPA are the best choice.

          See the review below!

  • Emmanuel Owoojuomo

    Hi Admin!

    Is MPA back?

    If yes then i have some questions to ask:

    1. How much does one share cost in MPA?

    2. How many percentage can i be getting on 1 share, if i purchase from MPA?

    3. How long dose a single share take to fully mature and stop generating money?

    • Hi Emmanuel – Yes, MPA just launched! We are working on updating this post. Check back here for our update with the new information!

  • Latest UPDATE 3/22/2016

    We are glad to say that MyPayingAds is back and all issues have been fixed! You can now start your life changing journey with MyPayingAds. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you needed any help! all comments are welcome!

  • Emmanuel Owoojuomo

    Hey Admin! My questions are.

    1. How much does one share cost in MPA?

    2. How many percentage can i be getting on 1 share, if i purchase from MPA?

    3. How long dose a single share take to fully mature and stop generating money?

    I look forward to hear from you soonest.

    • Each share cost $5 and you get around 5% a day on each share until it matures to 120% as for the time I don’t think I can give u a specific time you share will mature at anytime when it reaches 120% of its cost.

  • Chris Harratt

    hi, in the sign up for MPA it asks for payment processor ID. What exactly is this please?

  • Chris Harratt

    I have resolved my question now thanks.

    • You are welcome. Just to let everyone know this, The payment processor ID is your payment processor E-mail Address.


      • Chris Harratt

        oh i put it down as my MPA username and it accepted it..will this be ok?, need to know before i transfer funds to my account, thanks.

        • The payment processor ID is your payment processor E-mail Address. If you are going to use Payza then put in your Payza email address.

  • Chris Harratt

    Hi admin, i have set up my MPA account, i need some guidance on how to set up the banner ads using your banner, can you help please?

    • Send us an email with your email that you used to sign up with and your username. Thank you.

      • Chris Harratt

        email sent

        • Please send us a message from a different email other than @aol we are unable to send u an email there.

  • Chris Harratt

    Hi Admin, I have added funds to my payza account and i am now trying to purchase my ad packs, not quite sure how to do this, how do i know the number of shares i can purchase with the funds i have, i currently have £175.00 in my payza account, and payza is asking me to provoid details of my website, I dont have a website, can I still do this?

    • You need to go to MPA then click on BUY adpacks. You will be asked to create a banner just put the banner details we gave you on the email. Then click buy adpacks again and you will be asked which payment processor you want to use, select Payza and complete your payment. Thank you.


    Hi Admin,

    With Payza which is better, the personal account or the business account


  • Sai

    Why can i not use paypal for my paying ads

    • PayPal is choosing not to work with any ad share revenue service for insurance reasons!

  • Tom W

    Payza account is now active and I am ready to start MPA. Any new updates since this post? Is there any benefit to using my banner ad vs. yours? Thanks

    • Hello Tom. The benefit is just you are going to get fast support from us incase you have troubles. However you are also very welcome to use your own banner, we just added ours incase someone doesn’t know how to create banners. That’s all budd 🙂

  • Andre Pedrosa

    Hi. I have a question about the “mature” thing. Like, if I was winning $30,00 a day and start withdrawing it every day, clicking on the ads but without buying any other adpacks. In this situation, it will keep giving me this $30 a day like forever?

  • Syven

    Just wondering if MPA is the best rev share? I was looking at traffic monsoon too. Saw your review on both. What do you recommend I start with?

    • You can start with MPA. Trafficmonsoon got shutdown by the SEC.GOV

  • Hello, you can just upload any image of any banner and take the url and put it on MPA. Also make sure you have your ” Ad-block” disabled.

    • Alexandros Veskos

      Thank you very much,
      it was the “ad-block” that was blocking the banner!! Thank you again.

      What about the new membership fees in MPA?
      do you still it still worthy to stay there?

      • Yeah, I knew it was the adbl0ck. About the membership fees, its actually good, this gives the company more fresh funds to help sharing it with the members, every penny you pay to them you get it back doubled. That’s what it is. So no worries about it, its all good.

  • Geniewinnie

    Hi, I want to invest at MPA. Is this still active and legit? Thank you so much!

    • Asif

      Yes @geniewinnie:disqus it is authentic Legit and Will Be Legit For Years,
      You Should Go ahead and Make a life.

  • Andreas Smith

    I shouldn’t post this here. Please can you do a review of FX10Investments.

    • Thank you, We will definitely review it soon. It is in the queue.

      • Andreas Smith

        Thanks! Is Tradeo still working well? I have the last set of funds I assigned for online investment. I want to try Tradeo, and if it fails I’m giving online earning a quit pending the time I’ll be able to trade myself!

        • Tradeo is working great! Just send me an email so I can make sure you get the right settings and traders to copy!

  • The monthly membership plans enable you to buy ad packs outside of plan 1. So they are necessary for truly growing your account. I’m in the Elite plan and I’m maxed out in all levels and making 1000$ a day minimum!

  • Quick update 2/3/2017 MyPayingAds servers is currently under maintenance because they are merging and fixing servers. The programmers are working on the issue and everything shall be back soon. it might take up to 48 hours until everything is back as it was. Please don’t worry and inform your uplines or your friends.

  • vaisakh s.v

    Is their any benifit for purchasing membership(like explorer)?
    And my PPC add clicks shows 6/6 what is that suppose to mean?
    Is i needed to purchase more? please guide me!

    • If you have filled the first and 2nd plan with adpacks, then you will need to buy the first membership to be able to buy adpacks in the other higher plans.

      So basically the more money you make, the higher membership you will have to buy which is good for you.

  • Ioane Fetu

    You mentioned the expire customer or some of that effect but you did not elaborate on it. I would like to know how that works and how it affects my account. Thanks for your time and your help.

    • Hi! I’ll be glad to help you. Can you clarify what you are asking about?

  • Ioane Fetu

    Very impress on how active this community is and how prompt Admin responds to inquiries!!!


    I’m interested to join MPA, i need to open an account with Payza, should I choose personal or business in Payza account application ?

  • Elmah

    I invested 10$ and got paid about 0.20 $ after 1 day, is it normal payment or is it too low ?

    • Hi! This is normal! Your earnings will grow the more ad packs you are earning on! Keep buying more ad packs with your earning using the compounding strategy.

  • Can you withdraw your adpack earnings (e.g. $20,000) at any time or do they only allow a maximum withdrawal of $200 a day ?


    Is there any Paypal in MPA?

  • Kaigama Jonah Ishaku

    Can Nigerian participate in MPA?

  • Mukesh Bhakar

    I am from India and want to Invest ? Is this possible ?

    • MPA accepts all countries. Sign up and fund your account with your favorite payment processor and you are good to go!

      • Mansour Dhacko

        I would like to join MPA though I am from Nigeria. How can you put me through?

  • Hi Anil – There is no promised time frame for when the ad packs mature but generally it takes about a month and a half.

  • Another scam. Lot’s of our readers have lost their money!

  • Emmanuel Owoojuomo

    Hello Admin! How is MyPayingAds doing, are they still paying?

    • They sure are! We take a withdrawal every day! They just celebrated their 2 year anniversary.

  • Chong

    Hi, can I earn from MPA without any referrals?

  • GoFish

    Is there someone available to answer questions?

  • Yes, we are still active! How can I help you?

  • SYED

    Hello is there a rule in MPA that we have to make fresh deposits from time to time to make a withdrawal.?

    • Hi Syed – We will be updating our post soon to reflect the new change that was just announced a couple of days ago. Please join the Facebook group for the most current updates.

  • bd geek

    i want to earn $100 a day, how much money i should start with? approximate please?

  • Selwyn Wiggill

    Which is better? My Paying Ads or My Paying Crypto Ads?

    • Hi! They are both part of the same group and have the same owner. It depends on whether you want to grow BTC or your currency. We use both! Most people end up using both too. You can’t go wrong with either of them!

  • SYED

    hello Admin, u are my sponsor in MPA. i want to know that earnings depend on the NUMBER OF ADPACSK purchased or on the AMOUNT invested. If i have 100 adpacks of $500 and 10 adpacks of $500 which will earn me more revenue….please reply soon

    • It depends on the amount of adpack purchased.

      Both adpack costs don’t mean anything. You still get 120% back on any adpack you purchase.

  • Tomadey’

    Dear Admin,

    Kindly do a review on

    However, perhaps you sight any of the Support team members of CionPRO and or RichmondBerks anywhere around your neighborhood, pls tell let them be informed that People are very thirsty and they need their #skulls to drink water!!!

  • All MPA and MPCA is on hold right now… no withdrawals. Please join the Facebook group for up to date info.