My Paying Ads Review UPDATE

Important Update 5.21.2017: MPA and MPCA will not be sharing revenue anymore. The expected return date of the revenue sharing is sometime in 2018. Members who have not withdrawn their seed money yet will receive a refund in the next 3-6 months. Please join the MPA group on Facebook for updates.

This is a special message for all of our old My Paying Ads customers. My Paying Ads is going through some drastic changes and it will affect everyone in a different way. They are completely changing their program. We have updated our old post to include the new My Paying Ads guidelines, and we will continue to update it was we receive new information.

My Paying Ads






DESCRIPTION: My Paying Ads is an online group that works together to make money. This is done by buying shares for add space and then clicking on 10 adds per day…

Legit or Scam
Active User Withdrawals
Earnings Type
Ad Revenue Sharing
Min Deposit
US Clients
1 to 3
Ad Pack Min Cost
Tier Earnings
Earnings Limits
Withdrawal Limits
Click Ads Requirement
10 ads

Here are the key points:

1. If you have withdrawn all of your seed money from MPA, you will have to start the process from the beginning all over again. For those of you that have taken withdrawals that exceed your seed money, you will have to make a new deposit to start up again. All of your previous earnings and shares are now gone.

This is the category we fall into as well. We started the company with $250 and in 6 months we have withdrawn over $4000. This means that we have to start our account all over again with a fresh deposit, and all of our active shares, as well as any balance we had, is now gone.

2. If you have NOT withdrawn all of your seed money from MPA, you will get your seed money back, minus any money that you withdrew. This means that if you started with $500 and you withdrew $200, you will receive $300 back. This money will be deposited directly into your repurchase balance.

If you deposited your seed money with PayPal, you will have to wait until July to receive your money back, because PayPal is holding MPA money for 180 days. If you used one of the other payment processors, you will find this money added back to your account immediately when MPA opens its doors again. All of your shares and earnings from your shares are now gone, and you must start all over again with Plan 1.

3. If you are PayPal member and you are unhappy with this. We encourage you to open a PayPal dispute and allow PayPal the chance to mend what they ruined. We have no love for PayPal and have been having an increasing amount of problems dealing with them lately. They make it extremely hard for people that are not US citizens to actually withdraw money.

Almost every other ad share revenue site has undergone the same issue with PayPal. This is not unique to My Paying Ads. We are sticking with MPA and will be starting our account with fresh funds because we believe in this company. We were able to turn our $250 into $4000 and we will do so again.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask!


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  • Paul Newbery

    Glad you posted this. I have opened an account but having read their sites opening page that’s as far as I have got,so will hang on.
    I also read some not so good reviews on the net which put me off a bit, but if you are saying it works then I’m sure it does!

    • MPA is not working at the moment. We have full faith that it will be up and running soon. I just added you the the MPA FB group!

      • Paul Newbery

        Cheers. My reservation with this though is that it seems a bit too easy. Obviously it takes some time and dedication but you get my meaning

  • Andre Pedrosa

    Hi. I have a question about the “mature” thing. Like, if I was winning $30,00 a day and start withdrawing it every day, clicking on the ads but without buying any other adpacks. In this situation, it will keep giving me this $30 a day like forever?

    • No. The ad packs expire once they reach their maximum earning. This is why you have to continue to buy new ad packs in order to continue to grow your account and take withdrawals. The strategy we outlined in our review is to do 100% repurchase with all your earnings for about 2-3 months, depending on how much you invest. Once you are earning a decent amount per day, you can start taking a withdrawal every week. However, it is essential that you continue using 60% of your earnings to continue to buy new packs. This is how your account will keep growing, and you can start taking larger and larger withdrawals.

  • SYED

    Hi admin which one would you suggest MPA OR MPCA to start with $250? so that i can start withdrawing after 4 months .I will wait and do 100% repurchase till that time.PLEASE REPLY SOON

    • anything below $1000 then go with MPA. Above $1000 then MPCA.

  • Walter Herrera

    Hi, Im still a little confused about how this program can work. What Im understanding so far (and correct me if Im wrong) is that I buy this ad packs, then I can click on 10 ads per day (which are ads from advertisers from MPA). So in order to get profit from this ad packs, the people who are clicking those ads (like me) needs to buy the products and services that these advertisers are advertising. If no one buys, then no profit for anyone. If this is the case then how can this be sustainable? I mean most people who buy ad packs and click on ads daily are trying to earn money, not spend money, so sells will be low. Im not trying to be rude, Im really looking for someone that can put a light on this for me, cause Im not getting it. Thank you.

    • The money you earn is from the sale of ad packs not services on the ads. The money earned from the purchase of the services on the ads goes straight to the owner of the business. I hope that makes helps!