My Binary Revenge SCAM Review

 My Binary Revenge SCAM Review
My Binary Revenge is another silly scam that involves hacking and revenge! Or so they’d like you to believe.Hacking is now revered so much that claiming to be a hacker is the new selling point.  Nice try. But we aren’t falling for it.


My Binary Revenge is the rags to riches story of a guy named Josh. Josh worked at Starbucks for a living while trading on various software systems on the side. However, he lost his money with each new scam he tried. I guess he disliked it so much he decided to turn himself into the very scam he hated.


One day he got angry enough and vowed to do something about it! What better way to get revenge than by “hacking their algorhythm”!  He hired a software engineer named Vladimir, who became his best friend, and the two of them created a fabulous new software system that automatically places winning losing trades for you!

Josh claims that he’s letting you have this software (that he claims to have spent thousands of dollars to develop) so that you can help him take revenge on the system. So noble. Except that he’s part of the scamming system and should be ashamed of himself. Josh is making his money off affiliation marketing. If you sign up with one of his brokers, you make him money.  Fake promises and lies.

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. Let’s begin by counting the lies!

Lie 1: “I guess you can say I hacked their algorhythm”. No, no you didn’t. Does he give any proof? Of course not. He didn’t hack anything. He didn’t “crack” anything either.

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Lie 2: “You’ll never lose another trade!” This is a flat out lie. What a bizarre claim to make! Everyone who trades in Binary knows this is a fraudulent claim. The only way to never lose another trade is by never placing another trade. The only trade you can’t lose is the one you never take.

Lie 3: “You can make $500 in the next 26 min.” I assure you once again, this is a lie. Sure, perhaps you might win the lottery too. But probably not.

Joshua would have us believing he’s Mr Robot. All he wants from us is that we help him take revenge on the gurus that scammed us all. I’ll settle by starting with my revenge on My Binary Revenge. Don’t fall for this scam! So here’s a little message from My Binary Revenge video that I think should be tossed right back in Joshua’s face!


None of these software systems work. The only people praising this system are the affiliate marketers who are making their money off of commissions!

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