MX Rev Share Review: Is It Scam Or Real Deal?

MX Rev Share Review

Today is the big release of our new rev share review. We have been supporting and following the rev share industry for a few years not and take a special interest in the ones that seem to be working long term!

We love rev shares! 

Why do we love rev shares so much? It’s simple.

They are quick, easy ways to earn extra money online by doing very little work. Most of them only involve clicking 10 ads per day!

Even the President has time to fit 10 ads into his schedule. Honestly, there’s no excuse not to love rev shares!

So what’s the catch?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but as your mama always said…

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Right?

Sort of. So the catch here is that rev shares are only as good for as long as they last.

You click your 10 ads a day. You buy your ad packs. You collect revenue when those ad packs expire anywhere from 110%-150%. The revenue goes around and around in a big circle. New ad pack purchases provide the revenue to return back to you when your ad pack matures.

This means that when ad pack sales drop, your earning will slow down or completely stop.

That is why we advise the GOLDEN rule of rev shares:

NEVER put in more money than you can afford to lose.

If you are taking your bread and milk money and putting it into a rev share, you’re doing it wrong.

Sorry. Not sorry. If you are using your food money to spend on a rev share, please just STOP!

The best way to approach a rev share is by taking your “fun money” and buying ad packs in a trusted, long-running rev share. Click your 10 ads a day, buy new ad packs with your earnings, and pray to the rev share gods for good luck.

If the rev share continues to grow and the owner is not a malicious scammer, you’ll be able to start withdrawing your profits and building your account at the same time. This…

Is the sweet spot! 

This is where the money starts coming in. But remember, it could fail at any time, so don’t put your hopes and dreams into one basket.

Many people spread their “fun money” out into several online rev shares to distribute their risk level.

That’s our basic disclaimer, so let’s get started!

MX Rev Share! What is it and is it a scam?


MX Rev Share launched back in November of 2015. Which means, it’s almost a year old!

Since their launch, they have amassed over 50 thousand members and paid out over 2 million in earnings!

This simple rev share operates by offering ad packs for sale, which gives members pre-paid advertising space. Most people do NOT advertise their business.

The majority of people who participate in rev shares are simply looking to earn the extra income that rev shares offer. 

MX Rev Share offers ad packs for purchase. These ad packs expire after the ad pack has earned 110% of the initial cost back in profit.

This means you’ll receive your initial cost back plus an extra 10%!

That’s more than most banks offer and you get your earnings in a short amount of time, only a few weeks!

Below you will see a table showing the different levels of ad packs you can purchase and earn from:


Two things are important to keep in mind when evaluating a rev share:

1. Are they paying their members? Yes!

2. Do they have a program that will last long term? Maybe.

The MX Rev Share seems to be paying their members, however, no program will have 100% satisfaction.

They have an active Facebook group, which is one GOOD sign!

What is the ROI (Return On Investment)?

The ROI for MX Rev Share is on the low side, set at a flat rate of 110%.

This might seem rather low, as compared to other rev shares that go up to 150%. However:

A lower ROI directly correlates with a longer last program!

Remember another GOLDEN RULE!

Slow and steady wins the race.

We support the idea of a lower ROI as it leads to longer sustainability which means more money in your pocket.

Many rev shares offer too high ROI and end up collapsing because they can’t deliver on their promise. Just remember, it’s better to have a slower growth than to lose your account in a scam.

Our Expert Opinion:

Get your own account with MX Rev Share by clicking HERE.

We have been using a few rev shares for a couple of years. The best rev share in the industry is MPA! Read that review FIRST, because it’s the best.

If you already have an account with MPA and are looking to diversify, feel free to open an account with MX Rev Share.

We will keep you informed of any changes, but our official conclusion is that MX Rev Share is NOT a scam and has a good long-term program that should last for years!

As always, send us your personal stories and tips for online investment! We NEED your input!






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