Multiplexer Review – 15 Mind Numbing Facts About Multiplexer Scam


Multiplexer Review

Every once in a while we have come to accept the emergence of a scam software or robot in binary options. The latest one is Multiplexer, and even at scamming, they have done a pretty bad job.

About Multiplexer

Created by Richard Ewing, Multiplexer is a trading robot that claims to be 8 % faster than Wall Street super computers. This speed advantage allows it to execute trades in the binary options market with a 100% success rate. Yes, Ewing claims that you will never realize any loss whatsoever using Multiplexer. 

The software makes an average of 1593 trades a day, and guarantees a minimum hourly profit of $850, and $20000 a day. So what happens when by any chance you do not make $20000 in any given day? The Multiplexer finance team will make up for the shortfall so you can have ‘your’ daily $20000 guaranteed. A very poor scam attempt if you ask us.

Richard Ewing – Multiplexer Software

The creator, or purported developer, of Multiplexer is simply a con artist, or a paid unethical actor. On the site’s promotional video, Richard Ewing claims he worked for CNN as a satellite data specialist and the creation of Multiplexer came about after a chance meeting with a UK binary options trader. He can claim whatever he wants, but for us the face of Richard Ewing is very familiar. He has played the role of a couple of imagined personalities in various binary options scams and we were able to spot his face. Again, this was very poor from guys who claim to be making millions of binary options profits.



Ewing claims to have made 43 millionaires over the past six months on the promotional video and even shows some luxurious photos of random people. We dug further and found that these are merely stock photos. There are no live testimonials but there is a list of names in the middle of the video that Ewing reads out and the minimum $20000 profits they made that trading day. By all means, this is just a very easy thing to make up.

Fake Claims

The Multiplexer site has made some bold fake claims that any serious investor or trader can easily pick out. To start with, the company claims to have made 43 millionaires in the past six months, but our thorough research found that their website domain has only been in existence since October 6th, 2016. That is a little over only 2 weeks. There is also the extremely bold yet contradictory claim on their website that Multiplexer combines the strength of 1500 robot advisers and has remote servers in 9500 locations worldwide. This is outrageous by all means. Furthermore, in the few days it has existed, the website claims that Multiplexer has had 32650 satisfied clients. There is also, unashamedly, the conspicuous lie that Multiplexer has been featured in CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg as well as other major financial publications.

Bogus Software

According to Richard Ewing, you only need to do 3 things to become a millionaire: fill out the contact form on the website, download the software and set Multiplexer to auto trade. And Boom! You are on your way to making thousands of dollars a day. This is complete falsehood. The software graphics displayed on the site are edited and look eerily similar to other scam software we have reviewed before.

Customer Support

On Multiplexer’s landing page, traders are told they can contact the company’s staff 24/7 via telephone, Skype, live chat and email. But there is one critical piece of information missing- there are actually no contact details available. You could not expect less from a scam company.

How Multiplexer Works

Simply put, Multiplexer does not work. They are simply a sophisticate marketing ploy designed to trick traders into depositing money into a broker they cannot even choose. This is evidenced by the consistent ‘call to action’ contained throughout the website. Richard Ewing frequently ‘reminds’ viewers that Multiplexer will be available only for a few hours for free before going for sale at an introductory price of $9999, and that only a few ‘spots’ are available


Multiplexer has followed the common template that scam companies use- false marketing, flashy video, generated statement, lies and more lies. By now, binary options traders should understand that any system promising zero losses in the market is a scam. The binary options market is very dynamic and the best a great strategy can deliver is more profits than losses. By deliberately dishing out lies, Multiplexer has proved to be a SCAM that all binary options traders should stay away from.


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