MPA and MPCA 2017 Important Updates For Old And New Members

Important Update 5.21.2017: MPA and MPCA will not be sharing revenue anymore. The expected return date of the revenue sharing is sometime in 2018. Members who have not withdrawn their seed money yet will receive a refund in the next 3-6 months. Please join the MPA group on Facebook for updates.

MPA and MPCA Update

This post is an explanation and strategy guide for the newest MPA and MPCA 2017 updates. For those of you that do not know what MPA or MPCA is, please start by reading their original reviews.

If you still have questions after reading this update, feel free to send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Below you will see the THREE changes in the words from Uday Nara. Below each numbered point is our explanation!


1] The maximum withdrawals that can be made is 2 times the purchase amount (i.e. purchases made with payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader’s commission)

– This new rule changes the way we earn money on MPA and MPCA in quite a dramatic way. In the original form of MPA, you could take a maximum of $200 each day. This new rule does not change that. You can still take $200 each day.

However, the amount of money you are allowed to withdraw is capped (turned off) when you withdraw double of your deposit with fresh funds.

For example, if you bought $400 worth of ad packs with fresh funds (NOT from earning or commission balance) then you can withdraw $800. After you have taken out $800, you will not be allowed to withdraw any additional money until you deposit again.

Once you deposit fresh funds, you will once again be able to withdraw double that amount before being turned off.

Furthermore, if you have withdrawn all of your available money, you will not be able to earn money on your existing ad packs by surfing until you deposit fresh funds. You will still earn commissions from your referrals but not from your existing ad packs.

*Keep reading to see our Strategy!*

2] A new Adpack plan has been introduced to both MPA and MPCA i.e. Adpack Plan 5 which is almost identical with Adpack Plan 4 with an exception that the Adpacks can only be bought using the payment processor and/or cash balance i.e. leader’s commission.

This rule is pretty self-explanatory. See the screen shot below! MPA and MPCA have added a Plan 5. The ad packs in this plan are $50 and earn 120%. The catch is that you can only buy them using your fresh funds or leaders commission.

Question: What is “leader’s commission”?

The leader’s commission is the money you get when your referrals use fresh funds to buy ad packs. This money is stored automatically in your CASH¬†balance. You can use this money to purchase ad packs with and it counts as “fresh funds”.

This means that anytime you purchase using your leader’s commission your withdrawable limit will increase (double the amount of what you spend).

3] Both MPA and MPCA will include a purchase fee and withdrawal fee of 2% for Bitcoin purchases and withdrawals.This fee amount is used for the site maintenance and staff.

This rule is also self-explanatory.

Important Notes

When you log into your existing account, you will see that you can now view your total withdrawn amount as well as your withdrawable limit.


Some people have gotten confused when they saw that their withdrawable limit. This amount is NOT what you can automatically take. You still have to earn this money. This money will come to you in the form of earnings and then you can withdraw it at $200 each day.

Strategy For Success

Let’s get to the point. Is it still possible to make a lot of money with MPA and MPCA?

The answer to this question is YES!

For the regular account, without any referrals, you can now make a maximum of $3000 a month. This means that you will withdraw $200 each day, but deposit half of that amount back, in order to increase your withdrawal limit.

So how are we making money?

If you have already withdrawn more than you originally put in, please follow the steps below. For those of you that have NOT taken any withdrawals yet, please follow this strategy after you have maxed out your withdrawal.

** We were taking $200 each day before these changes with over 900 active ad packs. **

1. We took $1000 and bought ad packs with it. This was our fresh funds. This gave us an instant withdrawal limit set at $2000.

2. We will now continue taking $200 each day until we have taken all $2000 out. After this point, we will deposit and purchase using another $1000.

3. Repeat!

As you can see, the maximum amount of money we will be profiting is $3000 each month. That might not seem like a lot, but for clicking 10 ads a day while watching Netflix, we can’t complain.

Still Got Questions?

Please send all questions to our email and we’ll help walk you through everything.

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