Moneyrift Review: HYIP Scam Exposed!

Below you will find our complete edition of our moneyrift review. This investment company is a HYIP scam that is not investing in anything at all! Their website is a sham and if you give them your money you will not get it back! User reviews report massive losses and dishonest customer support. Keep reading to see why.

Included are the following things: Is paying? Does work? Is legitimate?

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Moneyrift Review

Moneyrift Review: What Is a HYIP Scam?

When we research investing opportunities, one of the first things we always examine is the nature of the investment and if it is legitimate or not. One way to do this is by reading user reviews and checking to see if they have any records or proof that they actually use your money for investments.

The most common lie we expose is…

Moneyrift has NO proof that they actually invest in anything at all!

Their website actually provides zero information about what types of assets they invest with or what market they invest on. Do they trade binary options? Are they working in forex? Stock market trading? Bitcoin? Solar energy? NOTHING!

We are told absolutely nothing about what assets and which type of trading they utilize to rake in such huge profits. This is all very strange. Any real investment firm will be glad to show you what they do with your money. When a corporation claims to have an annual earning of over a billion dollars but refuses to tell you how they make this money….

Be WARNED! Remember, as the client, you are entitled to know where your money is going. Better yet, you have the right to see the results of their trading and investing so you can monitor their progress yourself. This is who REAL investment firms operate.

You can be sure of one thing. is NOT a legitimate investment business. They have no record of investing in anything and their website was only just created 6 months ago. This is almost identical to the recently blacklisted scam!

So what exactly is

They are actually a HYIP scam. A HYIP or high yield investment program is classified as scam for many reasons. Most HYIP’s are scams simply because they never pay out on withdrawals. After promising massive returns on very small investments, they simply do NOT pay when the investment has matured.

But the real reason HYIPs end up scamming so many people is because they just can’t realistically deliver on their promises.

Instead of clarifying and explaining the risks involved, they do the opposite. If you take a look a the page, you’ll notice that are trying has hard as they can to convince you that your money is safe and your withdrawal is guaranteed.

The truth is that when it comes time to withdraw your profits, they won’t pay. On rare occasions, some HYIPs will pay out on small withdrawals on amounts less than or equal to $10. They pay these small amounts out so as to gain the trust of their investors. Once you believe that they will pay a withdrawal, you are more likely to invest a larger amount. If you do invest a larger amount, you’ll never see it again.

Lesson: Now that they have gained your trust – they will steal your money. 

BUT… the real question is: Is moneyrift a HYIP scam. We believe the answer to that question is YES.

Real Investment Company or Fake?

One of the more interesting pieces of information we discovered was that is purposefully lying about how long their investment business has been in operation. As we mentioned above, this fake business does NOT even really invest in anything at all!

Lesson: They are nothing but money capturing website which tricks people into investing their money.

However, in a failed attempt to appear to be a real company, they write a lengthy description of the history of their business. They claim that in 2003 they first starting investing – and quickly grew into a worldwide investment corporation that handles billions of dollars a year AND helps huge businesses invest. Furthermore, they claim that in 2010 they launched their online website which now helps 90-100 people invest each day.

This is all a huge lie. In reality, their website was only just created in August of 2016. That is about SIX months ago. The notion that they have been around for over 10 years is completely misleading. They are a deceitful and misleading “company” who can’t even tell the truth about how long they have been doing business.

More Lies and False Information?

As we continued digging into this malicious scam, we discovered that all of the team is fake. Take a look at the photo and description below. Does that woman look like “Jay N Flynn” to you?
Moneyrift Scam

Jay N Flynn is nothing but a made up name. The website calls this person a man, yet puts his description next to the alleged owner, which is a woman. The woman in the photo is actually just a cheap stock photo image that we found being used on multiple other fraudulent websites.

Reading the description on this picture is about as ridiculous as it gets. The details don’t add up or make any sense at all. Whoever designed this website hired some hack writer to fill in these fictional portions to make their scam appear more trustworthy.

Lesson: Jay N Flynn is a fake person. He or she does not own any company nor is there any proof he or she has ever worked on the stock market or in investments at all.

What Investment Plans Do They Offer?

Investing with will leave you heartbroken. No matter what their website claims, it’s all a pile of lies. We have multiple user reviews and emails to back this up. However, let’s take a look at their investment plans! Below you will see an example of their Progressive Plan.

In this plan, if you deposit the minimum amount of $500 – after 7 days you should receive an ROI (return on investment) of 169%. This equals a grand total of $845. This would be amazing… if it were true.

But it’s NOT true. Be REAL here!

No bank, no investment firm, nobody can turn $500 into $845 in just 7 days. They don’t even bother to mention that the trading markets are only open 5 days a week. Do they mean 7 trading days or 7 actual days? Nothing about this is real. It’s ALL a sham.

The remainder of the investment plans offered are equally as impossible. Never once do they mention that you might not actually make this money. It’s all guaranteed, which really means nothing at all. There are NO guarantees in financial investing! Even the real professionals know this. You can lose all your invested money in the market in one hour!

Earning Online Without Being Scammed?

The most common email we get from our readers is this question: How can I earn online so I can actually pay my bills and get ahead? Nobody wants to get scammed and nobody wants to use their hard earned money and end up losing it. Before you invest any money online at all, please be aware of the most important piece of advice we can give to you.

Lesson: Never invest or spend more than you can afford to lose. Absolutely never take your grocery or bill money and invest it online. That is a terrible mistake.

Once you understand this rule, you can choose one of our recommended ways to earn online. Don’t take our word for it though, please read through the comments section from REAL users of Social Trading with Tradeo and My Paying Ads. Both of these earning options are trusted and have been helping out a lot of our readers! If you have any questions – please send us a message!

Is Moneyrift a Scam? User Reviews!

Let’s take a look at what we concluded here!

1. does not offer any evidence or proof that they invest in anything at all. They do NOT specify or give us a transparent look into what they actually do with your money after you invest it.

2. The owner is not a real person. The photo used to represent Jay N Flynn is a stock image that is used on many other scam websites.

3. lies about the creation date of their website, claiming it was around almost 10 years before they actually launched it.

4. They have lied and exaggerated their profits, claiming they have generated over a billion dollars each year in profits. This is NOT true.

It is obvious that is a scam, but what are the actual users saying?

We spend a lot of our time talking to people who are in long legal disputes trying to get their money back from these HYIP and binary options scams. We have received scores of emails where people are asking us to help them in their journey of actually getting money back from Sadly many times this is just impossible.

Users are NOT able to withdraw anything over $10 and if they try to complain or contact the customer support they find that their account has been closed and they can’t even log back in. Please don’t be one of their next victims! Make sure to check with us before investing with any site online so we can share what others are saying about it! is a SCAM!

Please be safe out there and let us know if you find something you really like! thank you for reading our Moneyrift Review & Happy Earning!

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    Please check it is is a scam?

    • Yes it is.


        ok please send me the one wich is not scam but being profitable. I want the one which you just deposit and withdraw later without doing extra job. Thankyou

        • Hello MBAKISO. Most of the internet HYIPs are scams. There’s something better thought. It’s called Revenue Sharing companies. You will earn 1-3% a day. I perfer the ones that operate in bitcoins because bitcoins is the best thing you can earn now. Here’s a company that you can trust it for a long term.

  • Ashley

    Please check, is scam?

    • Hello Ashley. Yes, it’s a scam. Please subscribe to our website to receive free alerts about new scams and money making opportunities.

  • ElisinvenTor Elijah

    please is Money Rift a scam?

  • Sochii Leo Moneyrift is a malicious Scam! And I have just fall for it. I invested $107 on Jan 9. I requested for my payment but till today, it is still pending. I have been sending emails but never got even one reply. You better run! Below are my screenshots

  • Muhammad Zubair

    Not give withdrew

  • onyi

    Join the discussion…Moneyrift is a huge scam, run very far away from them. my $82 dollar is still pending since last month. imagine how many adpacks that would hv bought for in Mpca. I hv decided to remove my mind from there n focus on better n more transparent sites. admin please how can one earn online aside mpca.thank you, I’ll prefer btc sites.