Modern Profit Professor Scam Review

Modern Profit Professor Scam Review. The binary options scam network is at it again, in conjunction with a myriad of unregulated and shady brokers. They have released their newest offering to the scam gods, an auto trader which is already ruining the investments of scores of unknowing new day traders. We were alerted to this scam when a few of our readers emailed us and made us aware that this scam was actively targeting them as they had been scammed previously in the past by the same ring of felons. It is extremely important that you contact us if you have received an email from this scam or any other binary options offer. We are gathering evidence to support our theory that these scam artists are working in union with each other by sharing their email contact lists among other things. If you are reading this after losing your money, please email us and we will instruct you on how to reclaim your lost money. Don’t be a victim! Learn how to be proactive and be your own advocate, message us now! This week’s other viral scam offer was The Millionaire in PJs.

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Modern Profit Professor Review

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DESCRIPTION: The binary options scam network is at it again, in conjunction with a myriad of unregulated and shady brokers…

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Our Modern Profit Professor Review?

Examining the claims made by this fake company led us down a rabbit hole of lies and deception. Each of these lies were incredibly easy to disprove, which tells us that the criminals behind this fraudulent company are extremely arrogant and believe they won’t get caught. Our goal with this blog is to expose each of these scam companies and put them out of business. In this review, we will walk you through each of the assertions made by the Modern Profit Professor (aka MPP scam) and reveal the deception behind it. If you are simply looking for a legitimate way to earn money online, please check the bottom of this review for our recommendations! For those of you that are extremely pressed for time and don’t want to read this entire review, suffice to say that MPP is a SCAM and should be avoided at all costs! For helpful tips on keeping yourself safe while trading, please read our Important Trading Tips.

Is Modern Profit Professor a legitimate business?

The single most prolific lie told by this auto trader scam is the notion that MPP is a “Ltd” aka registered and real business. This is 100% false. Towards the bottom of the website we find the statement:

“MPP was established by its founding members on March 2011.” FALSE.

The registration for the website was made a little over 2 weeks ago. Which means that MPP was not even online until, at the earliest date, 2 weeks ago. It is not even remotely feasible that this website was around back in March of 2011. This is an arbitrary date chosen to obscure the truth that MPP is a brand new scam and has not made a single penny for any of its users. Period. There are no public records that prove MPP exists or that it has ever made a single penny in earnings. It simply is not real. Once they have successfully scammed several thousand traders, they will take their site offline and disappear as if they were never there to begin with.

Who is Marco Adessi?

Modern Profit Professor Scam

A man claiming to be Marco Adessi, an Italian American day trader, tells us how he went from rags to riches by learning the secrets of the stock market from a stock market mentor. He then wrote and published his own training guide of binary options trading strategies. He fails to really explain how this works but focuses instead on his promise that you can make 18k your first month. He then goes on to say that he is only accepting 30 traders to receive the software for free, at which point he will close down the registration. Every single word out of his mouth is an utter falsehood. We can say with 100% confidence that nothing here is true. The Zero Loss Formula is another devious scam!

First off, Marco Adessi is not the owner of a real company. We checked into his background and found nothing about him on any business license associated with binary options. We checked further by asking the top binary options traders if they are aware of him or have ever heard of him. The answer was no. Nobody in the industry has any knowledge of him or his fake binary options trading/training software. He’s a wash. The truth of the matter is that this man is an actor hired by the broker to promote their fake business and fake auto trader. Opus Formula is a scam to avoid!

What is the Modern Profit Professor scam and how does it operate?

The fake “Marco Adessi” tells us that he has developed a training course that has hundreds of hours worth of teaching and guidance to teach you how to trade. This is false. We signed up with this service in order to access the training software for ourselves. Instead, we received nothing. We contacted the customer support and were told that the training courses were not available yet until after we’d traded our first month. This was a HUGE red flag. We have seen this same lie being told by other similar scams. After the first month of trading, and your money is gone, they will insist you redeposit in order to gain access to the non-existant educational courses. This is all an endless trail. There are no training courses. This is simply an auto trader meant to extract as much of your money as possible before you wisen up and shut it down. TheMillionaire Reborn scam was exposed last week!

Are there verified beta testers that have used and profited off of the MPP software?

The MPP site features 4 beta testers that give glowing testimonies as to their successes with this trading software. Each of these people are actors that work on Fiverr. You can view the acting profile of the “trader” pictured below at his profile here. Each of the other traders can be easily found on that website as well. One clear sign of a binary options scam is that all the testimonials are paid actors. Some of these people even work with multiple scams at the same time. It is really ridiculous when you think about it. So why doesn’t MPP have real traders giving reviews? The answer to that is pretty easy. Because their system was just released a few days ago, they don’t have any actual users yet. However, because their auto trader doesn’t actually work, they’ll never be able to use real traders for their reviews. Count on it.


Modern Profit Professor Review

Are there only 30 spots left?

No. This is yet another manipulation tactic used to spur you into signing up as quickly as possible. When we reviewed this offer, there was only 1 spot left, however the following day it had climbed back up to 30 open spots. This has SCAM written all over it. A scam our team recently investigated can be READ HERE.

Are there any auto traders that actually do work?

Yes! But don’t get too happy too fast. While it is true that some auto traders do work, it’s important to keep in mind that over half (if not more) are scams or simply softwares that stop working after a few weeks. We have a select few that listed on our website that work, you can check that out in our Recommended Signals section. The best online trading we offer is Social Trading with Tradeo, where you can actually speak in person with the trader you decide to copy. Tradeo is a fully regulated and transparent trading system that gives you the option of trading for yourself or copying the trades of a professional trader. It’s up to you! Our favorite money making tip, is to sign up for My Paying Ads, which is making us over 1k weekly!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Happy Trading!

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