Mockingbird Method Is a Scam

Mockingbird Method Review:

Mockingbird Method auto trading software for binary options has just been launched. There are actually two video promotional videos depending on where you live. I viewed them both from different proxy servers and what I found is a trail of lies. Please read this review to the end before even thinking about signing up with this scam!

Mockingbird Method is a typical auto trading software that promises a 92% win rate, which as we’ve said time and time again is completely impossible to achieve consistently. There are two CEO’s, both of which have no credible information online. In fact, the first “CEO” who speaks to us in the American version of the video claims to be a man named Stephen Wilson. I found him on advertising his acting services. You can pretty much stop reading this review right here, because that’s more than enough evidence to prove Mockingbird Method is a scam. Check out his acting profile below.

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Mockingbird Method has taken a manipulative approach to sucking customers in that we’ve never seen before. When I first began viewing their video I was using a proxy server located in the United States. The website detected that my location was in the US. Because of this I was told that the Mockingbird Method offer was only available in the UK and the US. They told me that if I wasn’t located in one of those countries I needed to close my video and move on.

Mockingbird Method

I decided not to take their word for it. I disabled my proxy server and allowed the website to see my real location, Egypt. In doing so, I was given a video that told me the Mockingbird Method offer was only being given out to customers in the UK and in “my country”. Below the video it told me that they needed 50 beta testers from Egypt.

Mockingbird Method

I’m not sure what motivated them to tell these blatant lies, but as you can clearly see, the Mockingbird Method American video told me I could only sign up if I was in the UK or the US and when the website detected my location was in Egypt, I was given a different video that told me I could only sign up from the UK or “my country”.

This is ridiculous! But the lies didn’t stop there! On the American version of Mockingbird Method they use 3 different actors from to make their video testimonials. You can check out one below. He claims to have made thousands of dollars with Mockingbird Method but is also still working at Fiverr making video testimonials for $5 a piece. Hmmm.

Mockingbird Method

And below you can view his Fiverr profile where you can hire him to lie for you.

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Both “CEOs” of Mockingbird Method claim that they developed the software system after their friend discovered a top secret loophole in the binary market. The loophole claim is a very popular lie that many popular binary options scams employ. Don’t fall for it! There is no loophole in the market. It just doesn’t exist.

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Mockingbird Method doesn’t stop there! They tell us that we have to act fast because in March of 2016 they will be selling this software to the public for $1000 a piece. This is a very simple manipulative strategy used to make you feel that you’re getting a steal of a deal! Don’t fall for it!

It is overwhelmingly clear to us from the evidence above that Mockinbird Method is a total scam. They use hired actors, they make outrageous promises, and they lie about the availability of their software depending on what country they think you are from.

One last manipulative lie we discovered. We attempted to reload the video and we were told that the offer was completely sold out. However, when we cleared our cookies, BINGO, it was back up again. The lies just keep coming.

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Conclusion: is a scam! Stay away!