MMATC Scam Review

MMATC Scam Review

You are reading our MMATC scam review. MMATC is full of lies and old scams being disguised as new ones! Don’t sign up with MMATC until you’ve read this review because we’ve uncovered all their lies! is an old scam that has been transformed into a new scam. Several months ago a scammer going by the false name of “Sonia Lewis” released her auto trading software with a “secret algorithm” as a software, Profit Hacker. Profit Hacker is a scam and so after the name was tarnished, the makers of Profit Hacker took the same promotional video and opened up a new scam, MMATC. There is nothing honest about anything in either Profit Hacker or MMATC! (aka Profit Hacker) claims that Sonia Lewis discovered a secret loophole in the market which she then created an algorithm from, allowing her to make huge profits from. She was so happy with the outcome she is now giving it away to us for free. It sounds too good to be true, and it is.
The MMATC video is full of pictures and videos of random rich people having parties, fancy jets, mansions, and everything else you’d picture from one of these scams. The video is just as fake and empty as every single one of the people claiming they made money! uses Fiverr actors for all of their testimonials. We found this man, who has been working for a few other scams already.

MMATC Scam Review

And here is his Fiverr profile.

MMATC Scam Review

Then we saw this cute couple, who likes to scam as a team.

 is MMATC a Scam?

And here is their Fiverr profile.

 MMATC Scam or legit also has a section of fake Twitter reviews. We looked up these profiles and all of them are fake. Trust us, nobody is bragging about MMATC. The thought makes me laugh. This app will make no one money, just as the failed Profit Hacker before it also failed to make money.

Stick around, and in a few months you’ll probably see this same MMATC video being transformed again and given a new name to scam new customers.

Is MMATC a scam?

MMATC claims to be verified by a 3rd party named Verified Binary. We took a look at this site and found nothing but a scam verification system. They will give you a badge if you pay them money. All of their employees were fake and their pictures were stock photos. These fake verification systems for binary softwares are really annoying and we plan on writing a review on each of them. BEWARE of the fake security badges and shady verification systems!

 MMATC is a ScamConclusion: MMATC is a SCAM!
Thank you for reading our MMATC Scam Review. If you want to check out something that actually works, take a look at our review of Social Trading on Tradeo.
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