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Mirror Trader Scam Review. Newly released, a new viral scam is wreaking havoc in the binary options industry. Mirror Trader is directly linked to the same scammers that previously released Push Money App, another viral scam. Binary Scam Watch Monitor has just finished our investigation of this new scam. Below you will find the evidence that Mirror Trader is a dangerous scam that is out to steal from you yet again. Many of you have already been scammed by the Push Money App. Don’t be fooled again! These are the same people!

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DESCRIPTION: Newly released, a new viral scam is wreaking havoc in the binary options industry. Mirror Trader is directly linked to the same scammers that previously released Push Money App…

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Is Mirror Trader a Scam?

John Harrison weaves a story for us, telling us that he used to be in the military working with computer software. This is in direct contradiction to the story he told in the video for the Push Money App, where he and his wife and just been wall street traders. We’ll get into that a bit more later.

“John Harrison” tells us that he has developed a perfectly synced auto trader that will automatically copy his own personal signals into your account. This is the secret to the success of Mirror Trader. It’s virtually identical to hundreds of other signal providing auto traders on the market today. Mirror Trader wants you to believe that their system is special and unique, but it’s not. We can recommend several much better auto trading signal providers that will actually make you money, instead of losing it.

Top Proof of Scam

1. John Harrison is the creator and CEO of Mirror Trader. False!

John Harrison is not a real person. In fact, he is just a shady actor that is employed for the same production scam company that brought you the Push Money App. We reviewed Push Money App, HERE. As you can clearly see, they are one and the same person. While marketing the Push Money App scam, “John Harrison” called himself, “Dennis Moreland”. Which is it?

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It’s neither. Both Dennis Moreland and John Harrison are fake names for an actor that works tirelessly to bring you the best scams in the business. His employers are nasty liars and devious scammers, and we recommend you stay as far away from Mirror Trader and Push Money App as you can!

2. Traders have been making $14,000 a day for the last 3 months. False!

This can’t possible be true. The Mirror Trader scam website has only been online for 4 days! It’s a brand new website, and Mirror Trader was never marketed or advertised before this time. This means that if you are viewing this offer, you are the first to do so. There are not beta testers that came before you! You are essentially, THE beta testers. Don’t worry, this scam won’t be around long enough to collect your losses as legitimate results. The production company is most likely already working on their next scam, as they did with Push Money App.

On another note, making a profit of 14k a daily, trading binary options, is quite impossible. It’s actually never been done before to our knowledge. In order to achieve such a thing, you’d have to start with a huge balance, of several thousand dollars and have an incredible winning streak. To repeat the same thing day after day is impossible.

3. This video has only been sent to a few select people and will be gone soon. False!

The Mirror Trader has been emailed to thousands of people, in mass marketing emails. They have absolutely no standards for who they email this offer too. They don’t monitor this process at all, and are certainly not hand picking “special” people to send it to. We received this email in our inbox and we are a blog that writes articles about binary options scams! They must have us on their list and clearly should not have alerted us to this nasty scam!

Stating that they are hand picking a few select people to try their system, “a maximum of 50 people” in their own words, is a complete lie. They show a photoshopped screen shot of fake payouts. This is a clear proof of scam as well, because bank transfers take a minimum of a week to go through, yet “John Harrison” claims these people just started trading yesterday. This is completely impossible!

4. Mirror Trader website shows us a live shot of trades that are being placed and winning! False.

If you scroll down the Mirror Trader website, you’ll take note of a live feed of signals being placed on the market. This is part of the elaborate scam. Unfortunately, Mirror Trader was too stupid to have the trades pause during the hours the market isn’t open. This live feed of “real trades” plays 24/7, no matter if the market is open or closed.

We examined the page source of the website, and can easily see that this “live trade” section is simple a pre-recorded plug in that anyone can make for their own website. It’s not real, is not based on real trades, and is nothing but a big lie.

5. 100% Risk Free. False!

Mirror Trader claims that there is no risk when you invest with their automated trading software. For anyone who is familiar with our blog, we make it a point to proclaim over and over again, that there is NO such thing as a risk free binary options system. Binary options trading always carry a high risk. Every disclaimer will admit this all and experienced traders also know this.

The scam artist and actor, John Harrison, wants you to put aside all common sense and believe that Mirror Trader is risk free. He has already proven to us and many others that he can’t be trusted. His Push Money App was a total flop, full of lies and scams, even though he made the same “risk free promise” with that scam as well.

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Conclusion and Real Trading Advice!

It is clear to us and to anyone who examines the evidence, that Mirror Trader and Push Money App are both devious scams. Don’t be discouraged though. There are other, more profitable options available for you.

The best trading system available is Social Trading with Tradeo. This is a fully regulated and legitimate broker, you can read our review HERE. Please email us with any questions. Also, please feel welcome to send us a message concerning any signal service or automated trading software you are interested in trying and we’ll give you our opinion on it!

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