Miningvault Review Is A Shady HYIP Scam?

Hello! Welcome to our analysis and conclusive report on Before you invest any of your money with this new HYIP, you need to read what we discovered when we opened our investigation into this company. Many of our readers have already lost their investments after placing their trust in this shady business.

If you are one of those that has lost money, please contact us immediately for advice on how to reclaim your lost money! We would be more than glad to advise you. In the meantime, please make sure to read our Coinomia Review as well!

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Miningvault Review Review: What is is a strange new HYIP investment plan that claims to be investing in the mining of ethereum with high daily returns delivered straight into your bitcoin ewallet. This might just be the first ethereum mining scam, with surely more to come.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin and like bitcoin, it is possible to mine for it. However, unlike bitcoin, it is not popular and just became available a few years ago. The ability to mine for ethereum is not widespread and doesn’t have near the notoriety that bitcoin does. would have you believe that their company has invested in ethereum and is making a huge profit, enough of a profit that they can share a great sum with you.

The entire premise and business model of is flawed. According to our investigation, they opened their website a few months ago and first launched this new HYIP (high yield investment program) at the beginning of October. They are virtually unheard of and have not garnered the support or media attention of any reputable financial institution. 

The owners of are anonymous, which is a huge red flag. They don’t give any information pertaining to their identity, which doesn’t garner much trust. If you are proud of your company and have no intention upon scamming, you would have no problem revealing your true name and business information. They claim to be located in California, but we could find no business license or record of this being valid. Review: Investment Plans?

Offered here are three investment plans that all have different ROI (return on investment). These returns are given back to you daily, and you are eligible to withdraw each day or compound your earnings and invest over and over again.

As you can see from the chart below, you can start with as little as $10 for an ROI of 3% daily or as much as $25,000 for an ROI of 4%. The strange thing about this program is that nowhere are we told what the total ROI is or the time frame for when our investment has reached it’s maximum earning and matures!


There is NO maturation date listed. It simply says “4% daily for LIFE”. This is ridiculous. Every investment must have an ending date of maturation. This is a sure sign that whoever created this scam investment plan has no basic understanding of how investments work. Review: Is a Scam?

We were able to speak to several people who opened an account with this HYIP and have not been able to withdraw yet. They were told via customer support email that there were technical difficulties with their bitcoin payment processor and to wait a few more days. We have no evidence to currently suggest that has honored any withdrawal over the amount of $20.

We are issuing a STRONG warning against signing up with this fraudulent company. They have demonstrated that they have no intention of providing you (the investor) with any valid information about who they are or where the true location of their business is.

Because of this and the following facts, we are sure that is a SCAM.

1. No evidence of withdrawals.

2. No information about maturation date of ROI or total percentage of ROI.

3. No valid or verified business information details.

4. The owner is anonymous.

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