MillionBTC Review: HYIP Scam

If you are thinking of investing your money into the MillionBTC HYIP scam, please stop what you are doing! Before investing a single penny, be sure to read our complete MillionBTC review to learn why we have labeled this as a malicious and dangerous scam designed to steal your money and possibly endanger your financial information and personal identity.

Don’t become just another victim of this proven MillionBTC fraud! If you have already fallen into their trap and have lost money, please send us an email detailing your experience. We can help you!

Please share this review with your friends and contacts on social media. The only way to shut this scam down is by making sure they don’t get any more customers. Once their money flow dries up, they will eventually shut down their website. One less scam on the internet is our goal!

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MillionBTC Review

MillionBTC Review

MillionBTC is a high yield investment program or HYIP that promises massive profits in exchange for small deposits. The ROI is paid daily and profits are generated each day. They completely fail to mention the fact that the trading market is only open 5 days a week, which means they wouldn’t be generating profits each day.

The fact that they fail to mention this shows their genuine lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency trading, which definitely calls into question the legitimacy of their site. states that they are trading experts, but how would trading experts not know that trading is not a daily gain?

That being said, there are lot’s of other problems with this site and it is clear that they are uneducated hacks that are preying on your desperation. Let’s take a closer look at some of the issues we found.

Proof of Scam

The following information is missing from this site. This information is absolutely required in order to trust any investment opportunity.

1. The owner of HYIP is not known. The site has gone to great lengths to make sure nobody knows who owns and operates this site. This is probably because he or she owns other HYIP scam sites and does not want to be known as a scam artist.

Tip: Never trust a financial site that doesn’t want you to know who owns it. Only scammers hide their identity when asking for your money!

2. The location of the company office is false. The address given is not an office but a personal home that is owned by someone not related to this business. For reasons of privacy, we won’t list that information here. But be warned, the address on the site is not their actual location!

Tip: Fake address = scam. They don’t want you to know where they operate from in case someone comes looking for them.

3. claims to be a team of expert cryptocurrency traders, but they are not. They have offered zero evidence to show that they can trade successfully and much less with such massive profits as they advertise.

Tip: A legitimate investment service who specializes in trading will show evidence of their trades from the last year, including wins and losses. Any company that does not show proof of their trading is not trading at all.

Alert: Your financial information is NOT safe. The URL for is for sale. This means that anyone could buy it and get full access to your information. It is not a protected site, and we do not recommend inputting any financial details.

The HYIP Exposed

We review about six or seven HYIP scams each week but rarely do we come across one with such massive ROI (return on investment). The returns scam is offering are outrageous. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this entire scheme is designed to seduce you into investing.

Nobody is capable of guaranteeing you this much money, much less a website that offers no proof of success!

For example, the most popular plan pays 150% each day! This means that if you deposited $100, you would earn $50 each day from their successful trading. Please remember that we explained above that trading is NOT daily, which means they are lying from the start.

Earning money online is possible, but not with cheats and liars like these.

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Is MillionBTC a Scam?

The most important part of any HYIP investigation is to talk with other users. We scoured the internet for reviews and comments as well as talked with our readers that emailed us about scam. Our initial report indicated that MillionBTC is NOT paying. Nobody we spoke with had been successful at taking a withdrawal.

This information combined with the other troubling facts above was enough for us to label MillionBTC is a scam!

Don’t waste your money here! There are better places to make money from. Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Prakash Advance

    i made a one day investment with millionbtc, withdrawal was made pending . my refer also got the same choke ,withdrawal was pending. no reply to messages sent to the support desk