Millionaire Traders Prime Analyst App Scam Review

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Millionaire Trader and their scam app Prime Analyst. This Prime Analyst app is also being sold by Mad Profits. Prime Analyst is a scam! Please read our review through to avoid losing money with the Prime Analyst software scam.

The Prime Analyst App is an auto trading software that will quickly eat your deposit. The creator is a man named Phillip Green but we’re pretty sure this is a fake name. The cheesy voice over on their promotional video explains that Phillip Green has cracked the binary options code and developed a secret algorithm that has made him a millionaire. The Prime Analyst app promises earning of several thousand dollars a day. This is an impossible claim!

The Prime Analyst App has a countdown running at the top of the screen which tells us that there are only 23 copies of the software left. As I watch the video the number continues to drop until it reaches 5 copies left. If I refresh my page, the number climbs back up to 23. A clear scam!

Phillip Green tells us that he only wants a few people to have this free app because if too many people gain access to it, the Prime Analyst app might be spoiled. This is strange because the Prime Analyst app has been free for 4 months now and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.
download (2)< Phillip Green explains that he doesn't want to sell the Prime Analyst app because he wants to use it as his way of giving back after he has made so much money. What he doesn't tell you is that each person that signs up with Prime Analyst, he receives a commission payment from the broker. This payment starts around $250 and can go much higher. It didn't take us long to find the fake actors that are being used as testimonials. Here is one we found on download (4)

And here is his acting profile on Fiverr. This is a huge sign that the Prime Analyst app is a scam!

download (6)

Conclusion: The Prime Analyst scam market by Mad Profits and Millionaire Trader is a scam!

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