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Millionaire Reborn ScamMillionaire Reborn Scam Review. In less than a week, we have exposed 5 new binary options auto trading scams. It seems that August is a popular month for these nasty scammers to come crawling out from under their rocks to throw out their trashy auto traders in order to make a few more dollars. Their newest offering is the Millionaire Reborn scam, which should be titled the Millionaire Death scam, because it will certainly kill your bank account. If you are reading this review too late, and have already lost your money, please send us an email ASAP. We have a few helpful ideas that can aid you in retrieving your money. If you haven’t signed up yet, consider yourself lucky. You have avoided a deadly snare and can hopefully use your money to invest wisely in a system that actually works! In the meantime, be sure to also avoid the Maximus Profits scam, one of the other viral atrocities we exposed earlier this week!Official Website:

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DESCRIPTION: If you are reading this review too late, and have already lost your money, please send us an email ASAP….

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Millionaire Reborn Scam

Who is Liam Campbell and is he really the man behind Millionaire Reborn?

Liam Campbell is a completely made up and imaginary person who has been propped up behind the Millionaire Reborn scam to make it seem honest. In reality, Liam Campbell is not a real person and his photo is simply a shutterstock image that anyone can purchase to use on their website. You can view the original photo on shutterstock at this LINK. The name and the face don’t match. Furthermore, Liam Campbell is an erroneous character that has no basis in reality. He does not exist. Most binary options auto trading scams include fake stories and fake names, so as to disguise the true identity of the real scammers behind it.

This scam is no different. Liam Campbell is a fake persona and has nothing to do with the real origin of Millionaire Reborn. His entire story is also fabricated. To view another dubious story connected to a scam, READ HERE.The liar and fraudulent Liam Campbell claims he created the Millionaire Reborn software after becoming friends with a student from South Africa who was in dire need of money to complete his education. It was this student that motivated Campbell to complete and perfect the Millionaire Reborn auto trader, which then saved his friend’s life and helped him to finish his schooling.

There are two problems with this account. Firstly, there is no way to verify it. We aren’t given the name of the student, but in place of a name, we are shown a photo of him. This picture is another fake, taken from stock photos. It is unclear to us why Millionaire Reborn thinks they can continuously use purchased photos and pass them off as real people related to their scam. However, this is exactly what they have done.

The second problem with his tale is that Liam Campbell himself is a fake, which is evidence enough that his entire story is also made up. Fast Cash Club is another viral and dangerous scam to avoid! Was Millionaire Reborn actually featured on news sites such as MSNBC, CNN, and Forbes? Not a chance. This claim can be seen on the website directly underneath the promotional video. There is nothing truthful about this statement. We searched for Millionaire Reborn on each of the websites mentioned and not one of them had any information to be found.

This is nothing but a cheap manipulative trick used to lure you into believing that their scam auto trader is legitimate enough to be taken seriously by big name news organizations. We have witnessed this same lie being told countless times by similar binary options auto traders. There is no way any news group would take this ridiculous scam seriously unless they were featuring it on their crime section. Another terrible scam to avoid can be SEE HERE.

Are there only 20 spots open each day to register a new trading account? No. This is another lie. While we were investigating this scam, we noticed that the countdown of “spots available” creeps downward from 20 to “only 1 spot left!”.

However, when we simply refresh the page, there are once again 20 spots left. This proves that this countdown of spots open is nothing but a website addition not based in reality. The website itself doesn’t register each time someone funds their account, and as such, it would have no way of accurately informing you as to how many spots are still open.

Additionally, we know from vast experience that no auto trading scam will ever limit their open spots. That’s not how the industry works. It would be to their disadvantage to limit their registrations. They work closely with select scam brokers that need as many registrations as they can possibly get in order to increase their profits. Putting any restrictions on how many people can sign up each day would hurt their bottom line, their money. For this reason, we can safely say, there are an unlimited number of spots open and always will be. Please see our expose of Online Wealth Markets as well.

Are the Facebook and Twitter comments real or fabricated? Towards the bottom of the Millionaire Reborn website, you will notice a picture of Facebook and Twitter comments seeming to praise the success of the auto trader. Rest assured, these are all fake. We searched both Twitter and Facebook for these comments in order to verify them, and they do NOT exist. Even the photos and personal accounts can not be found. While it may look legitimate, it is not. Nobody is talking about Millionaire Reborn on any social media site because the auto trader doesn’t work and nobody cares about it.

The only reason you are reading this review is because they were able to target either your email or a friend’s email. These scam auto traders are all the same. They don’t make the news. They don’t go viral on social media. Nobody cares about them except for a select group of new traders who are specifically targeted by these scams. For more information on how this is achieved, please email us and we’ll explain in more detail.

Avoid this highly contagious and deceptive scam READ HERE. Can you actually make money trading online or is it not possible?Speaking truthfully and in full disclosure, we have to admit to you that it is quite hard to actually make money trading. This is for a variant of reasons, but the first most reason is because there are so many scams out there. 9 out of 10 traders will be scammed in the online trading industry before even making their first dollar.

Your best bet is to always research any auto trader or signal provider extensively before signing up. If you can’t find any positive review about something, you should avoid it at all costs. We are here to answer your questions. If you want us to look into a system for you, we are more than happy to. Please send us an email!

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