Millionaire Blueprint Scam: Reality behind a Malware

Meta Description: Millionaire Blueprint is one of the most deceptive scams introduced by affiliate marketers to rip the traders of their assets. Let’s find out more in Millionaire Blueprint Review.

Millionaire Blueprint Review:

Every day we witness hundreds of scams in the unpredictable world of binary options trading. It is not our first time to let the readers know about another most popular scam we figured out. The Millionaire Blueprint software, also known by some as Blueprint App, is another severe threat to the trader’s money. Millionaire Blueprint scam is so tricky and malicious that even an average trader can’t distinguish it from a scammed software. After conducting a time-taking and energy consuming investigation on the Millionaire Blueprint scam, we have found much about it. Let’s find out what tricks do the Millionaire Blueprint scam employs to exploit the intellect of traders.

Millionaire Blueprint Scam:

In this section, we will mention every single finding which strengthens our claim of calling it a misleading scam.

  • An Affiliate Marketing Product:

After hearing the term affiliate marketing the things which come to mind are, “deception, fraud, cheating” and the like. The Millionaire Blueprint scam is a product of deceiving affiliate marketers. They also claim to be online developers and surprisingly, they haven’t yet developed anything at all. They are using it to promote new and advanced methods to cheat the traders to invest in the programs they offer.

After investing in such scams, the traders end up losing all their money. The affiliate marketers don’t stop here as they keep on reinventing the wheel with different brand names and keep selling the same scam time and time again.

Millionaire Blueprint Scam 4

  • Fabricated Stickers on Website:

Novice and inexperienced traders lack the analytical prowess to find out the discrepancies. If you bother to look closely at the results posted on the website, you will find out evidence of losses yourself. The scammers behind the latest scam exercise malicious practices and link themselves with a broker. After signing up for the software, you have to deal with a broker who tries hard to make you lose. If you invest in a trade and you lose, definitely the broker wins. Most noteworthy, your money then goes into the pockets of these scammers and the brokers working for them.

In the images below, one can clearly see the difference between the invested money and the Out of Money Trades (OTM). After viewing it closely, you will find that the trades were lost. Which indicates that it was the broker who won finally!!


  • Illegal Claim of being a Top Secret:

In the promotional video, an impersonator who carries the name as “Walter Green” makes lot of lucrative claims. While introducing the software, he says that Millionaire Blueprint is a “top-secret” auto-trading binary options software. Well what sort of top secret is he talking about? Is it the same “top secret” we exposed in the review of Zulander Hack or in Algo Master System review? It is quite evident that Millionaire Blueprint is the second version of such scams.

Also it resembles to another scam introduced by Walter Green, known as Free Money System.Where does it leave us? It leads to the conclusion that Walter Green is himself a scammer and so are his products. It doesn’t even appeals to anyone who is concerned about his money. Furthermore, if a certain software is legit, why would someone try to make it doubtful by affiliating it to something top secret? It is indeed hilarious and out of anyone’s mental grasp totally.

  • Identity Theft and Dissemination:

The most heinous act which is attributed to Millionaire Blueprint scam, is that of identity theft. Not only does the software takes your information but also they share it with “third-parties”. Who these “third-parties” are what do they do with a subscriber’s information? Nobody knows the answer to this conundrum. In addition, the scammers also share your information with some coaching partners. Consequently, not only do you lose all your money, but your identity and privacy also becomes vulnerable to threats.

Millionaire Blueprint Scam 1

  • Deceptive Hyperlinks and Fake Reviews:

Following the misleading tactics of other scams we exposed, the Millionaire Blueprint scam has also copied some. Right at the bottom of the site, you will see a bar of hyperlinks. These hyperlinks are supposed to redirect you to the links they are attached to. Rather than directing you to the intended pages, these links lead to nowhere. Either the links will direct you to the site again, or there will be a blank browser call to your browser.

Finally, it is a point worth noting that such profitable software, can’t even afford to fund its own website? Well how could it be when it’s nothing but a deceiving scam.

Millionaire Blueprint Scam 6

Finally, the reviews you see on the main website are totally fake. Even by taking a bird’s eye view, one can easily tell that they follow the same pattern. These reviews have no authenticity and even no identity.


  • Self-Denial of Video in the Website:

Right at the bottom of the site, you will come across a really strange tactic. The statement will term the promotional video as fictitious. The site itself disowns the video by saying that it was done by actors. Furthermore, you can see it for entertainment purposes. One of the most hilarious review ever in which the site owner is showing no any concern about the products video. Can you expect such level of immaturity from a legit software website? I am pretty sure what your answer would be.


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Binary Watch Monitor’s Conclusion:

Consequently, our analytical investigation in Millionaire Blueprint review has led us to conclude that Millionaire Blueprint is another scam. In addition, the Millionaire Blueprint scam follows the same deceptive tactics as its predecessor did. Many links over the web will try to convince you to go for it. But we have got you before falling into a ravine of financial scams. Keep reading our scam reviews and don’t forget to provide us with your valuable feedback.

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