Merchant Shares Review: Is Merchant Shares Scam Paying?

Merchant Shares Review

Hi! Welcome to our investigative report with all the details you need to find out whether Merchant Shares is Legit or a Scam!

We have been keeping our eye on this viral new investment opportunity after we received several emails asking us if it was safe to earn money with.

Included in our Merchant Shares review we will explain exactly how it works as well as our opinion on the long-term success of this new venture.

We want to hear from you! If you are currently using Merchant Shares or have used it in the past, please send us a message and let us know how it is!

Merchant Shares is a truly unique idea that is in a class all of its own. We are excited to track the progress of this new program!

Merchant Shares has a large and ever-growing community of people working to make money and so far, it seems to be rather more successful than we originally thought!

Let’s get started…

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What is Merchant Shares Review?

Merchant Shares is an investment business with trading specialists that are located all over the world.

Their owner is anonymous and no information about any of the traders is revealed.

They offer 4 different investment opportunities and leave the choice up to you!

You can choose to invest in only one of these assets or more than one.

Each time you purchase a position or place in a particular asset it is called a “share”.

Merchant Shares Investment Assets?

There are four options available for you to invest with: Web Ads, Forex, Commodities, and Stocks

After you open and account and log in, you will have the ability to fund your payment processor of choice and choose which asset you’d like to open an investment with (shares). Check out the!

Each investment share has a low cost of $20 and expires when it has reached 150% of the original cost.

Merchant Shares Daily Earning?

As we mentioned above, each share you purchase will expire when it has earned 150% ROI (return on investment).

This money will be sent directly to your wallet inside your Merchant Shares account. On trading days this earning will range between .25%-2.25%.

On weekends (non-trading days) this earning is fixed at .25%.



It’s unclear why you receive any money at all on the weekends. Obviously, NO trading is occurring on the weekends as they are “non-trading days” when the market is closed.

Merchant Shares website tells us that some of the income saved during the weekdays is then dispersed to investors during the weekend.

Is Merchant Shares a HYIP?

HYIPs or high yield investment programs are notoriously bad investment plans. Most of them are outright scams at the worst and at the least they just don’t work and collapse!

Merchant Shares is a HYIP in a modest sense. While their daily returns are set rather low they do expire at 150%, which is rather high. Another HYIP we exposed recently is

It’s not the most scandalous HYIP we’ve ever seen but we do categorize it as one.

The Merchant Shares website claims they are NOT a HYIP because they have low ROI.

We’ll leave that up to you to figure out, but our opinion is that they do fall into the category of HYIP.

At the end of the day, you are still depending on your investment winning each and every time in order to give you a profit. This is never guaranteed.

Is Merchant Shares a Ponzi?

We’d like to point out that you begin earning on your investment the day you deposit.

This entails that your earnings are coming from investments that have already matured, which means they are coming from other people’s money.

This is a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. The deposits of the later investors pay the earnings of the early investors.

The idea is that this money is then made back by the successful trading, which is always a scary place to place your trust!

Is Merchant Shares Safe?

So far it seems the Merchant Shares HYIP is doing moderately better than we expected.

We ultimately believe that since this is a Ponzi, you are taking a risk by signing up. Another recent Ponzi we exposed was

When investigating new offers we often open an account to test the system, but in this case we decided against it.

It is possible that in the future we might sign up, but at this time we don’t feel comfortable in doing so.

Merchant Shares Facebook?


There are several ways you can keep track of Merchant Shares through social media.

They have a twitter page, a google+, a facebook group, and a facebook page.

We recommend joining one of more of these before making any investments. Getting an inside look at what other members have to say will help a lot in keeping things transparent!

Is Merchant Shares a Scam?

It is too early to make a permanent decision regarding Merchant Shares.

We believe there are both good and bad things about this new program.

We aren’t personally joining it as we believe there are better options with a safer path.

If you have any experiences with this program, please message us and let us know how it’s working for you.

Merchant Shares is NOT a scam YET, but possible might turn into one in the near future.

Proceed with Caution and remember….

Never invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Better Ways of Earning Online?

We personally work with a few amazing programs online to make extra money.

Our favorite system is My Paying Ads, which is legit and long lasting!

Another great trading system to check out is a regulated forex broker, Tradeo!

Happy Earning ya’ll!

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  • Jo Gregory

    Hi, I’ve had money with Merchant Shares for almost 12 months now and it hasn’t missed a beat. I’ve withdrawn my seed money so everything now is pure profit, and each one was instant. There have been a couple of downtimes due to maintenance on the site, etc but each time it has come back as promised and no interest was missed. I still agree that you should never invest anything you can’t afford to lose, but this one has proven itself to me to be as reliable as these online programs get. Very happy customer indeed!

    • Mone’t P. Moody

      Hello, are you still an investor with Merchant Shares? I’m thinking of investing…

      • Jo Gregory

        Hi, yes I am still with Merchant Shares. It has just gone through some major changes and things are still being ironed out. I am confident all will be well eventually as I have never had any problems with them in the past, but I do think there are a few teething problems to overcome in the short-term. Personally, I would suggest waiting a wee while before taking the plunge if you decide to do so. Happy to keep you updated =)

        • Eren Rodriguez

          Hi! I want to start to invest small amounts of money ($100) per month. Is Merchant Shares right for me at this point of time or do they have still challenges? 🙂

          • I don’t trust Merchant Shares. We have had too many people message and say they lost money.

          • Jo Gregory

            At this stage there are still alot of problems, withdrawal limits being the major issue. I have received both my withdrawals instantly however the limits are very restrictive – $25 every 48 hours!!! Sadly I think it will be some time before this comes right if they can even manage to do so. Alot of unhappy members 🙁

  • did anyone invest in forex heart?

  • G.M. Shuvo

    Merchant Shares is a Scam!. Thank you for exposing them! I withdraw money but got it pending. when I asked for my money an support agent “Denish” told me that he don’t know when I get my payment. Even they stopped my invest without inform me. for that reason I got nothing. Please do not invest in this site.

  • Hi everybody.
    I am a member of MS since 2015 but today I do not invest here !!
    No payment.

  • Pieter Streicher

    Merchant Shares is a big scam!! Watch out. I bought 2 ad packs in Jan 2017. watch my ads everyday and Sept 2017 when I was suppose to withdraw my profit my account was suddenly suspended. I raised a ticket at support and for 2 months no reply, they just close the ticked without replying. Still struggling, got a message this morning I must continue watching ads without any profit as they will decide in 2018 when or if they will pay back the profit. If you have ever seen scammers, this is it

  • Pieter Streicher

    I have reported Merchant Shares to the FBI internet Fraud section and the IC3. According to the spokesperson, they have already received hundreds of complains about Merchant Shares. Their reply was basically: It is out of their jurisdiction and can not do much. They don’t investigate complains under $5000. But it is not all lost. She said the more complains they received the bigger the change that it will catch the eye of the investigators. She encourage all that have been scammed by Merchant Shares to loge a complain. Please if you have been scammed by Merchant shares lodge a complain and report them to the IC3