Megabitchain Review – Another Ponzi Scam Exposed

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Megabitchain Review

Megabitchain Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI ranging between 7%-16% daily for time periods that range between 100-300 days. The site tells us that they are a legally registered company located in the UK. They are comprised of a group of professional Wall Street traders that got together to trade cryptocurrency.

Megabitchain scam wants YOUR money in exchange for their trading expertise. They claim that after a certain amount of days, your money will be returned to you with massive profits. All of this extra money is supposedly from cryptocurrency trading, which they claim to be experts at.

Is any of this true or are these earnings too good to be true? Let’s take a closer examination at every fact presented on the Megabitchain scam site, and the truth will be revealed.

Megabithchain Scam Facts

Before you join any HYIP or online trading program, you need to investigate the site to make sure it’s legitimate and paying. If you join a HYIP with your eyes closed you only have yourself to blame when you lose. The internet is full of dishonest review blogs that will tell you a site is Paying even if it’s not because they are taking payments from the site!

Below you will find the main reasons why we believe Megabitfchain is a scam.

1. Megabitchain scam is self-described as a cryptocurrency trading business that is operated by a team of professional traders.

We researched this claim and have determined this to be a lie. There is NO evidence to show that anyone associated with scam is trading or owns a trading business. Whenever we see such a claim we first look for which regulated crypto broker the site is working with. scam is not working with any regulated or unregulated brokers in the crypto field. This means that if they are trading, they aren’t using their business name. When we contacted our favorite cryptocurrency brokers, they all assured us that they have never heard of this site and do not believe it is a real trading enterprise.

2. HYIP scam wants you to believe that they are located at 88 Lombard Road in London.

Another lie! We called this location and were told that no business with this name is registered in that building. So why would a “real trading company” use a fake address in the UK?

We have seen many prominent viral HYIP scams lie about their location recently. In order to appear to be a legitimate business, they find a random office address in the UK and post in on their site as “proof” that they are real. This is always a lie. The admin is counting on the fact that you will not research it. Don’t fall into this lie. Scam Continues

The lies didn’t stop at the fake trading claims and random fake address. There are more alarming facts, and the deeper we dig the shadier this site becomes.

1. Who is the owner and admin of Megabitchain scam?

The registration lists Miles Peralta as the owner of this site. We tried to dig up some information on this person and were only able to determine that this is most likely an Asian name, either Chinese or Phillipino. We could find nothing connecting Miles Peralta to Megabitchain trading with any broker.

It is our belief that this person is a fake name to hide the real owner behind. This is typically done to avoid capture if the police are contacted regarding stolen funds.

2. Is Megabitchain HYIP scam regulated or insured to protect your funds?

You will notice that the site proudly proclaims that you are GUARANTEED to earn money from your deposit. This is 100% a lie. No site can guarantee you earnings. Crypto trading is an especially high risk and will inevitably involve some losses as well.

The site itself is not insured and is not regulated. This means that when your money is stolen or lost, you will NOT be able to get it back. Please note: there are scam artists online that will contact you after you lose your money and claim they can get it back for you, if only you pay them. Don’t trust these liars. They can’t get your money back but they will steal the money you send them as well!

The Ponzi Scam Exposed

The site provides zero proof of trading. A real trading site will offer you trading reports that show their gains and losses over the last few months. If they were as professional as they claim, this should be an easy thing to achieve.

But please note: Megabitchain scam has NOT released any trading reports to show their earnings and losses. This is because they aren’t really trading! So how are they paying? is a Ponzi scam. They use the money from new investors to pay the older withdrawal requests. This method is illegal due to the fact that they are lying to their customers and how the money is generated. In order to increase trust and gain new members, they will keep paying small amounts to their top affiliates to garner positive public reviews.

Is Megabitchain Paying?

As of the publication date of this review, Megabitchain is paying small withdrawals. However, we have not found a single person that has taken a large amount. What we have found are people lying and photoshopping withdrawals on Facebook in order to get people to sign up with their referral link. Don’t fall for this scam.

Remember, the rule with ALL HYIPs is this: If they pay today, they might not pay tomorrow. Do not be surprised if a site that was previously paying suddenly stops paying. As all things go, they will eventually stop paying without alerting their investors. The owner will then steal the remaining funds and open a new HYIP site and start the scam all over again.

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Is a Scam?

The evidence is clear. is a scam that should NOT be trusted. As always, the choice remains yours, but we advise you NOT to join this site.

If you need investment help, please send us a message!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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