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Maximus Profits Scam Review. We expose this connection below in the hopes of stopping these nasty scammers from stealing any additional money. It is pertinent that you read this entire review to protect yourself from this scam and to see the pattern that forms from one scam to the next. Please check with us before investing with any online financial system. If you have already been taken victim by the Maximus Profits scam, please contact us for information regarding how to get your money back. In the meantime, be sure to stay away from another viral scam, Online Wealth Markets!

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Maximus Profits Scam

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DESCRIPTION: The Maximus Profits auto trader software and APP are directly connected to another viral scam that wreaked havoc a few months ago….

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Who is George Maximus and did he really turn 12 people into millionaires?

Maximus Profits Scam

George Maximus is the self-proclaimed CEO and creator of Maximus Profits. He claims to have turned 12 regular people into millionaires just last month. This is a bit problematic for a few reasons well will explain here. Firstly, the Maximus Profits website has only been up and running for a little over one week. This means it was impossible for anyone to sign up with Maximus Profits before a week ago. This completely disproves the claim that 12 people made a million dollars last month. Secondly, and more importantly, George Maximus has previously worked with another proven scam under a different name. Check out the Cloud Trader scam that we wrote about a few months ago and you’ll see that the same exact man was going by the name of Matthew Shepherd. Neither of these personas are real. The man pretending to be Matthew Shepherd and George Maximus is nothing but a cheap actor paid to lie for the scammers who created these deceptive auto traders. Read about another viral scam we wrote about SEE HERE.

George Maximus is not a real person. He is an actor and partner in at least two scams so far, and probably more that we are unaware of. He is responsible for scamming thousands of new traders into losing their money with binary options auto trading scams.

Nobody in the industry knows his true identity and he’d better hope for his sake that nobody does. He’s stacking up quite a bit of very angry people behind him. Keep in mind that 99% of auto trader scams feature actors to hide and obscure the true identity of the scam artists that are profiting off of these scams. The real evil lies with them but this actor is still responsible for joining his name and face to it. The Cambridge Method should also be avoided for similar reasons!

Are the pictures showcasing millions of dollars of earnings real?

Throughout the promotional video with the fake George Maximus, about 30 pictures are flashed across the screen showing millions of dollars worth of earnings. It is important to note that none of these photos is real. They are all fake. Please know that it is incredibly easy to photoshop such account statements. In fact, it can be simply done in under five minutes. This is a standard scam technique. We here at Binary Scam Watch Monitor have been working steadily in binary options and forex for several years now. Trust us when we say, we have never met anyone nor heard of anyone who made a million dollars trading in one month or even in a few months. This isn’t possible. There is a very good reason rich people on the stock market are making millions of dollars trading. It is because they have invested millions of dollars. Remember, you can only make what you are willing to risk. If you start a trading account with $250, you can expect to increase your account a few hundred dollars a week. This is reasonable. Please stay far away from this scam READ HERE.
It is factually impossible to start a trading account with $250 and grow it by thousands and thousands each week, even a day! This is truly unreal. Yet, this is precisely what auto trader scams claim. Please use common sense. If something sounds to be good to be true, it is. The best way to make extra money trading is to have realistic expectations and choose a trading system that is legitimate. Any auto trading system that starts with as many lies as this one does is not a good choice. We have also exposed the Brooks Blueprints scam as well.

Is Maximus Profits the only auto trader that never loses?

Another ridiculous claim we saw in the video is that Maximus Profits does not lose a trade. For anyone not familiar with binary options, this is literally impossible. Nobody in the history of trading has never lost a trade unless they never started trading in the first place. Once you begin actively trading in binary options you can and should expect to lose trades. If you don’t have an intelligent financial strategy for handling these losses, you will lose all of your money rather quickly.

There is no signal provider or auto trader that  never loses. Maximus Profits has told an outright lie here. “George Maximus” rambles on and on about their top secret algorithm and trading secrets that ensure you never lose. We have already exposed this liar for the fraud that he is. He made the same claim with his previous scam Cloud Trader, which also lose hundreds of the thousands of dollars for its investors. This scam is no different. To view the actor and scammer making these erroneous claims, view the video below.

Making a wise investment choice is just too hard?

It’s not joke. Trading in binary options and forex should not be taken lightly. This is not a game. You are trading with real money and you if you play your cards the right way, you could make a great return on your investment. However, if you trust the wrong service or become an emotional trader, you will lose your money over and over again, until you learn your lesson. The first thing you need to remember is to never trust any signal provider or auto trader without researching it first. Not all blogs are honest. Be sure to read a few different blog posts before making a choice. Try to find real reviews. If you can’t find a good review about something, please message us for information, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions! Avoid the scam we investigated READ HERE.

We recommend a select few signal providers and auto traders. You can view our preferred selection HERE. Our best system to date is Tradeo, a regulated forex broker. Please read about that and message us with any questions or concerns you have.

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