Mavwealth Scam Exposed and Destroyed

Hello! In the following Mavwealth review, we will expose this nasty fraudulent online business for the shameful thieves they are! If you have been tricked into signing up, please contact us immediately for advice on how to reclaim your money.

We have seen a large influx of online money making scams. This is because this industry is very loosely regulated and it is rather simple for scam artists to create a website and accept payments. Once word gets out that their business is a scam, they simply close it down and reopen it under a different name.

In order to protect yourself against these types of money pits, please always investigate any investment opportunity before depositing money you might never see again! We are always available to answer your questions and help you steer clear of such things! If you have already fallen victim to a scam, we need your input! We write reviews daily and any information you have to share with us is vital!

Let’s take a closer look at Mavwealth and see why it fails to deliver!

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What is Mavwealth? Our Mavwealth Review!

Mavwealth is a “reverse auction” money making scheme that allows you to place low bids on incredibly valuable assets in the hopes of winning. Once you become a member, you will have access to multiple auctions all occurring in and around the same time frame. These auctions include money amounts in popular payment processors, such as Paypal, Skrill, and Payza.

The owners are unknown and that’s not an accident. Any respectable, legitimate online business normally has a “meet the CEO” page, where potential customers can learn about who owns the business. In the case of Mavwealth, that information is obsolete and does not exist.

Any business that refuses to reveal the identity of their creator should NOT be trusted! If a business is truly legitimate and successful, the people behind it have nothing to fear. The fact that Mavwealth has chosen to hide this important information is a red flag and one of the reasons it has been marked as a scam!

What is a Reverse Auction?

In a typical auction, the person who bids the highest amount at the end of the bidding will win that item. A reverse auction works in the opposite way. Whoever bids the lowest amount at the end of the timed auction will win the item.

Reverse auctions are used when attempting to negotiate a business contract between contractor offering a service, and several potential buyers. It has NEVER been used to intended to have been used when selling money inside of payment processors.

How Does Mavwealth Work?

After becoming a member, you will be instructed to load money into your “bidding account”. The lowest amount to start with is $50. After you have loaded this money you are now eligible to place bids in reverse auctions.

A few examples of such auctions include the offering of $3000 on Skrill with a bid price around $0.50 OR $500 on Paypal with a bid price of $1.50.

In fact, all of the current auctions we have been observing are of large sums of money in various processors being sold for incredibly low amounts. Does this sound too good to be true yet??

The fact that Mavwealth wants us to believe that Paypal, Skrill, or Payeer is giving away free money for the price of pennies is not only bizarre, it’s outright insane!

Does Mavwealth Work?

Mavwealth has been in operation for the last several months. During that time we have been emailed by several people who placed bids but never actually won any of the auctions they bid on.

We opened an account of our own and started with $100 to see how their platform operates. We noticed a few important things!

1. We placed a low bid of $1 on $3000 worth of Payza money. As soon as our bid was accepted we were informed that we have the “lowest and most unique bid”, which means we were winning our auction.

2. About 10 min. into the auction, we noticed that our $1 bid was now marked as “not unique” which means someone else had also bid $1. We were no longer winning the auction.

3. We then took out a bid of $70 on the same $3000 Payza auction and were immediately informed that we had the “lowest and most unique bid”. This is literally impossible! We had already bid $1 on the same auction, so how could a $70 bid be winning a “reverse auction”?

Mavwealth DOES NOT work. 

Has Anyone Made Money with Mavwealth?

In our search for user experiences, we turned up several people claiming to have made money with Mavwealth. We investigated the identity of each one of these people and discovered that they are all actors who make false reviews. You can find them working with Fiverr, an online acting website.

For example, take a look at the blonde woman below. You can find her acting profile HERE.

Mavwealth Review

Here is another supposed success story, find him HERE telling you how easy it is for him to give false reviews.


There are NO records of anyone making real money with this bogus company. The entire business model is one that can’t possibly work! Where does any of this payment processor cash even come from?

Can I Win Money with Mavwealth?

One of the biggest problems that presents itself with Mavwealth is that they offer no explanation of where the payment processor money they offer for auction comes from. This is actually a huge “plot hole” and a serious flaw with the Mavwealth scam.

There is no reasonable way to believe that this payment processor money would be sold for as little as one or two dollars. It defies common sense. Yet still, thousands of people have taken the bait and invested money with this disgusting sham. The only real money to be made here is by using your referral link to swindle your social media friends out of their investment.

You most likely heard about Mavwealth from a friend or business associate. The reason for this is that they will get a commission payment if you sign up under their referral link. Nobody is actually making money through by winning auctions. Money only comes when you get paid as your friends and family sign up with your link. Do not trust anyone who is trying to convince you this system is real!

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Is Mavwealth a Scam?

The following RED FLAGS are present in the Mavwealth scam.

1. The owner is anonymous and does not reveal their identity. This can only mean they have something to fear if they are exposed.

2. All of the people who claim to have made money with Mavwealth are actors from Fiverr. They are lying for money!

3. The business model of offering high dollar amounts to the person with the lowest bid does not make sense. They refuse to offer any explanation for where they get the money they are auctioning off.

4. Nobody has made won an auction or withdrawn any of their winnings. Several of our readers fell victim to the Mavwealth fraud and we are currently helping them get their money back!

Mavwealth is a SCAM!
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