Lucrosa Software Scam – Full Review targeting The Lucrosa Software and its CEO!

Lucrosa Scam Review. For the past two days, we have been flooded with emails concerning the new Lucrosa auto trading software. We quickly discovered that the man behind Lucrosa is a self-proclaimed online trading guru. We dug a bit deeper and uncovered the reality which is not as happy as this scam offer would have you believe. We make it our mission to warn our readers about all the newest and hottest binary options auto traders. Some of them pass our test and end up in our acclaimed trusted signals section. However, most binary options Scams do not pass and end up blacklisted. We are very picky who we support and this newest offering is one you’ll want to avoid at all costs. Binary Option scams are so many to the point that we have dedicated an entire scam list for it.

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DESCRIPTION: For the past two days, we have been flooded with emails concerning the new Lucrosa auto trading software. We quickly discovered that the man behind Lucrosa is a self-proclaimed online trading guru…

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Lucrosa Software Scam

Once upon a time a man named John Lucrosa collaborated with a few of his business friends to create a miraculous piece of software which can make you over one hundred thousand dollars a month, starting your first month! Too bad that’s not all there is to the story. Not all is as it seems and this phony and scammy Lucrosa software just fell head first into our scam list. In our comprehensive review below, you will see all the dirty evidence we dug up when we put John Lucrosa and his Lucrosa auto trader to the test. Be sure to message us immediately if you have already fallen victim to this scam, because it’s not too late to get your money back! Read and share this review in order to put a stop to this fraud auto trader. In the meantime be sure to check back with us daily for new scam warnings! The newest and most viral is Gemini 2 Scam.

Who is John Lucrosa and is he to be trusted?

John Lucrosa weaves a clever story for us, one that starts and ends with a lie. First off, John Lucrosa does not exist and never has. The man you see on the promotional video is an actor and this is stated in the “Privacy Policy” accessible on the website. In the screen shot below we have captured the disclaimer stating that, “The Lucrosa promotional video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the Lucrosa 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.” In short, this statement is making it overly clear that John Lucrosa and all of the beta testers included in the video are actors. Going further, this statement states that the entire promotional video is only for entertainment purposes and should not be used as evidence of past or future successful trading. Stay far away from the Zero Loss Formula as well!



This one statement alone should be enough evidence for anyone reading this post to know for a fact that this entire auto trader is a fake. Literally, every single word in the entire video is a lie for the sake of your entertainment. However, we are pretty sure that the creators of this “entertainment video” are not merely trying to keep you entertained. They want you to sign up and deposit your money without reading their privacy disclaimer. By the time your money is gone it will be too late, but you will not have any ability to call foul because you signed up without reading their disclaimer. This is a common scam technique we see over and over again.The Conservative Investor scam also admitted in their disclaimer that their video was fake and used actors, but that didn’t stop thousands of people from signing up and losing their money.The Opus Formula has stolen thousands of dollars, beware!

Can the Lucrosa software make me 7k a day for life?

No. A fake auto trading software can’t make you a single penny. Once you sign up with this auto trader, they will instantly connect you with a shady and unregulated broker. This broker will demand that you deposit a minimum of $250 in order to start trading. You’ll be lucky if he doesn’t bully you to deposit even more than $250. Some account managers will belittle you and demean you in order to get more of your money in the initial set up process. This is very common. They will falsely tell you that if you don’t start with $500 or $1000 you won’t succeed and will lose all your money. Be sure of one thing. You WILL lose all of your investment whether it be $250 or $2,500. Millionaire Reborn is also using this same lie.

“7 thousand dollars, today, tomorrow and for life!” False.

The reason why you will lose this money is because the signal software is a creation of none other than the same unregulated broker you have been joined with. This is how the scam works. Firstly, a shady broker who is just out for fast profits designs an auto trader destined to lose 85% of its trades. The broker then creates a promotional video with actors, a fake back story, and most importantly a fake business name. Once people sign up with this fake binary options business, they are forced to sign up with the same unregulated broker that created it. After trading starts, it’s only a few days until the investment is lost and pocketed straight into the broker’s greedy hands. This is called the broker scam network. It can go much deeper than what we just described and over the next few weeks, we’ll be exposing it in greater detail.

What is the best alternative to Lucrosa software?

We are currently supporting the trading platform by a top notch, regulated forex broker. You can read our review of their trading services at Social Trading with Tradeo. They offer a wide plethora of choices and customizations for your personal account and have many professional traders available to copy and chat with. A lesser known but extremely successful way of making money online is My Paying Ads. We are currently making over 1k a week just by clicking 10 ads a day. This is the very definition of low risk and simple!

Did beta testers really make money with Lucrosa?

The privacy policy states that the traders featured in the promotional video are actors, but what about the traders pictured on the website itself? We did a few searches into the backgrounds and identities of the “successful traders” pictured. It didn’t take long to find out that they are all pictures stolen off the internet. These are not stock photos, they are real people who have had their private pictures stolen and their names changed without their permission. This is a crime and the entire website is guilty of copyright violations and multiple other criminal acts. The man featured below is a German citizen whose photo was stolen off of THIS website. This is just one example of the deception and lack of respect the Lucrosa broker scam has for the law and for you.



How can you keep yourself from getting scammed?

As a new trader reading this, you should be fully aware that there are many such scams being marketed to new traders daily. This broker scam industry is quite aggressive when it comes to targeting vulnerable and unsuspecting individuals who need extra money. They buy and share email addresses with each other, which is probably how you came to hear about them. If you are on their list, they will continue selling their cheap scams to you in hopes that one of them might actually stick and convince you it’s real. Be on the lookout for future scam offers and please check with us before signing up with any of them. We are more than happy to do a check on any signal software or signal service you are interested in.

You need to make it Lucrosa Review Summary and Conclusions

The Lucrosa software (AKA Lucrosa Incorporated) is a SCAM. Our review has provided all the relevant facts in detail so don’t say we didn’t warn you about this bogus app. Please use extreme caution if and when being approached or contacted by anyone in regards to the Lucrosa App, and don’t deposit. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you searched the internet in the hoped of finding a legit auto-trader, you will be utterly disappointed. Please spread the word by sharing our Lucrosa Review on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Thank you for reading our review.


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