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Stop whatever you were doing and read our full and complete Review before you lose any of your hard earned Bitcoin to this nasty scam! We have all the information you are looking for, including whether this site is even legal! If you still have any doubts or questions after reading our review, please contact us for help!

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 2%-4% daily and weekly to monthly expiration times. The program claims that they are lending BTC to various individuals and businesses, and collecting the interest earned as profit. They then claim to share this interest with you, in return for your loan or investment into the HYIP.

We have conducted a careful review of Loanbit scam and we believe they are NOT actually loaning BTC to anyone at all. We firmly believe that they are nothing but a Ponzi scheme that uses recycled money to pay new investors.

Is Loanbit Scam Legal and Regulated? HYIP scam is NOT regulated. They have a business registration located out of Austrailia, but this registration is easily purchased online by anyone. The business certificate that they hold is NOT a proof of a working or regulated business. It only stands for tax purposes.

What does this mean for you? Since Loanbit scam is NOT regulated, they are completely acting as free agents without any checks and balances. This means that no financial authority is monitoring them to make sure they pay investors.

Most HYIPs are not regulated because they are actually not who they claim to be. Most HYIPs are actually Ponzi scams. They invent a fake story of how they claim to be earning money. This fake story attracts online investors and manipulates them into depositing money into what they think is a legal and legitimate business venture.

Loanbit Ponzi Scam Exposed

Many of you might be wondering how we are so sure that Loanbit is a Ponzi scam. Let’s examine the facts!

1. Loanbit does not offer any proof of any of their borrowers. We searched for legal documents that proved who they were lending money to and at what interest rate they were collecting the debt. We could find nothing.

Remember, Ponzi claims that they are lending to small business owners. However, they have not shown this to be true. Don’t believe something just because a fancy website claims it to be true. You should always ask for proof!

2. We have evidence that shows that scam IS paying first-time investors. However, we also have evidence that these same investors are later denied their withdrawal and asked to re-deposit to activate their account. This is a typical scam tactic.

If this has happened to you, DO NOT give them more of your money. They will never pay you back. They have proven that they don’t care about the law (no regulations) and have not offered any proof that they are lending money to any small business owners.

So how are they paying? In a Ponzi scheme, the money from the new investors is given to the older investors when they request a withdrawal. This continues on and on until the program stops attracting new money. The object is to always pay first-time withdrawals so that the investors are tricked into trusting the company and then deposit a larger sum of money.

In a Ponzi scheme, the money eventually dries up, especially considering the large cut the owner is hiding aside for his own wallet.

Who owns and manages Scam?

Another problematic feature of the HYIP scam is that they do not reveal the name of their owner. Why would a legitimate and proud business owner be scared to tell his name on his own website? There is only one reason to hide your name from your investors.

Furthermore, why should YOU trust a site that doesn’t even tell you the name of their owner? They want you to trust them enough to deposit money into the website, yet they don’t trust you enough to tell you their name? Does that seem legitimate?

We recommend never joining any site that does not have a transparent relationship with you. You deserve honesty and transparency! Scam: More Red Flags!

On top of all of the signs of a scam that we showed above there are several other alarming red flags that should make anyone think twice before signing up.

1. Fake security stickers. is NOT a safe website although the fake McAffe sticker attempts to trick you into believing they are. If you have put your financial information into this site, you are at risk. Please contact us for advice!

2. Numerous broken or fake links. You might have noticed that at the bottom of the scam page is a collection of social media stickers, such as Skype. When you click on these links, you are simply redirected back to the main homepage of Loanbit scam. When a site has fake social media and chat apps, you can be sure they are nothing but a malicious scam who do NOT want to talk to their customers!

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Is a Scam?

After explaining why and how this viral HYIP is stealing from you, it is clear that is a scam that should be avoided at all costs. Do not become one of their newest victims. You can make money with legitimate and regulated websites so please don’t continue to throw it away on HYIP scam!

If you need investment advice or help getting your money back from a scam, please send us an email ASAP!

Stay safe online and as always…

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