Lie Detector Millionaire Scam Review

Lie Detector Millionaire is a scam that fails in so many ways that we review the top 5 facts that proof it is nothing more than a binary system hoax. Starting with its fake spokes person, Daniel Wilkins, with no presence on the web despite his riches and flashy sport cars.

First let’s take a look on the famous Daniel Wilkins and his supreme LDM software.

Who is Daniel Wilkins and his link with Lie Detector Millionaire

Daniel Wilkins is presented as the Lie Detector Millionaire spokesmen, a wealthy business man that doesn´t really exist. We first see  Daniel Wilkins being strapped up to a lie detector machine, in a dark and seedy room, with an equally creepy guy asking him questions with about as much skill as a bad actor on a 70’s crime television show.

Daniel Wilkins goes into a lengthy monologue about how he doesn’t want to be like all the other scammers and greedy millionaires. He attempts to convince us that his “cheating and lying past as a internet scammer” is over, and now is starting this new honest business, where you can “totally trust him this time”.

Sure thing, Daniel Wilkins! Accept that’s not your real name, is it?

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

The Daniel Wilkins Scam

Daniel Wilkins is a fake name and the man who portrays him is nothing but an actor. That’s the sad truth behind the mask.

We searched for Daniel Wilkins, because we like to speak to the CEO’s before writing a review. But there was no method of contacting him or speaking to him, not an email or phone number.

So we decided to Google his name and found several profiles, none of which are related to financial rich person who succeeded with the best binary options auto trading software till date.

These are the true Daniel Wilkins:

10 Daniel Wilkins in LinkedIn – Aside from the above mentioned we can find several Wilkin’s of the same name and none are related to trading binary options, a free binary options trading system or the Lie Detector Millionaire app.

We can find dozens of Daniel Wilkins, actors, sales men… but none is our super millionaire. How can someone so successful that invented a trading system so perfect doesn´t even have social profiles or news headlines? Because he doesn´t exist.

We will go as far as to say the LDM software scam is a poor one, the scammers behind this  do not even have the budget to create a spokes person on the web in an age where everyone is a social profile hacker and will attempt to look you up for social proof.

Who is Trader X?

Trader X is presented by Daniel Wilkins as the true master mind behind the Lie Detector Millionaire software, a binary options pro.

Trader X, a nickname to hide his true identity because for some reason he wants to remain anonymous… how convenient.

That’s really cute, but we’re not amused. Trader X made the world’s first binary options auto trader that actually works, that’s why he’s too afraid to use his real name, right?

Trader X needs to sit down and take our lie detector test, because we are 100% sure he will fail. The only thing the Lie Detector Millionaire scam is good at is “smoke and mirrors”.

The LDM scam promo video flashes around fancy cars and mansions, all in an attempt to convince us that what we’re seeing is real. But nothing is more laughable than the fake photoshopped bank statements and stock models found on google.

How can I know if Lie Detector Millionaire software works?

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam

5 Facts Why Lie Detector Millionaire is a Scam

  1. Beth, Paul and all the other successful customer of the LDM binary system are all stock models found on Google images.

*include a screen shot of the stock photos if you can find them, I couldn´t

  1. The system claims to have never lost a trade in months, while users that fell for it claim to have lost most of their trades before pausing the software.

User Review: “I lost my initial investment of $250 in one single day! Just losing trades, not a single win, this has to be the worst binary option software in the planet! Stay away from this scam!”

  1. The scheme is similar to other trading scams like Elite Millionaire Society Scam, Millionaires Blueprint Scam, The Millionaire Bot Scam and The Milionaires Maker Scam.
  1. Photoshopped checks and account balance statements. This one is easy to figure out, as you any trader understands, the money you make trading does not come from the software system, it comes from the broker. These checks are all about as real as Santa Clause. Let’s put away the children’s fairy tales, and live in reality, shall we?
  1. LDM software scam cannot generate $12,000 an hour. No software can do this. If you’ve read any of our past articles, you already understand this concept. The most you can hope to make from a software systems is around $100 a day, at the most. Anything higher than that, and you are being lied to.

Lie Detector Millionaire hoax is a filthy and disgusting scam. The production team behind this scam has invested a hefty amount of money into making it look as believable and legit as possible. This means they will make quite a bit of money off of their worthless product. The better the production, the more money they will make. Don’t be one of their victims! Take charge of your trading career. What Lie Detector Millionaire scam will do is steal your investment and leave you jaded and angry. We have been victims of such scams in the past. Please take our advice. In recent months we have exposed numerous “millionaire scams” such as the following! Please check these scams out as well to protect yourself.

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Conclusion: Lie Detector Millionaire is a SCAM!!

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