Lexington Code Scam – The Only Review Exposing This Fake SCAM!

The Lexington Code Scam is a malicious and devious fraud that is stealing money straight out of your pocket with lies and deceit! Read our complete Lexington Code review to see our results after using this software and talking to our readers that LOST all their money! This is a very important announcement considering most of the binary options review blogs are claiming this actually works. It DOES NOT work!

We have already been contacted by scores of angry day traders who were duped into using this piece of garbage. Please post your own experiences in the comments section and contact us for advice on how to get your money back. Lexington Code is a fancy and elaborate scheme that is directly related to another nasty scam, Lucrosa! Keep reading to see our full exposure.

Official Website: http://lexingtoncode.com/

Lexington Code Scam

Lexington Code Connection With Global Scams

Perhaps the largest mistake that these stupid scammers made was to direct customer support emails from Lexington Code directly to their support team at Lucrosa. You can see this yourself by clicking on the “contact us” button at the bottom of the home page. It will direct you to email “mailto:[email protected]”. We are fully expecting the admin of this scam to fix their accidental admission after reading our review, so check fast before it’s gone!

If you haven’t read our full expose on Lucrosa scam, please do. It has been rightfully blacklisted by 99% of the trusted blogs. It has dishonest owners and lies and manipulations spread out all over the place. But the scariest thing about this scam is the fact that they literally stole 65 thousand dollars from new day traders by collecting affiliate commissions from several unregulated brokers.

And they are BACK! The same scam artist team who created the trashy Lucrosa is operating Lexington Code! The proof is clear to see in the email customer support contact form. But that’s not even the biggest problem with this scam. If you had a hope of actually talking to a real person through their customer support email GOOD LUCK. They do not respond to any technical issues after you sign up! They will be nice until they have secured your deposit, at which point they will disappear and stop replying to your questions!

Evidence of Live Trades: Certified Trades?

Lexington Code claims that they have certified their live trade results with attorneys and legal institutions. First of all, this is a bogus trumped up claim that has no basis in reality. There is NO legal institution that regulates or verifies live trading results in binary options! Zip nada NOPE! Let us repeat that.

There is NO trading authority that verifies live trading results with regulated OR unregulated brokers.

Additionally, we have caught Lexington Code telling a big fat whopper of a lie. On their sign up page, they post some of these so-called “verified trades”. If you simply view the source code of the web page you will find that these results were actually inputted into their website weeks ago, before they were even live trades! Why is this?

Simple! When designing a web page, your developer can create a “live trading” section that appears VERY real but, are in fact,  bogus signals that appear updated and winning. These are NOT real signals. They are just random numbers and expiration times that never actually occurred on any broker. This is SUPER easy to do and does not require a genius web designer. This is simply about writing code.

Take a look at this blank page below just waiting for signals!
Lexington Code Is a fake scam

You can also view their fake live results app here :- https://lexingtoncode.com/results_profits4.php?start=450

Who is Michael Lexington?

Michael Lexington is nothing but an actor that has been known to work with other scams in the past. He works with a private acting agency based in the UK. The important thing to understand here is that there is no such person as Michael Lexington. He is as fake as his “winning” trading results. The entire movie production is nothing but a sham filmed in a production studio in the UK. The actor behind this scam is known to us but we cannot reveal his name due to privacy agreements. His agency can take legal action against websites that “defame” his character.

  Lexington Code Review

To be honest, he is nothing but an actor simply doing the job he was paid to do. He’s not the real criminal here… Our problem is not with him. The real evil mastermind of this scam is simply an affiliate marketing expert who has created numerous other binary options scams in partnership with unregulated brokers. Don’t be fooled by this!

There is a reason that honest and transparent brokers won’t work with this trash! You will never see a leading industry giant like 24 Option or Nadex working with scum like the Lexington Code.

Real Personal Trading Results Exposed!

As a special request to our readers, we signed up with Lexington Code through our own affiliation link, so as not to lose our own money. As a private blog review site, we are given special access to testing these binary options software without a financial loss. After signing up we deposited the required $250. Within two and a half days our entire balance was gone. More than that, we began to receive threatening and manipulative phone calls from the greedy brokers demanding we deposit MORE money.

When we told them who we were, they hung up the phone out of embarrassment. Honestly, we have been through this before, but we are sick and tired of it. Lexington Code is trash.

In the last 4 days alone we have had an intake of over 30 emails from our readers who lost their entire deposit after trying Lexington Code. Be warned!

Investing in a Regulated Trading System?

We are asked over and over, “Is there a system that is actually trustworthy?” The answer is yes! However, we always remind people that there is always a risk with making money online! Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose! If you are interested in working with a legitimate system, please check out our Tradeo Broker review.

We also support a fabulous rev share, My Paying Ads. Check that out as well and email us with any questions!

Lexington Code Scam & Conclusion

The following fact speak for themselves. Lexington Code is a SCAM and should be shut down as quickly as possible!

1. Michael Lexington does NOT exist. He is simply a paid actor based in the UK.

2. Lexington Code was created by the same scam team behind Lucrosa software! Their email support is the SAME!

3. Live trading results are FAKE and manufactured by writing source code for the website.

4. Our own user experience proved that we lost our $250 within 2 days!

If you still have doubts, please do NOT trust the review sites that are supporting this. They are lying to you and this will be made clear with time.
Post your own experience in the comments below and email us with any questions! Thank you for reading our Lexington Code Scam Review.
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  • Linda Montgomery

    I lost all of my money within 3 hours 🙁 could you please help me get my money back from Lexington Code Scam?

  • B.C.

    I recently signed up with “Snap Cash Binary” and was sent to a trading platform called
    “Omega Options”. Is this what is supposed to happen or is there an actual snap cash platform to make money as was advertised?

    • Hi, yes that’s what u are suppose to do. But I’de like to warn you that Snap Cash is also a scam.

  • Martin King

    The app took 9 losing trades in a row! I lost half of my money. I withdraw all of the remaining funds, All the other blogs are giving positive reviews and saying it actually works. IT DOESN’T!

  • Mirrella

    I signed on with Lexington Code but have not yet deposited with the broker. I received an email from Lexington Code thanking me for signing on with Snap Cash!! One and the same, I suspect. Look closely at the video on Lexington Code’s site. Pause the video on the “Certificate of Authenticity”. It is obviously one that has been self-made because the creator overlooked the removal of the template’s dummy print (in latin) at the top of the page. Also, pause the video on the “trader’s results” and you will find that all the traders have the same account number.

    • Mirrella – Great points! Lexington Code is definitely a malicious scam. I’m glad you noticed those issues before depositing!

  • mario tolisano

    My text messages are morphing into different actors. That was the first clue. these binary option companies morph into teaser ads. I will be in the UK, next week. i will seek out these actors. They will probably be happy to PAY ME to go home and stop my pursuit for the truth. I do this for the good of all of the victims, who foolishly and desperately participated in this scam. Disease only feeds on weak cells; In this case, unfortunately, the public is still convinced, there is an easy way to make fast cash! Whatever happened to the good old work ethic. We need to be reminded, when it seems it is too good to be true, it probably is. Good luck everyone!

    • If you need any help. Let us know!!

      • Chimz

        Thanks for info, that’s great, money saving indeed. But, how do these thugs get our email addresses because I don’t remember getting any enquiry from such for them to start communicating with me? the other one is TESLER Co Support. this I believe is scam too.

        • You are welcome! They get your emails from other scams. If you joined anything related to finance, you and all other emails are gathered in a list to be emailed with new offers every week or so when they have a new scam to launch.

  • Michel Barton

    Thank you for this review! I was going to join this software today but my friend forward this page to me to read it before i put my money in it! I have joined tradeo instead. Merry Christmas and thank you so much!

    • You are welcome. Please make sure you send us an email with a screenshot of your funded account so we could help you with settings and traders.

  • RandomPerson

    You should know any site like that is a scam :p

  • justme2

    wow I almost lost my money if they had taken American express prepaid card it would be gone. I knew it sounded to good to be true. but what caught my eye the most was the size of the office, if you know offices it looks like a place like Regus, its a office space you can rent out in big expensive office buildings it looks just like one of those but I wanted this to be true so bad. Thank you for saving my money.

    • We are happy that you didn’t fall for it 🙂

      You can check our social trading with Tradeo or the bitcoin investment with MyPayingCryptoads for an alternative.

  • rajdeep anand

    I was going to do this… I really need to pay my tution fee…

    • I am glad you didn’t fall for it. It’s a viral scam.

      Join MPCA instead. You will find it in our Make Money Online section. Read it slowly and carefully. You will love it!

  • Alan O’Donnell

    Hi guys
    I signed up with Lexington code in December with Stockpair as the broker. All worked well for first trades with 9 out of 10 being ITM. Then all went wrong every other trade was a loss. It was almost like Stockpair had realised that I was using a auto trader and had blocked its success. Even had several trades that finished ITM but came back from Stockpair as OTM. Was even checking the transactions using a forex indices and the entry and exit figures where very different from market figures.
    I contacted Lexington and explained problem and asked for a second account but with tradextra which most other professionals like yourself stated they were having success with. Again got the account and funded it and verified it also.
    This time nothing happens the dashboard seems dead, but you can change settings and the like but not activate the trade. At least I have not lost money apart from with the Stockpair account.
    Have contacted Lexington several times via their dashboard contact and also direct e mail to their support dept but no replies. Have sent a strongly worded e mail but still nothing. The strange thing is I asked for another account and got a very prompt reply.
    Will report back what happens.

    • Hello Alan. About the ITM rates, I really strongly believe that it was just good luck. Because any Auto Trader out there is nothing but a load of BS! It’s a button click robot that just executes trades on your behalf but there’s no strategies or algorithm behind it.

      I am glad that u have stockpair as your broker. Withdraw all of your money. I am sure they will let you withdraw it. But as for the other broker, I don’t think you will be able to take your money out.

  • Lize

    I fell for the Lexington Code ad and was promptly contacted by Opteck through which site I could see my trades with Lexington. I was alarmed at the look of the Lexington site which also did not seem to function seamlessly (not sure how to describe this), but looked like a dummy screen. Needless to say my funds were soon depleted and of course now Opteck (supposedly a registered operator) is wanting me to carry on trading with them. Why is QuintUp so sure Lexington is legit?

    • QuintUp .com is a fake website that promotes scams. Do not believe anything promoted on this website.

  • Burak

    I was about to sign up for this, this guy convinced me with the youtube videos.
    I don’t understand how this is a scam? there are many recent videos like this, I checked all the trades and strike rates, all match real rates.

    • They all are a bunch of scammers Burak. What you see is not real at all. This is a demo account specifically made for scammers. It’s not even like the typical real demo account, no but this is way more different than a real demo account, this is controlled by the broker, he can make him win or lose according to what he tell them.

      • Burak

        Thanks very much for the heads up!

        • You are welcome. Check tradeo instead. You will like it.

          • Burak

            I did, apparently they do not provide services for my country! (Turkey) I’m getting frustrated with brokers denying accounts from my country lately, that’s really sad.

          • If all you really want is money, then just join MPA instead. It’s different type of investing. Also doesn’t have risk and it’s fun.

  • We much prefer CM Trading! See our review below!