Lensen Group Review: Not Paying & Scam, Full Hyip Review

Welcome to our complete edition of the Lensen Group review. For the last three months, we have been monitoring this HYIP to see if it is paying and whether the people behind it are honest or scam artists.

If you are currently waiting for a withdrawal, contact us! We will advise you on the steps you can take to secure your investment.

Lensen Group is a fraudulent company that is not regulated and does not adhere to any financial guidelines. Your money is NOT safe with them, and you take the full risk when you give your financial information over to them.

Below we will show you exactly what this company is and what it is not. Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://lensengroup.com/

Lensen Group Review

Lensen Group Review: Overview

Lensen Group Ltd describes their website as an investment site that gives loans to Information Technology start-ups (new IT companies). They charge these companies and extremely high amount of interest and collect the profits. When you invest with Lensen Group, your deposit is used to pad out existing loans to new start-up companies.

The claim here is obviously that when you join up and give them your money, they will return to your part of this interest payment they receive from the companies. It all sounds pretty reasonable, right?

You give them your money. They divide all the investment money up and give it to new start-up IT companies. When those companies make payments towards their loan, you are given some of the interest.

In a way, YOU are becoming the lender… like a bank. Likewise, you will then reap the rewards as an investor.

Now that you understand what Lensen Group is let’s examine the nature and legitimacy of their business to determine if LensenGroup.com is a scam or not.

Fact vs. Fiction

To understand why Lensen Group fails our legitimacy test, it is important for you (our reader) to understand what a true investment company does. Take a long look at the following list.

A legitimate investment will be able to:

1. Show you their full portfolio. This includes a few years of gains and losses as well as predictions for the future. Another viral HYIP scam that fails this test is 428r

2. Have a reputable owner and team that is transparent and honest about their identities.

3. List the names and nature of their investments and contracts.

If you are interested in using an investment site, and they can’t give you full answers to these questions…

They are NOT a real investment site!

It’s that simple. There are thousands of fake websites online today, masquerading as real trading and investment authorities. The number of sites that pretend to be able to grow your money is doubling each month. This is a global problem with fake investment sites specifically targeting people from countries that don’t have government protections and safety nets.

That being said, let’s take a long look at the LensenGroup.com facts and compare them to reality.

– Lensen Group provides loans to new IT startup businesses at a very high rate of interest. Your money goes directly to these companies so you can share in these high-interest gains.


There is not one shred of proof to support this claim. We contacted the customer support directly and asked them if we could take a look at their trading portfolio to see what sort of companies our money would be given to. They told us the information was private and could not be given out.

We then asked them what would happen if these IT companies couldn’t pay back their loans. They claimed that all of the startups they lent money to were under a contract, so they had to pay it back by law. When we told them that all contracts between investment companies and borrowers were public information, they refused to answer.

This is what we are dealing with folks. A dishonest company that refuses to tell you the truth about what companies they are giving money to. It makes us wonder if they are even giving money at all.

– Lensen Group has been working in online investments since 2010.


Lensengroup.com has only been online for one year. There is no record of this company existing before their website went online. It is as if they appeared out of thin air claiming to be an ages old company with a long history of success. Impressive, considering they don’t want to share their investment history with us or anyone else!

Lesson: The facts don’t line up with reality.

Investment Plans

Lenson Group offers three different investment options. All of them qualify as “high yield investment programs.” What does this mean?

It means that Lenson Group is an HYIP (high yield investment program). 100% of HYIPs are either outright scams, or they don’t last long enough to pay all withdrawals. They are classified as a scam because they offer interest rates (ROI) that are inflated far above what a typical rate of growth would be.

This is typically done to attract as many desperate people as possible. Once they get plenty of people to deposit their money, they cut and run with the profits. Sometimes they do pay out. It is normal to see brand new HYIPs paying small withdrawals. Often we get emails from people confused because they thought they could trust an HYIP since they had already received a previous withdrawal.

However, as time passes the withdrawals stop coming and the customer support refuses to answer. This is the same story over and over again. We hear it every single day. This is why we refuse to invest with any HYIP. A lot of people disagree with us on this, but we’d rather play it safe when it comes to our money. You can do whatever you want with yours!

To demonstrate why the Lensen Group investment plans are so impractical, let’s take a look at them.

Lensen Group Scam

In the weekly plan, we are shown that if we deposit $50, we will make 150% ROI with a 6-week maturation rate. At the end of the term, we will be able to withdraw $75. While this might not seem very high to some people, it is extremely high regarding long-term investments. Where do these earnings come from?

The company is NOT forthright enough to tell us where they invest their money! This is super shady.

User Reviews

The most important aspect of any HYIP that people care about is…

Is Lenson Group paying?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

They pay small withdrawals to their new customers, and they withhold larger amounts from older clients. They offer a referral commission to use their existing customers as free advertising agents to spread their web site.

Overall… we have received several emails from people that have demonstrated through screenshots that they have NOT been paid, and they have given up hope. We are trying our best to help them reclaim their money. If this is you… please send us a message! There are things you can do to save your money!

Investing Without Loss!

We have collected only the best websites to invest your money with. Below you will find our approved list. If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, please send us an email and we will check it out for you!

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Is Lenson Group a Scam?

After examining the facts and proving all of them to be lies, we can’t possibly give our support and approval to lensongroup.com. It is our opinion that Lensen Group is a scam. Avoid it and spread the word to your friends. They are lying to you!

Take care of your money and protect yourself online. If you need help, send us a message. In the meantime…

Happy Earnings!

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