Lazy Trader Review – A Scam Or Legit APP?

This is the ONLY edition of the Lazy Trader review you will need to read before deciding whether Lazy Trader App is a scam or not. We won’t lie to you. There is absolutely nothing honest or legitimate about this binary options auto trader.

Forget everything you’ve read before! There are several high authority review blogs that are promoting this trashy app in hopes of reaping the commission payments from the broker. Don’t be fooled! These reviews are NOT the real thing. All of their trading results are manipulated and fraudulent.

If you don’t believe us and still want to join, please do so at your own risk. But you were warned. As much as we all want the “get rich quick” schemes to be real…

They aren’t.

Let’s get real! Rick Daniels is not even real! He is an actor who lies for money along with all of the other people in the video.

Some of you are probably reading this after losing your money. You are shaking your head in anger because you didn’t find our review earlier. Don’t be too dismayed. You aren’t alone. Send us an email for our advice on how to reclaim your lost money from the broker you were matched with. We can help!

Let’s get started!

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Lazy Trader Review

Lazy Trader Review 

The most important part of any binary options review is to state the obvious.

Binary options are the most lucrative way to earn money online. Imagine winning 85-95% of your trades at a 78% ROI. You are looking at making several hundred dollars each day. Compound those earnings over and over and you could make thousands of dollars a day.

It sounds so good!

Most of you reading this already understand that binary options trading is NOT as easy and as awesome as it sounds. It’s actually the opposite. Statistics show that the vast majority of people who trade will end up losing.

Not so good after all.

Binary options is a science. Only the best and smartest can succeed. Most people don’t even come close. Reading the charts, using the indicators… this is a science that must be learned.

This is where the Lazy Trader App and Rick Daniels come in. Rick claims that after struggling for years in poverty he developed the world’s best robot trading software. After downloading it and investing $250, you’ll never lose another trade.

You’ll be richer than your wildest dreams!

The website claims that you can make up to $15,000 in one day! This is all on autopilot without even doing anything.

So how do we know it’s fake?

Who is Rick Daniels?

The Lazy Trader Ltd creator, Rick Daniels, is the man who supposedly created this amazing miraculous app. But did he?

Rick Daniels is a fake. His name and face do not match any official records for trading professionals. Those of us in the industry are very familiar with the pros and the scammers, and this guy has no record whatsoever.

It’s as if he popped up out of nowhere. This is the first RED FLAG of the scam. The woman in the black dress is an actress that was featured in another popular scam a few years ago. It seems she is on the binary scam payroll.

How Does the Lazy Trader Scam Work?

When we were writing our Lazy Trader review we debated being too critical. Why?

For the most part, binary scam artists are nothing more than washed up day traders that lost all their money. They figured out that one of the ways to get their money back from the broker that scammed them is to convince other people to sign up instead.

Working for a scam broker is pretty darn humiliating, especially after they stole your money. But if they offer to pay you several thousand dollars to lie for them, most people take the bait.

There is a network of binary options review blogs that purposefully write positive reviews of the Lazy Trader Ltd in order to convince people like you to sign up. For every person that signs up with them, the broker will pay them an affiliation fee. This is how they make their money.

How do we know? 

We were offered the same deal. That’s right. The brokers would pay us some pretty good money just to lie to you and tell you this shit works to gain your trust. We said…


When you sign up with the Lazy Trader app, you will be asked to deposit a minimum of $250. After you fill out your personal financial information and give them your email address, they will link you to one of the brokers that they have a financial arrangement with.

This broker will not pay them a reward for bringing you to their binary options trap. The Lazy Trader software is designed to lose.

What does this mean?

It means that after you put your money in, the software will take trades until your money is gone. Some people are lucky and notice this is happening and shut the software off before all their money is gone.

Most people do not realize until it is too late and their money is completely gone.

But that’s not where the scam ends! The broker will then attempt to call you on the phone and manipulate you into giving them, even more, money to “make up your losses.” They will even tell you a grand lie about how they can give your account to one of their specialists who will win your money back for you.

Don’t fall for it! If you could take a look at our email inbox, what you see would shock you. We have emails detailing this scam process from regular day traders who kept investing more and more, at the instance of their account manager, until they had lost thousands of dollars.

User Reviews for Lazy Trader System

Lazy Trader App Scam

Having already explained that the entire Lazy Trader System is a scam, designed purely for getting affiliation money from the brokers, the last thing to examine is what real people are saying.

As we said above, do NOT take into account what any of the review blogs are saying. They are all lying for money. We could have done the same, but we chose not to. This is the same situation as with Nuvo Finance!

There are two ways to find out if people are making money. The first way is by reading comments on youtube videos and blogs. True, some comments are fake, but if you look hard enough you can find the real ones.

Lazy Trader Ltd shows several “real users” in their video who are now millionaires. All of these people, including the photos below, are confirmed fake. These people are either actors at fiverr or photographs that have been taken from the internet without their permission.

The real proof of scam here is in the emails we have taken in over the course of the last month. Every. Single. Person. has lost. We have not spoken with anyone that made money with this scam.

It just doesn’t work.

Trading to Earn Online?

For most of you reading this, you first heard about Lazy Trader scam through an email. At some point, these devious scam artists acquired your email. They tricked you into opening it by claiming “make thousands of dollars just like this guy!”. The only problem is… the people who wrote that email are the only one’s making money by working directly with scam brokers to defraud you!

So you want to earn by trading?

The first thing you should do is open several demo account with various brokers. You can view our list HERE. After setting up your demo account (do not use real money yet) find a good signal provider to copy.

Never invest any money until you have checked if the broker is regulated or not. We support several brokers because they are regulated and legitimate, however, we strongly advise you to try Forex trading first. Forex has many advantages over binary options.

Read about our top Forex broker choice at Tradeo.

However, for those of you that are NOT interested in trading, we have a solid option for you as well. Read our review of My Paying Ads, which is earning us over a thousand dollars each day!

Is Lazy Trader a Scam?

Fake owners, actors lying on screen, magical software that never loses… YES, Lazy Trader is a scam!

Don’t become their newest victim. If you already signed up and invested money, you need to call the broker and tell them shut it off immediately while you still can.

If you have any questions about this or any other trading software, please send us a message or comment below! Stay safe online! And as always….

Happy Earnings!

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