Review – Russian BTC Ponzi Scam Exposed With Evidence

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Official Website: Review Review is a HYIP or high yield investment program that offers an ROI (return on investment) of 12% daily for 12 days. Unlike other HYIPs they offer only one simple plan, which many new investors will find to be easy and simple to understand. However, don’t get too excited! scam is not paying and will steal every penny you give them! In order to understand how they will take advantage of you, we first need to understand all of the misinformation given on the site!

The company site explains that they specialize in laser-based products reselling and logistics, like the reselling of diodes and laser-based electronic components. On the first first page description we have a small yet very telling mistake. Whomever wrote the description on the site capitalizes “Laser” each time he wrote it.

This is not proper grammar and no other laser website will do this. Many of you are probably thinking this is a stupid thing to point out, but as an native English speaker, this is the first sign that the people writing this website do NOT specialize in lasers.

If they were truly working in the field of laser tech, they would know not to capitalize it. It’s unprofessional and shows that they are not from the United States as they claim. So where are they from?

We can pretty safely say that the scam originates from Russia. The actor who reads from a script in the video has a very strong Russian accent. We do not believe this man is the admin of the site. Most scam artists from Russia are in the habit of hiring an actor to portray their HYIP scam, so that nobody will be able to discover their true identity.

Furthermore, the site lists the following address as their headquarters: 801 N King St. Wilmington, DE 19801

This address belongs to a private home, and the people who live there are NOT related or working for the scam at all. These Russian liars are just doing what they do best, scheming and manipulating good people into losing their money.

Unfortunately for them, I’m an American and I know the area of DE where they claim to be from. There is a very low Russian population there and an even lower number of people who speak with such strong accents. We have nothing against Russians, they are lovely people, but the Russians that came up with this piece of trash scam are low life scum. Scam Proof

It goes without saying that the admin who invested this scam do not understand a word they are writing about. They copied the description for their business off of another article describing laser business models. They are NOT investing in laser tech and please don’t enter this scam thinking you are dealing with a legitimate company. HYIP scam is not registered as a legal business that pays taxes in America because they are NOT a real business.

But let’s go ahead and take a look at even more damning evidence against this scam!

Take a long look at the people in the photo below. The names listed are as follows: Agnes Lo, Andy Davis, Antonia Garley, Emma Wilson, and Peter Mackey. All of these names are fake and not found on the registration for the scam website. The people included in this photo are actors hired to pose for this photo and given fake names. You won’t find them living in the United States, but hopefully, you will find the admin of HYIP scam in jail SOON! Scam

So who is the REAL owner of this scam site?

The true admin has hidden his name. However, a few weeks ago, he tried to contact our site and ask us to support his scam. When we asked for his name, he declined. His English and writing skills were so poor, we had to decipher what he was even trying to say before we replied. This “man” is NOT an American, he can barely speak English. He simply hired a website designer and actors to portray his completely fake Laser Online LLC scam!

Never invest money with a website that will not give you the real name of their owner. Even worse is a site that hires actors and uses fake names. This is not legitimate! Anyone who goes to these lengths intends upon raking in the money and then closing up!

Is Paying?

If you have spent some time on scam you will see that they have a large section featuring videos of American speaking people who claim to be making huge profits with this investment plan. Pay no attention to these low life American trash. They are paid actors that work on Fiverr who are lying for a few extra bucks. On that site you can hire anyone to film a video for you and make up trashy lies about how they love your business and make lot’s of money. Don’t be fooled by these attempts!

Even though the creators of this scam are clearly Russian trash, the Americans who have lied and filmed fake videos are also trash! All of these people are working together to take your money!

So what are REAL users saying? NOTHING GOOD! We have taken in quite a few complaints in the last few weeks that would make anyone want to scream. We predict that this scam will last about 2-4 more months and then collapse. In most cases, the admin will take the site offline after he has left withdrawals pending for several weeks.

At this point, a lot of you will probably find yourself reading our review to find out how to get your money back. The bad news is that we don’t know who is behind this scam so we can’t go after them! In the future, please contact us before investing so we can tell you if the site is a scam or not!

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Is a Scam?

After examining the evidence and speaking to real users it is our conclusion that is a scam. Do not invest at this time or you will lose your money! Please take care!

If you are someone that needs investment advice, contact us ASAP and don’t feel like you are bothering us. We are a team of several writers and we investigate all scam sites as well as legitimate earning programs! We need your help to do this, so please report any scams and share this post on your social media!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!


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  • Ingo Kleinen

    I’ll share your review like always. Already fighting with some investors who have a huge downline. closed the account of some friends of a friend living in Mexico. They lost around USD 80.
    The login into the accounts is blocked, they aren’t able to withdraw their account balance.
    But it’s furthermore possible to deposit. Typical for a scamming company.

    Never throw your money into the mouth of this sharks.
    Only invest the money that you are prepared to lose. Always stay safe my friends

    Best regards
    Ingo Kleinen

    • It also seems that there is a big trend with the russian scams going on these days.

      As always, email us before you invest with any online investment website and we will tell you if it’s safe or not.

    • Belinda

      So true! Remember you investigate coinmin as scam? yes it was true they did not return my investment. Thank you for informing us. Keep it up!

  • It looks like these Russian scamming mafia is attacking our website. It keeps going online. They launched a heavy attack that broke through our website defense system. They spent thousands of dollars to do such an attack. Which makes me wonder, the money that was used to attack our website, did it come from their own pockets or from the investors pockets that they are about to scam?

  • Bella Bitz is definitely a SCAM…yes I lost my money.
    As is AdsOk & Bitwiz….yes, lost my money again.
    What is your contact information please?

  • Mulyono Ari Wibowo

    I have lost my $ 50.00 deposit and can not withdraw that only $ 60.00 since early December 2017. Currently Laser Online is renamed Guarding Online and should just skip from your browser.