Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review: Mom Scam!

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is a scam that will ensure you do not make a single penny trading in binary options! This clever scam uses a sweet mother going by the name of Jane Marshal to trick you into investing your hard earned money.

Don’t be fooled!

If you have already signed up and deposited money into this wealth system, please contact us immediately for advice on how to reclaim your money! It is important that you call your broker! Demand that they do not allow your account to take any trades from Jane Marshal’s Wealth System scam.

Below you will find a complete explanation of who Jane Marshal is and how her wealth system works. We expose all the lies and all the hype! This scam is almost identical to Spectrum 7 Technology!

Let’s get started!

Official Website: https://janeswealthsystem.com/

Jane Marshal's Wealth System Review

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review

2016 has been packed full of devious binary options scams, malicious HYIP scams, and flat out identity theft. You have probably been targeted by several of them. In fact, you are most likely reading this review because someone is trying to convince you to sign up with the Jane Marshal’s Wealth System scam.

Jane Marshal seems like an incredibly sweet woman who just wants to help people make money and live a comfortable life. She doesn’t look like a cheesy scam artist or a creepy old man trying to take your money.  But does that mean she is for real?

Let’s examine the evidence.

A female voice in the promotional video tells us that after having her first child, she wanted to quit her hectic job and stay home to raise him. For this reason, she developed a top secret trading algorithm that can be used to rake in millions of dollars on auto pilot.

The interesting thing is that “Jane Marshal” claims that she wants to “teach you how to make money” but all she has to offer it yet another push button trading software that is exactly like hundreds of others.

There is not “teaching moment” here. 

She merely wants you to deposit $250 into a broker account so that the “trading software can activate” and her commission will be paid.

Is Jane Marshal Real?

The truth of the matter is that Jane Marshal does not exist. Her photo is a stock image taken from the internet. You can view the original image HERE.


SHE is not a scam artist because SHE does not exist. Jane Marshal is a made up name created by a shady affiliate marketer who wants to make broker commissions. IF he can convince you to sign up with his unregulated broker, he gets paid.

That’s simply how this scam works. You deposit your money to the scam broker they link you with, and shortly thereafter they will give you bad signals until your account is gone.

But that’s not the end of it.

Phase 2 of the scam is when the account manager starts calling your private cell or home phone number and bullies you into depositing more money so he can help you regain your losses. We recently received and email from someone how lost over 10 thousand dollars to a shady broker who promised to help him make loads of money.

He kept investing more and more money in hopes of winning his lost money back. He finally gave up after losing 10k.

If you were hoping that Jane Marshal’s Wealth System was not exactly like every other scam out there, you were sadly mistaken. Whoever invented this scam really attempts to tug at the heart strings.

So how are we so sure this scam doesn’t actually work?

User Reviews!

The website has a section of “user feedback” which shows screen shots from various traders to Jane Marshal. As we proved above, Jane Marshal is NOT real. This means that all these “so-called” conversations are false as well.

But let’s take it further…

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System has a section called “Press Release”. Here you will find several online journals giving positive quotes about the trading software and Jane Marshal.

There is one HUGE problem with these quotes.

ALL of the magazines quoted are FAKE journals.

The Business Monthly, Metro Parent, and Women Owned do not exist. Because they do not exist, it is impossible for them to be reviewing Jane Marshal’s Wealth System.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far about Jane Marshal’s Wealth System:

Jane Marshal is not a real person. Her picture is a stock image used with a model that has been used by other websites as well.

She does NOT teach you how to trade. The auto trading software is simply a push button trading app like all other binary options scams.

The website has fake quotes from fake online magazines. None of these quotes are real. They are simply invented to make the trading software appear to be legitimate.

So what have the real users told us?

A few weeks ago we received our first email about Jane Marshal’s Wealth System scam. This person was a new day trader that had just started to trade with a demo account. Somehow he ended up receiving emails about “the secret to wealth”. When he opened it, he was redirected to Jane Marshal’s Wealth System.

He contacted us after losing his initial $250 deposit in under 2 days. When he attempted to contact the Jane Marshal’s Wealth System for help, they didn’t return any of this messages and shortly thereafter he could not log into his account anymore.

This is a common complaint of many binary options scams. Once they have your personal information and steal your money, you won’t be able to actually talk to them anymore. IT never ends here though. Now that they have your email address they will send you spam emails with new fast money making tricks, all of these will also be scams!

Earning Money Safely?

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Is Jane Marshal’s Wealth System a Scam?

Yes! Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is a Scam! Nothing on their website can be trusted, from their fake user reviews to their invented quotations from fake magazines. This company is a malicious and dishonest piece of garbage.

In the coming months, you will continue to get more and more emails from scams identical to this one! They will all claim to be able to make you thousands of dollars weekly. Please don’t fall for these scams! Message us anytime and we’ll be glad to investigate it for you! Thank you for reading our Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Review & Happy Earning!