Investment Dragons Review: Viral Hyip Scam Exposed

If you have been interested in making money online, you absolutely need to read our Investment Dragons review. We have been following this company for several months now and our results may surprise you. Perhaps you heard about them through a family member or friend. Most of you probably found them by seeing someone posted a link on a social media website.

Count yourself lucky that you found our investment review before you joined. This program is a high yield investment program that promises about 1-3% ROI each month. That might not seem like a lot, but it is higher than a regular bank can offer you.

So where does this money come from and is Investment Dragons paying? Keep reading to find out!

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Investment Dragons Review

Investment Dragons Review

Let’s cut to the chase. Investment Dragons is NOT paying. We have been hearing from our readers that they did pay in the beginning but have now stopped those payments. They are still accepting new deposits, which means they are not honest about the nature of their business.

If they can’t afford to pay withdrawals, why are they still accepting new money?

How does Investment Dragons make money?

They claim that they have investment specialists involved in all aspects of the market, including cryptocurrency trading, stock market trading, real estate, and many other areas. This alone is a little troubling considering they have offered no evidence to show prove any of this at all.

Who owns Investment Dragons?

The owner has not revealed his name, nor have the names of the “team of specialists” been revealed. The website registration is anonymous on whois, which means the owners of this site are not interested in letting you know who they are.

Ask yourself an important question. Would you trust a stranger on the street with your money if they had a nice website? Of course not.

So why would you trust a stranger on the internet with your money? Just because they have a nice site? Strangers on the internet are more likely to scam you than a stranger in your city. Why? Because the stranger on the internet can get away with it. You can’t even come after him if he doesn’t pay you.

Let’s be real here. Never invest with any website that hides the owner’s name and personal details. This is just dishonest and lacks the transparency that you as an investor deserve! Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t become another victim of an anonymous scammer.

Insured and Regulated?

We have never seen an HYIP that was either regulated or insured. In fact, that is the most important we mention to people who contact our website is that these HYIP scams do NOT carry any form of insurance or possess any regulation from a financial police.

Why is this such a bad thing? Insurance means that the company will have a way of paying you back if they lose your investment. Most banks are federally insured, which means if they get hacked or robbed, your money will be returned to you by the power of the federal government. is NOT insured. Even though they are not insured, they have the audacity to claim that they are. This makes their scam even more malicious. They claim to protect your investment by keeping a portion of their own money in reserve in case they lose your money.

This is not insurance. Insurance comes from an outside body, not from within. So let’s get one thing straight. Investment Dragons is NOT insured and they are not regulated.

Their business has a license from Hong Kong, which is legitimate. However, this license does not come with a regulation or any financial policing authority. This means that if they lose your money, you are OUT. You have no recourse to sue them and you have no ability to force them to pay.

Legitimate and Safe Earning?

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Is Investment Dragons a Scam?

It is clear to us that investment is a scam that can’t be trusted. Never forget… even some scams pay in the beginning to gain the trust of investors. Ultimately, programs like the Investment Dragons scam will end up closing and collecting the money for themselves. This is the nature of HYIP schemes.

If you are a victim of the Investment Dragons fraud, please send us a message ASAP. We will send you our advice on how to get your money back. Please share this review with all of your friends and family who might be thinking of joining.

The best way to stop these scams from spreading is by informing the public of their danger.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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