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Many of you have been eagerly awaiting our official Intellix Systems Trader review and today is that day! Our inboxes are packed full of people inquiring about this new binary options auto trader, Neuro Trader. So what is Intellix Systems Trader? How does it work? Our report will explain everything you need to know before you make your decision.
For those of you not familiar with binary options, you should know that binary options trading is essentially nothing more than a fancy lottery that involves stock market asset prices. When you place a trade (a bet) on a pair of assets, you simply guess which way you think that asset will go – either up or down. To make matters worse, you have to have the right guess before the expiration time ends or you lose your entire investment!
This means that you need to not only know exactly which direction the price of the asset path will go, but by which time it will move in. This stacks the odds for the broker to win nearly every bet. And they count on it! This is where their revenue comes from. Stay away from Social Trading with Tradeo as well… another HUGE scam!
Because the average person is not very good at guessing about market conditions, we have seen a massive influx of binary options auto trading software hit the market. They all promise the same things and them almost without a doubt; they are all scams.
Below we will expose the newest binary options auto trading scam… Intellix Systems Trader. Let’s get started!

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Intellix Systems Trader review

Intellix Systems Trader Review

Intellix Systems Trader or Neuro Trader (as most people call it) is an auto trading software that makes several audacious claims. First of all, let’s talk about why you are reading this review!

Chances are…

You received an email in your inbox promising you that you can make thousands of dollars every week just by following this one simple path. Intrigued, you clicked on the link in that email and landed on the Intellix Systems Trader website. After watching the promotional video, you figured it sounded fantastic! But your head stopped you from depositing.

Are these claims of 10 thousand dollars every day legitimate? Is it possible to become a millionaire without doing anything except signing up to an automated software?

Let’s discuss the particulars of this newest scam.

Who are Jeff Blumenthal and Professor Martin Schelling?

Jeff Blumenthal is the supposed owner and creator of the “artificial intelligence” software, Neuro Trader. He tells us in a fake voice over that he worked directly with MIT professor, Martin Schelling to develop the world’s only “no loss” binary software. They were somehow able to create a computer program that can accurately predict all market conditions before they happen! In other words, their software can read the future. They claim that this ability is like…

Printing money!

Hold that thought for a second. Before we delve into the true identities of these scam artists, let’s take a quick look at this claim. Is it possible for a computer program to “read the future”?

Absolutely not.

When it comes to the ever-changing stock market, everything from major news events to weather can affect the outcome of an asset or currency pair. No man-made computer program can see into the future. This is just 100% false.

1. No system, indicator, or professional trader can win all binary options trades without losing. This is a statistical impossibility.

2. No computer software can read into the future and predict with 100% accuracy all winning trades.

That being said, who are these men that claim to have found the impossible?

Jeff Blumenthal and Professor Martin Schelling are both completely fake people and fake photos. Take a look below at the picture of Jeff Blumenthal.

Intellix Systems Trader review

This man’s picture is nothing but a stock photo of a “business man” that is readily available online. Not only is his picture a fake, but the name of the man himself also is not real. We did a search for his identity online and can’t locate any verified information at all.

The supposed MIT professor is also a fraud. Nobody by the name of Martin Schelling has ever worked for MIT. Someone of his caliber should be easily found online. The only piece of information we could find is this SITE that shows his picture as a stock photo for “how to take a good business picture.” This photo is nothing but stolen photo!

Lesson: Neither of these men exists. Their photos are taken, their names are forged, and their identities are inventions of the real scam artists behind Intellix Systems Trader scam!

Who is the Real Scam Artist?

Now that we have established that these men are not real… Who is controlling this sham?

The key to understanding who is managing the Intellix System Trader is to see who is making money…

Binary Book

Binary Book is an unregulated and shady broker that works directly with Intellix Systems Trader to support this scam. Each time they convince a new trader to sign up and deposit money, they win! Not only do they win the initial $250 you first are required to deposit, but they will also win over all the remaining money they trick you into depositing as well.

How do they do this? Easy.

After you give them your personal details, they will send their slick account managers to start calling you several times a day. These conniving agents will start lying to you with all sorts of creative stories. Firstly, they will tell you it is impossible to make real profit with only $250, however, if you put more money in, you will be able to earn thousands!

The next lie they will tell you is that if you deposit a few hundred more, they can turn your account over to one of their expert traders who will then manage your account for you. Fast forward… if you do end up giving them more of your money, you will also lose that as well. The final lie will start the second your money is finally gone. At this point, they will attempt to convince you that if you just put in a few hundred more, they will give you to their best trader who will win back all the money you lost. Will this work?

Of course not!

We have received countless emails from people who have detailed these fraudulent communications between themselves and their account manager. So many lies are told, and so much money is lost. Perhaps this has already happened to you. If so, you are not alone. Please send us an email immediately for our advice on how to deal with these slimy thieves as well as a way you can get your money back!

User Reviews

The real missing link in this entire scheme is the lack of proof. Remember, both the creator and the MIT professor are fakes. So it would take a lot of solid hard evidence to convince us that the Neuro Trader by Intellix Systems Trader works. We searched and searched for credible evidence that these results are real, but we could not find any.

What’s worse?

In the last week alone, we have been given the hardcore proof we needed to declare that the Intellix Systems Trader is a scam officially. Out of the scores of emails we received through our website – 100% of users reported losing their entire deposit within the first three days. When they attempted to complain about their results to the customer support, Intellix Systems Trader blamed their loss on the broker. They even went so far as to suggest that they deposit more money with a new broker and try the software again.

Don’t do this!

Nobody made money. It was all lost, and Binary Book, as well as two other unregulated brokers, are directly working with this software to make sure everyone will keep losing to increase their own personally profits!

Legitimate and Regulated Trading?

One of the reasons these scam binary options software trick so many people is because they are good at lying. They promise the world and people love to think they can make fast money. But please understand… if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you want to make money, real money, with a regulated broker and a legitimate trading system, please see below for our best recommendations!

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Is Intellix Systems Trader a Scam?

After exposing the evidence in this review, we think you will agree with us. Neuro Trader is a Scam! Intellix Systems Trader is a Scam! Nothing good comes from working with Binary Book and other unregulated binary options brokers. Take care who you invest with!

If you need advice on how to earn online, please send us a message! In the meantime… Happy Earning!

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