Insured Trading Scam Exposed: An Unbiased Review

A Brief Overview:

In quest of earning more and more money, man has forgotten the principles of morality. Every now and then, we come across news related to heinous scams exposed by various sources. It’s been quite a while that another name is echoing in the world of binary options. The software, known as the Insured Trading App, is currently under the radar. It is another addition into the world of binary options trading. It is an auto trading bot which the company is selling to the customers and it claims to make them millionaires.

Well thanks to the effort of email marketers, who targeted quite a larger population and have it sounded worth buying. The Insured Trading App, introduced by Oliver Breitner, truly offers you quite a lucrative return on a meager investment. Being posed as an app to make you the proud owner of thousands of dollars overnight, the Insured Trading App is nothing but another scam. After having tested various aspects of the app, we have found it to be a scam to steal hard-earned money. The Insured Trading scam, like previous scams, is full of tricks, manipulations and malicious ways to amass money.

In the next section of Insured Trading Review, we are going to support our claims with proper and unbiased evidence. We hope it leaves quite an impression on the readers’ minds and save them from falling prey to such malicious scams.

Insured Trading Review:

One by one, we will be discussing as how and what laid the basis of Insured Trading scam.

  • No Findings on Oliver Breitner:

    Oliver Breitner’s personality has remained an alien to us since the moment we started investigating. After running through an entire list of billionaires from credible resources, not even a single name as Oliver Breitner, came up.  In the promotional video posted on site, he claims himself to be a person hailing from a billionaire family. Which is indeed a big fat lie and he just wants to make an impression. He doesn’t even come closer to the words he seems uttering in the video. He is just another actor who is hired by various freelancing platforms to further their cause by making use of his polished words.

  • Malicious Claims About Software:

    In the promotional video posted on site of Insured Trading scam, one can clearly see another claim by Oliver Breitner. He claims that he has used many legal ways to earn via using different algorithms but no any algorithms was good enough to make him or his software powerful enough to get the lucrative profit of $18000.01. And if you navigate the site properly, you will find that Insured Trading app has been developed by making use of “Patented Algorithms”. Which is indeed impossible for an algorithm to be illegal and patented at the same time. Either a software can be legal and patented or it can be illegal and malicious. The terminologies are mutually exclusive. With this ambiguous claim he wants to manipulate the thinking of a common man.

    Insured Trading Review


  • Fake Security Stickers:

    The security stickers posted on the site of Insured Trading app, are un-clickable and totally photo-shopped. Don’t expect them to be true because if you hover the cursor over them and click on them, no action is taken. They just get highlighted, and you still remain on the same screen. It is pretty much similar to the scams we exposed earlier. Since it is a known fact that scammers are the greatest copycats. They copy the traits of one another and then befoul others via using same tactics. The entire security bar on the site is to make the users trust him but as our duty is to abstain the readers from falling into the hands of such scammers.

Insured Trading Scam

  • Fake Reviews and Fake Locations on Google Maps:

    Insured Trading scam gets as much malignant as you keep unraveling its aspects. The makers of the site have mentioned some reviews along with their location by using fabricated images from google maps application programming interface. First off, if you click on the profile picture of the reviewers, nothing happens against your click.

Secondly, if you navigate further, you will find a reviewer by the name of “Josh Robert” hailing from Leeds, England. Meanwhile, take a look at the Google Maps plugin and it will show quite another location which is somewhere in Pakistan which is hilariously weird. Similarly, another reviewer named “Mike Thompson” is being posted on site as a French national but somehow he too landed in Pakistan with the same map location. What does it portray? Except for the only fact that Insured Trading scam is another malign way of stealing hard-earned money. Its a malicious and a  heinous scam only developed to manipulate and loot the newbies.

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The Insured Trading Scam has been investigated, and every aspect has been clearly mentioned in the Insured Trading Review. No any legitimate technique in the forex and trading neither in binary options is powerful enough to make you earn this much profit. Scammers use fake aliases to dodge the mindsets of those who want to invest some money. Its better that you have landed on to our site and made yourself aware about these scams. Stay put and keep visiting the site as we keep on unveiling upcoming scams.


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