Insiders Information is a SCAM review!!

Insiders Information is an older Binary Options Software system that became available back in 2014. When we first heard about it we quickly pegged it as a scam, because it has all the tell tale signs of one, and it turned out we were 100% right. We’ve had several friends try out this software and within one week they had lost their entire balance!

Insiders Information is an auto trading software that projects profits of over $5000 a week! Sounds too good to be true and it is.

So let’s start with a little tradition I like to call, “Count the lies!”

Lie 1: “As seen on Bloomberg, Fox, and MSNBC”. I checked this out and turned up a big fat ZERO mentions of Insiders Information on any of these networks. Big surprise there. If it is there, I’d love to see it! I’m highly skeptical that this is true because even the Insiders Information website itself provides no links to any articles or videos from Bloomberg, Fox, or MSNBC.

Lie 2: “Get one month free for a limited time only!”  The great thing about this lie is that this software will ALWAYS be free and has always been free. But it doesn’t excuse the fact that this is a lie. Since the beginning of their launch, the Insiders Information software has always been free. Still want to try it out for the free month? Don’t worry! You won’t have any money left to purchase the next month even if they did charge. Your money will be gone. Remember, all of the people we spoke to had lost their entire balance within the first month of trying this system out.

Lie 3: Personal testimonials. In the course of the video there are a few people talking about how much money this program has made for them. Unfortunately like all the paid actors before them, they must have lost all their money because they now have to make video testimonials for money.

Lie 4: “There are only 70 spots left!” No. That’s not how it this works. No matter what time of the day or night you watch the video, it will always say there are only 70 spots left and I dare you to round up 70 of your friends and have them all sign up at the same time. Big fat LIE. This is manipulation. Plain and simple.

Why are there so many of these Binary Software scams? This business is extremely lucrative. All one needs to do is set up a website, offer a software program that provides signals, and then make sure everyone listening knows how free it is.  The only catch is that you need a minimum of $250 to open a new account with a broker of their choosing. Kiss that money goodbye. You’ll never see it again.

One other fun fact is that the guy with the cute accent at the beginning of the video also works for another Binary Options Scam called The Trading Compass! See our review here! 


Another thing we noticed is that there is no legitimate way to contact them to ask questions before or after signing up! It IS a scam. You will lose your money. That is the sad truth here and we have seen it first hand.

Unfortunately we have seen this very same scam being promoted on a popular scam watch review. Don’t fall for it. This is scam!