Imperial7 Review – Is Imperial7 HYIP a Scam?

Imperial7 Review

Hi! Welcome to our investigative and conclusive report on Imperial7 Review!

Imperial7 is a new HYIP scam that launched in July of 2016. Since that time they have robbed hundreds of people out of their hard-earned money simply by creating a cute website and serving up a dish full of lies.

As we will reveal below, they even falsely used the name of a real and legitimate company in order to appear more legitimate.

If you have already invested with Imperial7 please contact us and share your experience. We can also help you get your money back if you have lost money!

Before investing with any financial service you should carefully research your options. If you need help choosing an investment, please contact us.

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Who Owns Imperial7 Scam?

There is no information on their website as to who owns this site. Neither is there any information about who will be placing the trades.

The Imperial7 scam launched a few months ago and since that time we have received several emails from our readers that lost money.

We have noticed that all HYIP scams follow the same protocol for scamming their customers.

The first time an investor requests a withdrawal they are granted it, assuming it is SMALL amount. When the investor receives his withdrawal, he believes that Imperial7 is a legitimate business and immediately deposits more money.

At this point, he earns normally and when he requests a withdrawal, the Imperial 7 group will attempt to convince him to reinvest his earnings (without withdrawing them first).

If this doesn’t work, Imperial7 simply closes the customer account and accuses them of fraud or turning in bad verification documents. This has happened hundreds of times!

The one thing they NEVER do is pay a large withdrawal. In all our years of experience investing online and researching scams, we’ve never found an HYIP that paid a large withdrawal. They simply do not!

Is Imperial7 Safe?

Imperial7 is a lying, stealing, and downright nasty scam. We uncovered another one of their lies when we took a look into the Richefield Finance Company.

They claim to be owned by the Richefield Finance Company. The Richefiled Finance Company does not exist.

Imperial7 took a legitimate investment company named Richfield and added an “e” to the name and claimed it as their own.

This method tricks a lot of well-meaning people who simply think they misspelled it. Don’t be mistaken.

Imperial7 has deliberately set out to convince you they are associated with a real investment program by changing the spelling of a real company and calling it their own.

There is nothing safe about Imperial7! You will lose your money just like the people we’ve already spoken with.

Is Imperial7 a HYIP?

Yes. There is no doubt about it. Imperial7 is a HYIP (high yield investment program).

HYIP’s are notorious for being complete scams. They make promises of huge returns in a short amount of time to lure investors in.

Imperial7 offers 2 investment plans, both of which promise large returns.  7% daily for 30 days or 110% weekly. Respected financial institutions would never offer such a high return.


Keep in mind as well, that Imperial7 does not reveal what their investments are in nor the qualifications of their traders or what brokers they use. Another malicious scam is the Polygraph Millionaire!

In fact, there is zero information available about the people who will be trading with your money. Why would anyone allow a complete stranger trade for them? Does having a nice website now qualify someone to place perfect trades? We think not.

Imperial7 Scam: The Magic 7?

As bizarre as it sounds, the creators of the Imperial7 scam make a truly ridiculous claim that the number 7 has special meaning to them and therefore will achieve successful investment results.

Yes. They really try to get us to believe that the number 7 is going to help them have good luck on their investment.

It seems like a really bad sign when your investment group is relying on a lucky number 7 to win trades.  Honestly, this just screams scam.

More importantly, the claim that the lucky number 7 has some value to their investments sounds like a cheap weight loss pill scam. We’re pretty sure the creators of Imperial7 have written text for other scams as well.

Is Imperial7 a Scam?

We have officially concluded that Imperial7 is a scam.

1. Numerous reports from our readers of fraud. Whether they simply refuse a withdrawal or close a customer’s account without warning, Imperial7 always finds a way not to pay.

2. Richefield Finance Company is a fake company. Not only did they invent this finance company out of thin air, but they attempted to use a real company by changing the spelling (Richfield Investment).

3. No valid information of the identity of the owners or traders. Imperial7 keeps the names of the owners very closeted and does not reveal anything about their traders.

4. No proof of withdrawals. We have not been able to find one valid proof that someone has actually taken a large earning from this company. Optical Signal Trader is another viral cheat!

Legitimate Investments?

Despite the fact that the internet if full of scams, we have managed to find a few honorable and regulated investment options that work!

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You can email us with any questions at all! Happy Earning!
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