Huge Traffic Ads Scam Review: New Rev Share, Same Scam!

Welcome! You have landed on our detailed review of a hot new rev share, Huge Traffic Ads.

Below, you will find the results of our conclusive investigation into this revenue sharing system as well as our opinion on whether or not it will last.

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Is Huge Traffic Ads a Scam?

Before we can answer this question we need to point out a few important distinctions.

In order to determine if something is truly a scam, it’s vital to show that the motivation of the owners/CEO was to scam his investors.

The vast majority of rev shares do not last longer than 3-6 months.

Does this mean that most rev shares are scams?

Not really. The CEO of a rev share might be a great person with legitimate intentions, but his rev share will still collapse.

Why is this?

Rev shares with bad business models or that do not have enough members, will fail.

The success of a rev share relies on two things.

1. A long term and sustainable business plan.

2. A fast growing membership and fresh money entering the website.

It is our firm belief that it is incredibly foolish to join a rev share that is brand new.

That is why we never recommend a rev share unless it has been around for at least 6 months.

Once a rev share has passed that vital 6-month mark, they usually will last a few more years.

What is Huge Traffic Ads?

Huge Traffic Ads is a revenue sharing program that offers advertising space on its website as a way of making money.

They offer 4 low-cost ad pack plans that earn a rather high percentage back.

You can see from the table below the 4 ad pack plans and how much each offers.


When you purchase an ad pack, you are buying ad space on their website in order to advertise your online business.

If you don’t have a business to advertise for, you can still buy ad packs and simply withdraw the profit you earn from each one.

Is Huge Traffic Ads Paying?

From our initial investigation, Huge Traffic Ads is currently paying and honoring withdrawals.

However, we will not fully trust them until they have been around longer than 6 months with a clean track record.

They currently have about 2 thousand members and they have been in business for just over 3 weeks.

How Does Huge Traffic Ads Make Money?

Disclaimer: Huge Traffic Ads is NOT an investment opportunity.

Their business model follows that of a pyramid scheme or HYIP.

However, since they are technically selling a service (advertising space) they are not an investment firm and therefore not a pyramid scheme.

It is incredibly important that you understand that the only reason you make money with a rev share is because there are people who come after you and buy ad packs.

If a rev share stops selling ad packs, the earnings will also stop.

Should I Join a Rev Share?

Joining any rev share is a risky business and must only be undertaken after examining all the risks.

No earnings are guaranteed and your ad pack earnings will stop if sales of new ad packs decrease.

It is of utmost importance to pick a rev share that has been around for longer than 6 months and has a good history.

We highly recommend joining My Paying Ads, which has been operating for over a year now. 

My Paying Ads is simply the GOLD standard when it comes to rev shares.

Is Huge Traffic Ads Working?

As of the publication of this article, Huge Traffic Ads is working.

Before joining any rev share, you should always get up to date information concerning it.

Please note that we do NOT recommend joining Huge Traffic Ads.

There are much better options for rev shares that you should join! (See above)

The biggest problem we see is that their projected earning is too high to last.

Up to 150% earnings with some plans!

This is problematic because offering a high percentage of earnings demands a super high sale rate.

We have consistently seen rev shares that offer high percentages of earnings fall rather quickly.

 Verdict and Conclusion!

Huge Traffic Ads is a brand new rev share that may or may not stand the test of time.

We have outlined a few reasons why we believe it is not pertinent to join at this time.

The choice is up to you!

A superior alternative to Huge Traffic Ads is MPA, you can check that out HERE. 

Please message us with any questions or concerns!
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