HourPower.biz Review – Ridiculous Hyip Scam Exposed!

Before you invest hard earned money into yet another HYIP scam, please read our HourPower.biz Review! We have done the research you need to read before you join. Don’t believe everything you see on social media. A lot of people promoting the HourPower scam are just doing so for referrals. We do not offer referrals to any HYIP because we only support regulated sites!

Make sure to educate yourself and protect yourself. If you are already working on this site, please contact us and share your experience! In the meantime, make sure to check out our other blacklisted sites!

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Official Website: https://www.hourpower.biz/

HourPower.biz Review

HourPower.biz Review

HourPower.biz is HYIP or high yield investment program that claims to pay hourly profits and allow instant withdrawals. They offer an ROI (return on investment) ranging between 1.48%-10% each hour until expiration. The expiration terms vary between 24-48 hours depending upon your investment plan.

The website reports that they have a team of professional traders that trade forex with a robot. We aren’t sure why they need a robot if they are professional traders, as that is rather odd. However, we don’t believe they are trading anything at all, and we’ll explain that more below.

Each day a new HYIP is released and thousands of people end up joining. The vast majority of those people will end up losing their money, but why is this? How can you protect yourself from being the next victim of a HYIP scam? When in doubt, feel free to send us an email. Chances are, we have already gotten feedback regarding the site you are looking into.

Let’s go over the facts about HourPower scam to see if it measures up to the hype!

Special Alert!! HourPower.biz is currently for sale on whois.net. This is a HUGE red flag. It means that the admin of the site have allowed their registration to expire and technically anyone can purchase it. This means that if you chose to give them your personal and financial details, they are NOT safe or private.

The Facts

1. Is HourPower.biz scam regulated?

The single most important question you should be asking yourself is this one. Is HourPower regulated? NO! They are not regulated. Why does this matter?

When a financial website is regulated it means that a financial authority is watching over them and making sure they are legally following the rules and not scamming people. HourPower scam is not being watched by anyone which means that they are not scared of breaking any rules when it comes to your money.

We recommend NEVER trusting a site that is not regulated. In this industry, you NEED to have someone on your side, and 99.9% of HYIPs are scams, which means chances are, you will end up being a victim. Just say NO to unregulated websites!

2. Who owns and operates HourPower.biz HYIP scam?

The owner is anonymous. The “team of traders” is also not revealed. This leaves us with more questions than answers. Why would a highly successful trading site not be proud enough of their owner to show him off? Why would a team of professional traders need to hide in secrecy?

Chances are very high that there is no team. And chances are even higher that the owner is also the owner of multiple other HYIP scams all operating under different fake stories. Time and time again we bust HYIP scams that have the same problems. Ask yourself, why would you trust your hard earned money to a stranger who won’t even tell you his name?

Trading or Ponzi?

Most HYIP scams turn out to be Ponzi schemes hiding behind a fake story. Some sites claim to be mining BTC. Other sites claim to be investing in stocks or forex or even binary options. All of these end up being stories with no truth behind them.

In the case of HourPower scam, we have a site that claims to be trading with a robot *and a team of traders*. We can safely assume this is a lie. Why? A legitimate trading site will be able to show trading results from the past month or two. This way, you can monitor their success and see if your investment is safe or not.

HourPower.biz scam has not given any proof that they are trading. They have so little care for your trust, that they don’t even try to prove to you that they are legitimate.

In reality, HourPower.biz is a Ponzi scam. This means that they are paying withdrawals to Group A (older investors) with the money deposited by Group B (newer investors). This is a form of recycling money. Instead of actually investing the money in trading, they just use the new money to pay older withdrawal requests.

Ponzi scams never last because eventually the money stops coming in and they don’t have enough to honor withdrawals. At this time they shut their site down and keep the remaining funds for their own pocket. They will claim that their site was hacked or make up another ridiculous excuse.

Let’s Earn Together!

If you are one of the millions of people trying to earn money online, you are clearly not alone! Earning living online offers a life of freedom and opportunity! Don’t fall for the idea that you can become an instant millionaire in a few weeks by signing up to some software or high yield investment Ponzi scheme site. These types of earning programs will always scam you!

All of the high-yield investment programs claim to trade or invest your money for you. They lie! They are not trading or investing it, they are just stealing it. Why would you trust these scam sites when you can trade for yourself and make your own money?

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Is HourPower.biz a Scam?

HourPower scam has falsely advertised themselves as a trading investment when in reality they are a Ponzi scheme. This means that HourPower.biz is a scam and we do not feel it is safe to join at this time.

If you need help investing or just need advice, please contact us and let us know how we can assist you!

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!



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