HourPay Review – Hyip Scam Or Legit Investment?

Before you invest your money, please read our complete HourPay Review. We have prepared this article for those of you that are looking for solid information about whether HourPay.net is a scam or not!

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Official Website: https://www.hourpay.net/

HourPay Review

HourPay Review

HourPay.net is a scam HYIP site that pretends to be a bitcoin trading site. The site tells us that they have a “team of highly skilled cryptocurrency traders” that specialize in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

This all seems nice, but there is absolutely nothing to back up their claims. They offer no proof to show their trading history or gains and losses. All they seem to really do is ask for your money.

The site itself is almost a year old now. We have been collecting evidence for the past several months. It seemed as if this site were paying at first. The initial reports showed that people were receiving withdrawals. However, we noticed an alarming trend began to form.

It seems that HourPay is paying first and second withdrawals to increase trust among their investors. However, after the customer deposits for the third time, that money is never returned to them. This is how the company makes a profit, by stealing that deposit.

HourPay.net offers a very small ROI, which almost seems reasonable. If not for the many lies on their site, we’d almost believe they were trusted.

Legal Action?

Many times we are asked, “What can we do to get our money back?”. These shady, fraudulent companies operate with a very smart business plan in areas of the world with incredibly bad internet policing. This enables them to run multiple HYIP scams at the same time without getting caught. After a year, they close up shop and open a new site.

All of the BTC HYIP scams we have exposed in the last few months seem to all be designed by the same person. However, because nobody really knows who they are, nothing gets done about it.

If you know information about any of the owners of these scam sites, please email us and share what you know. In the meantime, there is no regulatory body that polices these sites. This means that in the coming years, HYIP scams will go absolutely viral and steal millions. Don’t be their next victim!

Bad Signs

Despite the conservative estimated earnings (as we mentioned above), HourPay.net is full of lies and manipulations. The owner chose to falsely misrepresent his website in many different ways, as we will explain. Let’s take a look at the big lies!

– Fake Facebook and Twitter buttons. At the bottom of the page, the site suggests we follow their progress and read comments on Facebook and Twitter. They even include clickable buttons that should take us straight to those pages.

The only problem is that these buttons are set to redirect you to their main home page. Furthermore, we checked Facebook and Twitter, and neither of them have a page for HourDeposit.net. This is a flat out lie and manipulation to hide the fact that they don’t have any traceable history on social media.

– Fake reviews. If you take a look at their “user section” you will see three photos of supposed users that have made great profits with this site. These three pictures are photos that were taken from the internet.

They are NOT real users and the quotes attributed to them are also fake. Once again we see a clear sign that this site is not interested in providing you with the truth, only manipulations to trick you into depositing.

– The owner is anonymous. We searched for any information pertaining to who owned this site and came up empty. The registration of the site with their host service conceals the name. The site itself does not show any information about who owns and manages the site. This is another sure sign of a scam.

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Is HourPay.net a Scam?

This site meets all of the qualifications we have for proving scams.

1. It includes false information.
2. The owner is not upfront and transparent.
3. No real proof + false testimonials.
4. Customer reports that they are NOT paying.

Please head our warning and do not join this dangerous HYIP site. HourPay.net is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Stay safe online and as always…

Happy Earnings!

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  • Page

    SCAM!!! Requested to reset transaction code but told me that they have no record in the system. But asked to deposit $1000 for security reset of transaction code. Now they closed my account. WARNING!!! DO NOT INVEST!!!

  • Mark

    Hourpay is a Total SCAMMING COMPANY!!!

    I have Invested in afew Hundreds of Dollars worth of Bitcoins with them at first then i wanted to Withdraw, but they told Me that I need to Make More payments for the System to allow Me to Withdraw.
    So I deposited afew more Hundreds of Dollars worth of Bitcoins, and then I still could not Withdraw Bitcoins from their Website After Making Profits with them in their website.
    So I ask them why I Can Not Withdraw Bitcoins and they told Me I need to Deposit More Bitcoin Money for the System to Allow Me to Withdraw.
    So I deposited more Bitcoin Money, afew more Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Bitcoins and Still their Website Won’t Allow Me to Withdraw any Bitcoins.
    I ask them Again Why is there a Problem they told Me that I have Not Deposit Enough Money, I need to Deposit More Money.
    So I Deposited again the Third Time but this Time Blockchain Rejected the Deposit and Resent it Back.
    So I had to find another Way to deposit the Money to them, I Deposit through Payeer.
    And they have Received the Money the Third Time Successfully, the Third Time through another Channel.

    And When I made profits I tried to Withdraw again their Website, But Still it would not Allow Me to Withdraw, so I Email them Why and they Told Me to Chat to their Customer Support Live.
    Which I did Chat to a Lady and She Told Me that I need to Deposit More Money.
    I Refuse, and Told Her that I have Deposited Enough Bitcoin Money to them already so they Should Stop making Excuses and give Me the Profits they promise Me.
    The Customer Support Lady Would Not Give Me an Answer and Disconnect My Live Chat, so that I Could No Longer Chat to them Online.
    As Well, the Money that Was Rejected and Sented Back to My Account By Blockchain, On the Third Attempt to tried to Make Payment to them through Blockchain, they this Company Some how got the Money Resented Back into their Account.
    I Was Very Surprise how they Could Do this, to get the Transactions that was Resented Back to My Blockchain Account Original and Now they Got it Sent Back to Their Account Successfully.

    So Therefore I have Lost Money 4 Times to This SCAMMING COMPANY.

    They Are not Only Scammers By Profession, But they are also Very Greedy Scammers!!!

    I have Losts Thousands of Dollars with them and Still They Want More Every Time I Talk to them!!!

    They Should be Locked Up in Jail and have the Keys Thrown Away!!!

  • Mohammad Faisal

    Hourpaid is a scam company when you try to withdrawl they change your pin code and asking you so many documents and after that they dont give u pin my 600 $ is stuck there. Fuckers

  • Juraj Masár

    The same they did to me.